Set up routing for your domain or organization – g suite administrator help


Check this box to add a header tag if the recipient is changed. Usd to sar exchange rate That way, the downstream destination server will know the original envelope recipient. Aud usd live An example of the header tag is X-GM-Original-To:

Headers are useful if you’re rerouting a copy of the message to another recipient. Usd account In this case, you’re changing the recipient address, but the new recipient can still see the address of the original envelope recipient.

Ringgit to usd They can see the original envelope recipient by checking the X-GM-Original-To header in the message.

Gmail messages are automatically filtered for spam and phishing. Cout binary Check the Add X-Gm-Spam header and X-Gm-Phishy header box to add these headers to indicate the spam and phishing status of the message. British pound to usd chart For example, an administrator at a downstream server can use this information to set up rules that handle spam and phishing differently from clean mail.

If you add X-Gm-Spam and X-Gm-Phishy headers to your messages, consider where the message is being routed to next. Gold forecast A rerouted message is often no longer classified as spam when it reaches its destination because elements of the message, such as the sending IP address, have changed.

Rerouted to your downstream server—Set up rules on that server to read the headers and prevent messages with X-Gm-Spam: 1 or X-Gm-Phishy: 1 tags from being delivered to users’ inboxes.

Rerouted back to Google—Create an inbound mail gateway to mark tagged messages as spam.Or, use the Content compliance setting to send them to an admin quarantine for review.

Note: This header value applies to the Users and Unrecognized / Catch-all account types. Usd to aud exchange rate history It doesn’t apply to the Groups account type. Rate of british pound to us dollar If the account type is Groups, X-Gm-Spam: 0 and X-Gm-Phishy: 0 are always applied. See Account types to affect, below, for information on account types.

You can add one or more custom headers to messages that are affected by a Routing setting. Aud usd yahoo finance For example, you can add a header that matches the description that you entered for the setting. Farm futures market prices Doing this can help you analyze why a message was routed in a certain way or a filter was triggered.

You can enter a string to prepend to the subject of messages. Usd inr xoom The word you enter will appear in brackets at the beginning of the subject. For example, you could enter Confidential in this field for sensitive emails, such as [Confidential] Monthly report.

• Change route—Changes the destination of the message. Usd to korean won By default, the Gmail server is the primary delivery location. Fx rate cad to usd However, you can change it to route messages to a different mail server, such as Microsoft ® Exchange.

• Also reroute spam—Appears if you select Change route. Pound exchange rate euro Use this option to route all email that matches the criteria of the setting, including messages marked as spam.

If a message is classified as spam but one of the G Suite email settings overrides it (for example, due to a sender whitelist), then the message isn’t considered to be spam for this purpose and it’s routed as a normal message.

Changing the envelope recipient is equivalent to forwarding a message to a different recipient. Euronews online The message bypasses the original recipient’s mailbox and is routed back to the Internet for delivery to the new recipient. Binary numbers The “To” address remains the original recipient address, even though the envelope recipient is replaced.

The destination server is determined by an MX lookup on the new recipient’s domain. Usd cad historical exchange rate Or, if you’re using the Change route control, the destination server determined by the specified route.

Check this box to deliver incoming messages to recipients even if the spam filter identifies them as spam. Stock market oil futures This option applies to incoming messages only—you can’t bypass spam filters for outgoing messages

Note: This option applies to the Users and Unrecognized / Catch-all account types, and not the Groups account type. Usd to hkd See Account types to affect, below, for information on account types.

• Select Advanced from the list to choose advanced options for your secondary delivery. Gbp vs usd exchange rate Similar to the settings for primary delivery, you can change the envelope recipient, add headers, prepend a custom subject, and remove attachments for secondary deliveries.

Any settings that you configure for primary delivery also affect secondary deliveries. Us futures exchanges For example, if you change the envelope recipient, prepend a custom subject, and add custom headers to the primary delivery, the same configuration is applied to the secondary deliveries. Usd to nzd exchange rate history If you change the envelope recipient, the “To” address still remains the original recipient address.

For secondary deliveries, the Do not deliver spam to this recipient and Suppress bounces from this recipient boxes are checked by default. Rm to usd converter If the message is spam, this option discards the copy of the message being sent to the additional recipient. Equity meaning in urdu Suppress bounces from this recipient prevents bounces from going back to the original sender.

By default, Gmail always attempts to deliver messages using secure transport (TLS). British pound to dollar exchange rate If secure transport isn’t available, the message is delivered over a nonsecure connection.

Check the Require secure transport (TLS) box to include secure delivery as part of content compliance for outbound messages. Shoe size conversion uk to us This requires all messages meeting the conditions in the setting (such as match expressions, account types, and envelope filters) to be transmitted via a secure connection. Usa today sports lines If TLS isn’t available on the sending or receiving side, the message won’t be sent.

Check the Encrypt messages if not encrypted (S/MIME) box to make sure that certain messages can’t be sent or unless they are S/MIME encrypted. Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 This feature is only available with G Suite Enterprise.

You can specify address lists as a criteria for whether to bypass or apply a given content compliance policy. Oil futures marketwatch These lists can contain email addresses, domains, or both.

To determine if the address list is matched, G Suite considers the “from” field for received mail and the recipients for sent mail. British pound to usd history For senders, the authentication requirement is also checked. Usd to myr conversion (Details below.) If multiple lists are specified, the address must match at least one of the lists.

Bypass this setting for specific addresses / domains—Skips the setting entirely if the address list matches, regardless of any other criteria specified in the setting.

Only apply this setting for specific addresses / domains—The address list match becomes a condition for whether or not the setting is applied. Usd inr exchange rate history If there are other criteria in the setting, such as match expressions, account types, or envelope filters, those conditions must also match for the setting to be applied.

Note: To bypass the Content compliance setting for approved senders that do not have authentication enabled , check the Do not require sender authentication box. Aud usd exchange rate history Use this option with caution as it can potentially lead to spoofing.