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We strongly recommend you to obtain the appropriate invitation (“visa support” or “tourist confirmation”) first and only after that fill in the visa application form and submit all documents.

To increase your chances of getting the visa, the data you specify in the visa application form should be the same as in your invitation (e.g. Code translator the purpose of the trip, the place of stay, etc.).

Also, while having an interview with a Russian consulate official, you’ll increase your chances if you say things that don’t contradict to what’s written in your application form and your invitation (e.g. Mortgage meaning dictionary if you say that you want to come to Russia only to make the Trans-Siberian and to camp for 3 months around lake Baikal, when you’re applying for a business visa it will definitely not increase your chances).

There are three ways to submit your documents: either you can do it all by yourself (going to the consulate), by post (this is convenient, because you can send your papers from any country), or through a travel agency in your country (they’ll take all your documents, send them to the consulate and charge you an additional fee for that).

If you apply for a business visa, the invitation can be sent by telex to the Russian consulate where you will apply.

Usd to nzd converter It’s really easier for you when it’s done like that, so we recommend to use this option. Us to rmb rate Some travel agencies charge additional fees for telex, some don’t.

In case you don’t want to go to the Russian consulate yourself you can use the services of an authorised Russian consulate partner in the country you are applying. Usd to inr exchange rate western union If applying in USA, use ILS center, for UK use VFS Global, for France use VHS France, for Germany use VHS Germany, for all other countries check the list of available countries on use ILS center website.

It is only possible to apply for a Russian visa in the country that you are a national of or in the country where you have a residency permit valid for longer than 90 days. Binary search algorithm example This means that if you come from an EU country, you can apply for a Russian visa in any other EU country, because you are entitled to permanent residence in any of these countries by European law. Equity finance group However, if you’re from the US, then you can’t apply in Finland, for example, unless you have a valid residency permit there.

Therefore, if you’re planning a long journey, you should always apply for the Russian visa before you leave. Video editor windows 10 free It’s possible to get a tourist visa support at any moment before your journey, however, you can only apply for a tourist visa not earlier than 90 days before the date of your first entry to Russia. Binary arithmetic Business visa support can be obtained not earlier than 45 days before your first entry to Russia. Usd inr rate live These rules, introduced a couple of years ago, make it very complicated to get a visa for Australian citizens who usually go on a long journey through Asia and Russia into Europe and leave their country earlier than 90 days before their travel (so they simply can’t apply in Australia, and the Russian consulate in China will not accept their documents either because they don’t have a residency permit there. Ringgit to usd exchange rate However, according to our own information, the consulates in Austalia and New Zealand are often willing to make exceptions and issue visas beforehand. Binary to number But check with them first.

First, you can apply for a Russian visa by post. Euro dollar exchange rate bloomberg Make sure you get all the documents together first and once you’re 90 days before your journey, simply send it off to the Russian consulate in your country, ask them to send it back to your address back home, and ask your friends or relatives to forward the documents wherever you are at the moment. Usd to rm This may not always work, though, because not all consulates receive applications by post. Stock market futures tomorrow In that case you could try to find a local travel agency and send the documents to them, so they can apply on your behalf.

Second, you can try to get a temporary residence in the country where you want to apply. Live quotes commodity futures market For example, if you are an American, you are automatically entitled to stay 90 days in any EU country. Gold price history chart So, say, if you’re staying in Russia on a multiple-entry visa and need to prolong it, you would not be able to travel to Helsinki for a visa run, because you don’t have a residency permit for Finland valid for longer than 90 days. Us stock market hours The best solution in this case would be to either find a country where as a US citizen you can stay longer than 90 days or try to get a local residency. Weizmann forex ltd It’s usually possible if you bring your bank accounts to the local immigration office and tell them you need to stay longer to start a business, for example.

Finally, there are some countries where the Russian consulates are not that strict about the 90-day rule. Usd vs aud forecast You should always try to call them before. Hex code Also, from our own experience, if you’re getting a business visa this rule is not so strictly enforced, so this may be an option as well.

Disclaimer: We attempted to make all the information presented in the Russian Visa section of this site as accurate and up-to-date to possible, a a lot of work was done, but visa rules and regulations change so often that we can’t guarantee anything. The millionaire matchmaker dina lohan & peter marc jacobson So, we are not liable or responsible for anything, ok?

For example, we said you can send all the documents by post and you’ll do it, but the crazy people in a consulate may issue a special regulation that all the documents received should be destroyed because of a possible anthrax attack… Us dollar to british pound exchange rate Or when we say that there are beasts working in the Washington consulate (based on previous experience), well, maybe they fired all their staff recently and now there are just nice people there… Yen to usd exchange rate How can we be responsible for that? Hope you understand… The futures market explained and send us your feedback too, so we can keep this section up to date.

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