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There is no way Trump could be a credible combatant in the culture war as it existed for the past 40 years. Binary to english translator But he has reoriented the main lines of battle away from issues related to religion and sexual morality onto the grounds of populism and nationalism. Hex editor windows 10 Trump’s culture war is fundamentally the people versus the elite, national sovereignty versus cosmopolitanism, and patriotism versus multiculturalism.

It’s the difference, in a nutshell, between fighting over gay rights or immigration, over the breakdown in marriage or Black Lives Matter. Rate gbp to usd The new war is just as emotionally charged as the old one. Javascript print command It, too, involves fundamental questions about who we are as a people, which are always more fraught than the debate over the appropriate tax rate or whether or not we should have a defense sequester.

edit: this ended up taking way more space than I thought it would. Binary music I only just realized that I didn’t get a chance to write about how the three discussion types that I identified are actually deployed in conversation. 1 usd to krw I have to go now, but it anyone is actually interested in my thoughts on that let me know and I’ll be more than happy to oblige at a later time.

I must say u/ScottAlexander, your articles on the culture wars have been very helpful to me in understanding what’s been going on. Usd nzd chart Would you mind pointing me to some of the people that you mention doing ‘mathematizations of politics’? I’ve begun thinking more along similar lines, and I’d be interested to read some people that are farther along than I am.

To go on a bit of a tangent, I think I agree that the model with your assessment that the model is correct, but the prediction is wrong. Dollar euro exchange rate today This is related to something that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately.

If you look at most of the stuff that makes it to the top of r/politics, or gets posted about on 4chan or Facebook, it’s very rarely about actual policies, and almost always about the culture wars. The fx firm This is pretty relevant to Scott, because from my understanding by far his most popular blog posts are his analyses of the culture wars. Binary code translater Why is that? I propose it’s because when people talk about politics, they’re really talking about no less than three different phenomena which are commonly grouped together. Html code reader These takes the form of debates and arguments, and most people switch between them with alarming ease.

1) Philosophical debate. 1 usd to bgn The ‘highest’ form of political discussion. Usd brl exchange rate In its purest form, this is debate about what society should value most (i.e. Funny quotes about friendship the individual vs. Yahoo news canada the collective vs. Us futures market hours intangible goods, etc.), but frequently crosses over into the other two. Euro to pound exchange rate today In my experience, this is where the ‘most intelligent’ (for a given definition of intelligence) have the largest advantage, because it’s primarily conceptual, and essentially is just philosophical noodling. Usd cad The vast bulk of political discussion does not take place here, but often will run tangential to it.

2) Current Events/Policies. Gender identity quiz This can be seen as a ‘step down’ in a manner, but can also be seen as more practical. Aud usd graph This is essentially argument about how responses to events or how policy should be constructed or carried out. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast 2016 Probably the least variable in terms of discussion quality, because even though everyone acts as though they know how to fix all the world’s problems, most of these ideas really come in the form of a few, well packaged memes, and as you note in your piece, reality only has so many degrees of freedom wrt actual policy. Hockey quotes I try to stay out of this area unless I have some sort of in depth knowledge of the field (eg. Gold forecast 2017 climate change, fracking and other earth science issues), and endorse whatever path those who are both knowledgeable and seem to share some or all of my Type 1 political goals endorse. Exchange rate usd jpy (eg. Eur usd historical data download peoplelike Paul Krugman, Robert Zubrin, etc.).

3) Culture Wars. Pre market dow jones futures This is the easiest to discuss and has the lowest barrier to entry, so consequently it is the most commonly used form of political discussion. Usd rate of exchange Arguments are primarily about people or groups. Binary code translator This is also the most intractable form of political discussion. Malaysian ringgit to usd Relies on numerous memes from both of the formerly discussed types, and rarely turns towards discussion of said memes. Gender quiz lgbt This is the form that you see most arguments about politics take.

I’m also going to suggest a framework for how these discussions are handled. Used book stores After much discussion both irl and online, and a significant amount of reading, I propose the following levels of political identity:

1) Personal Philosophy. Binary number translator This is the philosophical point of view that a person uses to evaluate pretty much everything in their lives. Cnn futures markets This often takes the form of religious conviction. Video editor linux mint Note that most people almost never explicitly examine this level of their lives, and instead accrete these from the environment around them, eventually forming a personal philosophy that broadly allows them to hold their 2nd and 3rd order identity. Usd to aud exchange rate I don’t really see much research or writing on this, mostly on the indicators of certain philosophies, and I’d welcome any analyses that you all have to share on this front.

2) Political Philosophy. Html to word converter This is our more traditional conception of a person’s positions, and people often use it as an indirect indicator of 3rd and 4th level political allegiances. Machine learning artificial intelligence Liberal, conservative, socialist, marxist, left, libertarian – all of these and more are terms that properly belong here. Rm to usd When someone is termed ‘extreme’ or and ‘extremist’, this is actually a sloppy diagnosing of someone who’s 1st order identity has been shifted to completely align with their 2nd order identity. Usd to inr today Note that ideas about the political spectrum have no application here, and philosophies of this order should properly be conceived as a genetic lineage, occassionally interbreeding with one another.

3) Party Philosophy. Binary arithmetic operations These are often confused with Order 2 identities (ie. Usd inr forecast Gary Johnson is a member of the Libertarian Party, and libertarians believe x, y, z, therefore Gary Johnson believes x, y, z). Usd exchange rate history Political parties are best thought of as interest groups, with people of multiple Order 2 identities converging into them, hoping to accomplish as many of the goals that align with their Order 2 identity as they reasonably can. Usd to vnd conversion At its core, all Party Philosophy can be reduced to the need for self perpetuation. Cnn market futures This is where political realignments come from. Binary language translator Parties endorse whatever 2nd level identities have enough constituents for them to consistently win. Usd to sar exchange rate Parties that do not do this are outcompeted, and replaced by parties that do this. Aud usd live Thus, we can in a way think of parties on a sort of ‘purity spectrum’, based on the number of people that they are able to appeal to. Usd account Smaller parties allow a look at less ‘watered down’ Order 2 identities.

4) Tribal Philosophy. Ringgit to usd This is something that Scott has discussed before, and is the most relevant to day to day discussions. Cout binary Even in the U.S, which has a two party system, there are multiple political parties who are relevant. British pound to usd chart In spite of this, there are really only two major tribes. Gold forecast Though you can break this down more precisely as Scott or the folks over at Popehat did (Grey, pink, purple tribe), in most cases these are best thought of as subdivisions of the largest tribes that exist in a society.

All of these levels interact with and inform one another, and the three types of discussions that I mentioned above can draw from any of the four. Usd to aud exchange rate history Therefore, breaking these down has been extremely difficult, but I believe the model is sound. Rate of british pound to us dollar To prove this, I will apply the model to three case studies in the child comment. Aud usd yahoo finance If anyone has questions, finds inconsistencies or problems with this model, or thinks of things that I didn’t then please let me know as soon as you can.

Generally believes that humans as a species advance due to the application and accumulation of knowledge, particularly scientific and technological, because this allows for improvements in quality of life, allowing people to become more empathetic towards others, and eventually allowing a sort of ‘Utopia’ where in the quality of life available to all is so much higher than what we currently experience as to comprehensible to us only by analogy.

Informed by the above values, believes that movement towards this ideal society is not only possible, but necessary for the continuation of human civilization. Farm futures market prices In order for this to happen however, free discussion of ideas must continue to ensure that technological and philosophical advances occur and are able to propagate through society, allowing for a “free market of ideas”. Usd inr xoom This is paired with a belief that society wide empathy should be encouraged, and that as a civilization we should establish a minimum standard of living or all citizens.

This is reinforced by two beliefs: the variability of innate human ability and its effect on success, and the belief that anyone who can contribute towards these goals should be able to, and extenuating circumstances should be minimized to avoid this. Usd to korean won As I write this, it occurs to me that these positions may be in conflict on an epistemological level, but I’ve used both to justify having a strong welfare state.

In my first draft I left this out, but I realized that it’s a key part of my identity: environmental issues are extremely important to me. Fx rate cad to usd This was developed in early childhood, due to exposure to a large number of documentaries and books about animals and nature, which typically take an environmentalist perspective, and solidified by my study of geology and paleontological trends. Pound exchange rate euro This belief manifests primarily in concern about climatic shifts, and is justified by appeals to the history of mass extinctions correlating very strongly with large scale temperature shifts. Euronews online This concern interacts with the 1st Order Identity in the fact that if humans go extinct, then the only known sapience in the world will no longer exist, and thus the greatest good for all life forms cannot be achieved.

This is the group that I primarily vote with, though I have voted for Green or Socialist parties in the past. Binary numbers Voted Bernie in the primaries, Hillary in the general.

Originally I simply left the first paragraph as it is, but I realized that that wasn’t giving sufficient attention to some (in my view) interesting phenomena. Usd cad historical exchange rate Along with this label come a number of beliefs. Stock market oil futures This is

This area is the area that I’m most annoyed by, and so the one that it’s most difficult for me to think about. Usd to hkd I’ve found that I oscillate back and forth between ‘True’ Blue Tribe membership, and ‘Nominal’ Blue Tribe membership. Gbp vs usd exchange rate This can be identified by how defensive attacks on the other group make me feel, and by how annoyed with bad actors from the group I become. Us futures exchanges For example, during GG I found myself extremely annoyed and even angered by Blue Tribe behaviour. Usd to nzd exchange rate history Compare this to during the general election, where I found myself much more forgiving of “random assholes” from the blue tribe. Rm to usd converter I’m on a swing back towards Nominal Blue Tribe membership, with my annoyance with the Women’s marches mounting.

After writing myself up in this way, I feel fairly comfortable with this form of model building. Equity meaning in urdu I believe that it accounts for many differences in position and disagreements on key issues between people in ways that political models that I’ve been exposed to previously did not.

One thing that is concerning to me is that the differentiation between N Order Identities is quite loose, and can be difficult to quantify. British pound to dollar exchange rate I have several ideas about approaches that might help with this, but I need to learn more mathematics in order to be able to do so.

Relatedly, and more pertinently, it can be very difficult to extirpate narrativism using this method, and the method may even exacerbate it, allowing you to construct stories about how you started with this belief (in my case transhumanist utilitarianism), and then logically built up to other beliefs that naturally followed. Shoe size conversion uk to us In reality, construction of opinions is rife with feedback loops. Usa today sports lines For instance, I came to transhumanism in highschool based off the writing of Douglas Adams, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and probably several others that escape me at the moment.

This is a concern to me, because I’m not entirely sure how well this system exposes contradictions in philosophies for a number of reasons. Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 For instance, while writing this up revealed several beliefs which I hold which might be inherently contradictory (see my justifications for a welfare society) or which might not be well grounded (see my concern about human extinction), I think overall this allowed me to build (what I view as) a logical, well founded framework for how I view the world, and how I came to the conclusions that I have. Oil futures marketwatch Whether this is because my personal philosophies are actually logical and follow from one another, because I edited my beliefs as I was writing to prevent contradictions, or because I’m simply incapable of recognizing my own logical faults is still unclear to me. British pound to usd history I’m tempted to declare the first, due to the fact that I invest significant energy ensuring the consistency of my thoughts and beliefs, but caution warns me towards a combination of the second and third options.

If anyone actually read this far, I really appreciate you indulging me. Usd to myr conversion This ended up being significantly longer than I anticipated. Usd inr exchange rate history I look forward to any critiques, criticisms, and miscellaneous thoughts that anyone has for me.