Sex education is too important to be left to pornhub


Pornography and sex education have a long, and unequal, association: obscenity laws have been used to quash information about sex and contraception, and sexploitation films have been framed as educational in order to circumvent obscenity laws. Rm to usd chart It’s always sex education that comes off the worst in this partnership, either banned by association or cursorily executed as cover. Flower tattoos The latest manifestation of the latter version came from Pornhub over the weekend, when the video streaming site launched its “Sexual Wellness Center”.

Don’t, by the way, bother Googling it. Put option and call option Despite big coverage for the launch, and despite Pornhub’s SEO chops making the main site the number one result for “porn”, looking for “pornhub sex ed” serves a list of results like “Watch Big-tit Latina teacher gives her students a sex-ed lesson”. Words in binary The Sexual Wellness Center itself doesn’t even make page one.

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the site is a bad thing. Us dollar to pound exchange rate history Looking at it, however, its shortcomings are obvious.

Market futures bloomberg The entry on female reproductive anatomy, for example, informs us that the clitoris is “the erogenous ‘button’ for women” and declares it “similar to the tip of the penis”. Futures market definition It really isn’t: the clitoris, like a fun iceberg, is mostly below the surface. Aud usd historical data Funnily enough, the entry on male anatomy does not say that the penis is “similar to” a clitoris. Us dollar to uk pound conversion Male bodies, of course, get to occupy the kingly position of the default from which women are a deviation.

Men get hard, according to Pornhub, and women get wet, “allowing the penis (or toy) to enter the body and feel pleasurable”. Binary puzzles This, again, is a distinctly sexist take on biology that draws on stereotypes about masculine activity and feminine passivity. Binary quotes Erect penises are not bone-dry implements of intrusions, but produce lubricating seminal fluid; during women’s arousal, the internal clitoris swells with blood. Rmb to usd history As the writer Emily Nagoski says in her book Come As You Are: “Why do we talk about men ‘getting hard’ and women ‘getting wet,’ when from a biological perspective both male and female genital get both hard and wet? It’s a cultural thing…”

So Pornhub isn’t very good on bodies, but maybe it’s better on the ethics of intercourse. Stock market index futures An article on consent informs readers of the need for positive consent, rightly stressing that “a person has every right to say NO at any point” and urging attention to nonverbal signals of refusal. Uk usd exchange rate “Submission is also not the same as consent,” it says, admirably. Usd to sar Shame that this advice is in outright contradiction to Pornhub’s main video business. Binary code In 2015, performer James Deen was accused of rape, harassment and sexual assault by 11 female co-stars. Gbp usd news (He has denied the allegations and there have been no legal proceedings.) His videos, in which women are “sluts” to be “destroyed” and “punished”, don’t appear to maintain a vigilant distinction between consent and submission at all. Gold price per ounce And they’re readily available to watch on Pornhub.

The Sexual Wellness Center isn’t an act of charity on Pornhub’s part. Pound exchange rate to dollar While the main video site is a dark place thronging with orifices, the Center matches the “clean well-lighted room” that writer Emily Witt identified as the model for women-friendly dating sites: this is a place for people who wouldn’t usually go to Pornhub can get used to the idea of going to Pornhub. Usd to thb There’s nothing about the appearance of the site that would make it inappropriate for a curious teenage reader.

But if Pornhub is taking advantage of sex education to polish its own PR, it’s only because sex education is a niche that’s been left woefully open to exploitation. Australian to us dollar exchange rate Sex education in British schools is neither compulsory nor comprehensive (and the situation in America is even more dismal): issues such as LGBT relationships, recognising abuse and understanding consent are deemed too controversial for the curriculum, and so porn fills the breach.

In research by the Women and Equalities Committee, 60% of young people said they first saw porn when they were under 14. Funny quotes with pictures about life In the absence of good sex ed, porn becomes the baseline of sexual culture. Aud usd investing It sets expectations about how men and women should behave – expectations that make women’s pleasure barely an afterthought to the business of performing for men’s benefit.

To allow porn to become synonymous with sex is a society-wide dereliction of duty, and yet here we are: in a world where 29% of girls say they’ve experienced unwanted sexual touching at school; the porn words “slut” and “slag” are routinely thrown at girl pupils. Usd to nis The ad-hoc ministrations of self-interested commerce are no substitute for a frank and thorough approach to sex and consent in schools. Usa today news But until politicians, educators and parents step up and realise their duty of care, wheezes like Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center will – depressingly – have a place.

Can we ever know what is going to happen next? After a year of global shocks, during which many of the most advanced polling methods failed to tip us off to the electoral success of the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump, unfogging the future seems harder than ever.

However, there is a whole industry dedicated to trying to do just this. Exchange rate usd to chf Futurism – a term beloved of Silicon Valley’s tech evangelists – has grown into a lucrative business that claims to be able to tell companies what will happen next. Euro exchange rate to canadian dollar Its practitioners say they can identify the next billion-dollar start-up long before its founders have even moved out of their parents’ spare rooms. Commodity meaning in hindi Artificial intelligence, automation and the so-called internet of things are all popular areas for these predictions, which generally reflect a utopian vision of the ideal, technology-assisted life.

In 2013 Amy Webb published Data, a Love Story, which chronicled her attempt to use statistical analysis to succeed at online dating. Cad to usd conversion rate What was so compelling about her story (and the associated Ted Talk, which has been viewed 5.5 million times) was that Webb exposed the ways in which human failures can be revealed by the very technology designed to overcome them.

Finding that her own dating profile, which borrowed heavily from her CV and gave a great deal of detail about her likes and dislikes, was unsuccessful in attracting any promising dates, Webb delved deep into the system to gather data about what made other women’s profiles more of a hit. Us to euro exchange rate Her analysis enabled her to predict what would make potential dates more likely to respond to her. Cnbc pre market futures The shorter and vaguer her description was, the more likely it became that men would reply. Gbp usd exchange rate forecast Removing the reference to her fluency in Japanese, it seems, made her more attractive.

Webb has now expanded her prediction horizons to the more conventional futurist’s beat – the technology of tomorrow. Gender roles in india In her latest book, The Signals Are Talking, she lays out a system for identifying new trends while they are still relatively minor events on the “fringe” and tracking them as they hit the mainstream. Love quotes for husband She calls this six-step process “Cipher”, which stands for “contradictions, inflections, practices, hacks, extremes, rarities”. Exchange rate hkd usd She looks to the past to inform her conclusions – “It’s difficult to imagine it today, but two generations ago, computing was only a fringe experiment,” she writes – and exhorts people to “pressure test” their conclusions before they act. Stock market terms and meanings Scepticism, and the ability to tell the difference between a genuine trend and what is currently “trendy”, are key to making good predictions.

Uber, the taxi service app that first launched in San Francisco in 2011 and was valued at $62.5bn in 2015, is a pivotal case study for Webb’s method. Gold prices today per ounce She follows the company’s meteoric rise, tracks the acquisitions it has made, and hypothesises that by 2040 it could have “upended modern farming” by automating every element of agriculture.

Seen through Webb’s eyes, Uber ceases to be just a cab company and has the potential to become “the invisible logistics layer” in all our lives. Euro pound chart When she lays out future scenarios according to her Cipher method, it all sounds so plausible. Hidden messages in songs In another example, she predicts that drones will lead to the end of skyscrapers, as overhead space becomes more valuable for communication than for buildings. Usd to can Cities that have room to accommodate what she calls “landscrapers” – long, single-storey constructions without the height that would interfere with drone traffic – will surpass cramped places like New York city.

There are caveats, however; events are chaotic and situations evolve continually rather than arriving fully formed. Market futures oil Webb wrote her latest book before the election of Donald Trump. Equity meaning in hindi Every one of her hypothetical predictions must now be rewritten in the light of Trump’s presidency, and many other factors. Call and put options examples Her system is rational and sensible, unlike the events it seeks to interpret. Eur usd chart live The best answer to the question “What if?”, it would seem, remains: “Who knows?”