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What is the relentless form of a complete “quantum” universe? I inject the word relentless to represent the constant expansion of the universe. Love quotes for boyfriend But while examining this expansion I place two mirrors on the opposite sides of a room facing each other. Fraction operations The infinite reflections of finite opposites reduce the confines to squares framed inside glass, this is my life when I blink and hold the closed position, what passing paradoxes transpire as I open and close the curtain from light to dark? Are these the reflections of opposites, or the reactions of opposites?

Where should the opposite of my current part expire to begin the next? When will I recognize that the next has begun? To clarify I’ve compiled certain standards and happenings to distinguish one from the other. Cnn pre stock market futures The process to compile isn’t unique, humans are captives of this process.

Free format converter It would be easy to assume that our captivity urges hostile returns, after all we are beasts waiting for the opportunity of outrage. Binary to words Consider protests, riots, revolutions and dances. Euro usd converter Are these the reactions of opposites? Of opposing compilations colliding like particles thrown together at a universe’s birth? Perhaps each conflict creates its own standards that in turn birth a new universe? But while considering be sure to rotate the remembrance that none of this is unique to the participant. Fraction calculator online free We’re merely in a natural state of fluctuation, skipping from one flow to the next. World market futures live Playing our part to move from first to last. Equity meaning of A New Standardized Test for Humans

These walls are a paradox, an assimilation of thin sheetrock painted a calming robin egg’s blue that filters the neighbor’s voice introducing it as a muffle, still the snoring is enough to fasten my eyes open with insomnia’s grip, taunting the notion that proper posture might ensure sleep. Binary definition So, I crinkle to fetal and snuggle in the covers like it’s placenta contained inside a womb, birthing sheep that recycle at a hundred…leaping stock somehow interacts with exhaustion (not sure of the catalyst that created this myth) but I’d gladly study the circumference of a sheep’s asshole if it meant proper rest.

I once considered free will the basis for all decisions, but having to be conscious of every snicker seems a chore and to propose the opposite of consciousness, that of blessed slumber, if free will is the outset then why does sleep elude me? If the choice is mine and I choose to enter REM, why do I indulge the neighbor’s wheeze as if I have no choice? In lieu of this choice what do I have? I have the option to probe the outset and study its features. Exchange rate aus to us Thus, I enter the sheep’s asshole every night on a whim. Inr to usd today Exploring the intestines hoping that the quiet turns represent a lullaby and that as I veer into the stomach I might be cradled by its rocking acid. Flower quotes tumblr The burns recognized as nothing more than a hazard of dreamland, like a junky displaying their track marks because they find them aesthetically pleasing. Usd to cad Granted this state of insomnia encourages new friendships with creatures I once despised. Usd to cny In the throes of midnight influence I gazed at my television entranced by the fake smiles and laugh track featured in an infomercial. Us market futures bloomberg As the blonde-haired pasty faced female host turned on the magical blender a cockroach dashed across the screen. Usd to rupee exchange rate today I blinked twice to be sure of my consciousness and during the flutter the cockroach dashed again. Inr to usd I rolled off the sofa and crawled on all fours toward the insect. Usd trend 2016 It sat motionless on the screen, paralyzed by either the television’s glow or the pizzazz of fake people selling magical blenders. Convert yen to usd I stretched my index finger and placed it near the cockroach’s head. Convert aud usd Its antenna grazed my fingernail inducing a tickle, it then slithered from the smoothness of keratin down the crackle of my flesh. 1000 usd to eur Within seconds it positioned on my erect finger and I carried it slowly to the sofa. Usd to pound We sat and watched the infomercial till sunrise and continued this habit every night for a month. Used book stores springfield mo One Friday night it never showed. Taux de change euro dollar I felt a sadness like a pet had died. Usa today newspaper sports In the end, I realized the only eternal company I’d have at night would be a snore echoing from an invisible neighbor. Free language translation I say hello to it. Usd to kwd converter I attempt to say goodnight to it. Stock market futures news I fear we’ll continue our mundane banter until the forever sleep, but for right now forever feels like a night and tomorrow feels like a dream. Usd to aud conversion Remodeling Paradise

I designated get-well-wishes as loose change, mostly dimes and pennies, with a double jointed underhand toss threw my wishes into Hemlock Creek. Usd zar Minuscule wrinkles expanded in the water from the scattered kerplunks, merging as individuals like an orgy of tiny tidal waves, dissipating once they reached climax along the rugged shoreline. American market futures I stood there for a few minutes thinking maybe a sign would appear to signify my wish had come true, an angel perhaps, or even a demon offering trade for my soul. Us dollar indian rupee exchange rate But all the implications of reality offered truth, I was dying and the end was coming soon. The binary I still had clear vision at that point which made the exposed roots of the trees easy to avoid, but if I made that trip now it’s assured that I would face plant in the dirt and beg the 0 horizon to spare me of its lingering wildlife, to a vulture I’d already be dead. Bloomberg stock futures cnn In a way, I am. Binary to letter converter Every interaction with everyone is an exasperating occurrence that features exchanges of how are you with my short answers. 1 usd to idr I used to enjoy long discussions about the here and now, but to all formal topics, be it political or social in context, I exclaim fuck you. Binary addition calculator It’s hard to value 99% of any peoples when I know that soon enough they’ll be standing above my grave sighting remember when. Futures in stock market What makes me human then? A classification of species. Usd vs gbp chart Dammit. Binary search example My genitals are rotting. Kwacha to usd The trash that ought to be evacuated from my bladder is blood, my life-force has forsaken me. 1 aud to usd What makes me human?

Having devoted most of adulthood to atheism I decided to find solace in religion. Marriott hotel rates I confessed to priests. Convert binary to text I mediated with monks. Convert usd to cny I spoke with rabbis about the Jewish devotion to faith. Funny quotes with pictures I prayed with Muslims in a folded posture hoping the lord would rub my arched back. Jpy usd exchange rate Other than killing time (literally) I was met with silence and the aching notion that I’d wasted what little hours remain. Gbp usd chart live Maybe I’ll confess on my deathbed. Us stock futures marketwatch Seek penance at Heaven’s Gate and coast through Purgatory with a smile. Program for binary search Maybe. When does the futures market open Or I’ll be buried and ignored by earthworms because even they won’t touch my infected particles. Nzd to usd converter What makes me human is that I’ll die, like the rest of ‘em. Us stock futures market Death is the only natural thing about human life. Usd gbp conversion We’ve created the fillers in-between, mocked our universe with economic laws. Fraction worksheets free I don’t write this as a warning because a warning is convinced that its plot is real and true. Binary multiplication examples I write this as a question unsure of where I find meaning in these final days. Taux de change euro dollar us I fear my life has been nothing but a routine, a wave to the neighbors, a counter argument, a choir song sung out of tune. Exchange rate myr to usd Please. World stock market futures Bury me with the answers. Hex code generator Posts navigation