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I’m also not going to hide our less-than-stellar performers like other publishers do. Call option vs put option I believe in transparency. 500 kroner to usd And if I were in your shoes, I’d want the full results, So, I’ll show you how each one of our services performed in last year.

But, I’m happy to report 12 of 14 newsletters and trading services (86% win-rate) were in the “green.” Meaning, they booked positive calendar year returns in 2016.

As for relative performance, 7 of 14 services (50% win-rate) outpaced the S&P 500 Index (a couple — Income Superstars and Natural Resource Options Alerts — came within 1% of the S&P 500’s total return).

These five ace services absolutely clobbered the overall markets.

How to convert inr to usd Each was up an average of 40.02%. Funny jokes and riddles That means, as a group, they beat the S&P 500 Index by 235% and the MSCI ACWI by 409%.

Just how good is an average of a positive 40% return across five services? Well, consider this: 1958 was the last calendar year when the S&P 500 returned more than 40%!

What I love about this list isn’t just that we saw so many triple-digit winners. Convert fraction to mixed number calculator (Although our subscribers agree that those four rounds of 200%-plus gains were pretty darn nice.)

If it exceeded all three items on my checklist, then it gets an “A.” The “B”s in many cases still beat the market, and the rest need (and are already starting to receive) improvement this year.

One of our top 10 winners came from JR Crooks’ Global Resource Hunter. Aud usd chart That 209.2% gain in SM Energy (SM) you saw took place in a little over two months. Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf free download And it was one of five big energy winners he closed out that same week, with gains of 18.5%, 23.3%, 23.6% and 66.1%. Usa today crossword I think you’ll agree, that kind of performance — a whopping 36.21% return for 2016 — merits an “A+” grade.

Income Superstars is Nilus Mattive’s monthly newsletter that zeroes in on solid dividend-paying stocks that can weather just about any market. Oil meaning Many of the stocks have been in the portfolio for a long time, and their 2016 gains were just a fraction of their overall return. Cnn futures pre market But consider this: Nilus was able to rake in $54,148 in his real-money Dad’s Income Portfolio last year. Future trends in marketing That’s a total return of 18.5%, or about 50% better than the S&P 500 during that same time! Combine that with an 11.36% return in the model portfolio, and I think you’ll agree — this performance is worthy of an “A” rating.

It started out as a crazy encounter with a South Florida financial adviser, but ended up with a breakthrough retirement strategy that Seniors in 49 of the 50 states should seriously consider right away. British pound to us dollar rate Click here for the full story.

Grant Wasylik has done a great job in his first year at the helm of Disruptors & Dominators. Dow jones stock futures live He led members to a 48% gain in Spirit Airlines (SAVE) in just four months and closed out a 78% gain in First Mining Finance (FF.V). Binary file editor But then Mylan (MYL) got rocked by controversy about its EpiPen pricing and Stratasys (SSYS) failed to launch into the stratosphere. Eur usd live Our “B+” rating leaves room for improvement. Stock outperform And with all the current gains on our open positions list — building on top of the 9.32% gain last year — we are confident we’ll make the mark again this year.

Cash Flow Kings — Rather than following time-tested metrics like cash flow, traders are reacting to everything President Trump says and does right now. Usd rmb conversion And it’s easy to feel behind-the-curve when the curve twists wildly each day. Texas baseball But that doesn’t mean investing in well-run, cash-rich companies won’t pay off over the longer term. Binary chart Our stocks are up more than 5% this year alone, with longer-term holds in Visa (V) and Apple (AAPL) up 56% and 81.5%. Binary search algorithm And newer positions like Reynolds American (RA) and Boeing (BA) are up 26% and 27% in just few months. Love quotes for him We take our “B-” rating and our 6.32% return as a challenge to do even better in 2017.

Grant Wasylik’s Adventure Capitalist, posted a steady stream of double- and triple-digit winners. Convert usd to rupees In fact, our two biggest winners from the year came from this service. Usd euro rate When it comes to banking big gains from small stocks, members got to do just that. Usd to And thanks to its 40.80% return for the year, this service earned its “A+” grade handily.

Grant’s Wall Street Front Runner service also gets high marks. Oil futures market hours It didn’t crank out huge gains like his other service, but it did produce a steady stream of short-term (average time in trade: 2.7 days) gains in 66 stocks. Stock market futures quotes At year-end 2016, the service was just eight months old and boasted a 54% win-rate. Exchange rate nzd to usd And with a 34.61% return (a combination of “core” and “bonus” trade performance for simplicity’s sake) last year, it’s definitely showing its “A+” game so far!

My Global Trend Trader targets three stocks a month with big potential to move fast, and tells us to sell the rest. Us stock market futures cnn This makes it easy to hit the exits, but that’s meant giving up some bigger gains along the way. Joy newsome story Our Crash Protection Portfolio treaded water, which I’m OK with because that means we didn’t have a major crisis that caused this protection to kick in. Gender differences in communication styles I’m giving this service a “B+” for beating the market (with a 15.64% return) and having some exposure to gold and bonds if/when we need it.

And my 10-Minute ETF Trader service delivered on its name — a set-it-and-forget-it approach to trading that targets the three strongest ETFs we follow each month. Usd aud Our favorite story was a 17.4% one-month gain in the iShares Silver Trust (SLV). Rand pound exchange rate history Otherwise, we tracked a series of single-digit wins and losses. Computer analysis of the futures market pdf I’m giving us a “B-” here. Exchange rate usd to yen To boost that grade, we are looking at expanding the ETF universe we cover. Decimal to binary converter If we see better performers than the ones we have (which generated a 5.33% return in 2016), we will happily make the switch to deliver even-better results.

As we’ve seen so far, “slow and steady” can win the race. British pound dollar exchange rate But we don’t always notice the smaller gains as they happen until they add up. Equity meaning in business That’s why we enjoy those big winners when we see them.

His Natural Resource Investor service hit its stride this year. 300 usd Here, JR led his subscribers to a series of double-digit gains all year in all sorts of commodity plays. What is futures in stock market with examples The 53.25% return in 2016 is proof that you don’t need to spend a king’s ransom to generate regular gold gains. Dollar exchange rate to euro It’s an “A+” all the way here for our top-performing service across Uncommon Wisdom Daily.

Nilus Mattive’s Superstar Trader was also a superstar performer. Gbp usd exchange rate history It shows 32 separate closed profits vs. Rub to usd converter zero booked losses for 2016. Hex editor windows This means he generated consistent results from the early-year volatility through the year-end rally, and everything in between. Alphabet in binary With a 35.21% return last year, this is a very easy “A” to award.

JR makes this list again with Natural Resource Options Alerts, which generated a few of our Top 10 trades that you saw earlier. Python print variable (You also saw his keen ability to trade oil stocks and ETFs in Global Resource Hunter. Dollar to british pound exchange rate Click here to see a brand-new report from JR about one of the newest trends he’s following.)

In Natural Resource Options Alerts, JR helped his subscribers play the crude oil market like a fiddle with leverage. Conversion of inr to usd Here are the energy options trades he closed in the last six months of 2016 …

The service hit a rough patch in the summer months. Usd exchange rate forecast But most options traders know that there are just as many swings and misses on the way to going for (and getting) the big gains. Market futures after hours Here, the wins made up for the losses, with an 11.75% return. Asian market futures So, this deserves a strong “B+” rating, in my book.

Now, I want address our blemishes, too, rather than concealing them. Binary arithmetic calculator Our two laggards, Crisis Options Trader and Currency Options Alert, were down 40.11% and 89.26%.

They have two things in common. Code c Both launched in 2016, and both focus exclusively on buying options. Stock connect morgan And that means putting a relatively small chunk of capital at risk (vs. Investing aud usd buying stocks) in exchange for the potential (and the leverage) to make big gains.

Crisis Options Trader is already taking advantage of two opportunities we missed last year. Solving problems by finding equivalent ratios The first was that it launched after the early-2016 market rout. Usd exchange rate today The second was that we focused more on company-specific risks rather than the macro risks that came to dominate the market.

The service did a great job trading the big post-Brexit dip, and generated two of our Top 10 trades listed above. Binary to But markets quickly absorbed last year’s geopolitical shakeups, which crushed-our year-end bearish bets. Qar to usd exchange rate And our winners just didn’t make up for it. Usd vs inr forecast 2016 I don’t like that “C” rating, so this year we have already started following the biggest risks in the global markets for bigger gains. Jpy news We’ll also keep sharing our monthly list of “stocks to dump” and making select bets against them. Gender roles in society Our idea remains to be positioned for swift pullbacks, but now with exposure to the seemingly tireless bull.

Currency Options Alerts wasn’t just ahead of its time as a service, but also with its trades. Canadian dollar in us dollar JR Crooks did a great job in calling world currencies’ near-term direction. Usd into pounds But a stubbornly high U.S. Yahoo futures market dollar last year kept many moves (and their profit potential) muted or delayed. Binary to english This year he’s looking to buy more time with the trades and to hit the exits faster. Euro 2016 today match I have to give this one a “D,” but I do so knowing that there’s a whole lot of triple-digit return potential this year with the editor, as you saw above, and his strategy. Euro usd news And with the threat of trade wars and currency wars under President Trump, we should have no shortage of opportunities to follow the money all around the world.

Look, I’m not proud of those two services’ 2016 results. Usd jpy forecast 2016 But, this is what happens some years with options trading. 1 usd to inr It’s riskier than picking stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. Rmb to usd calculator We’ll have big down years like this, but we’ll have big up years, too. 1 usd to vnd We could easily see huge turnarounds in these services. Aed to usd exchange rate history I would not cast them off for one bad year. Xau usd investing And as you can see, we have improvements already under way.

This leaves us with one more service, Blue-Chip Option Alert. Usd to zar Its 13% gain for the year beat the markets, no question. Jpy usd chart So why did I give it a “C-” grade? It did deliver on its mission to deliver options recommendations on big, liquid, blue-chip stocks. Eur usd news But it ended up offering several trading strategies but not a lot of trades. Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf And while that resulted in a yearly gain, we needed to offer more trades and less confusion. The boxmasters We plan to make some major adjustments here soon.

Overall, looking at this 2016 report card, I’m proud of the results we posted. Call option put option But we are also eager to deliver even better results this year. Funny jokes for adults short And by next January, no matter what the market brings our way this year, I expect to deliver similar … or even better … results. Binary bit Either way, you’ll get my 2017 report card in January 2018.

P.S. Us stock market futures today To learn more about any of these services, please give our Customer Care team a call Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. Inr to usd exchange rate history to 5:30 p.m. Mxn usd Eastern, at 800-400-6916.

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