Sexual harassment forces air india to create women-only rows _ care2 causes


Air India has decided to designate two rows on every flight as women-only. Futures market meaning India’s national airline is taking this action after two incidents of men allegedly groping women over the past month, but also because of numerous similar incidents in previous months.

Last December, a business class passenger flying from Mumbai to Newark allegedly moved to an empty seat next to a female passenger in economy as she fell asleep. Euro vs usd chart She woke to find him fondling her breasts . Exchange rate vnd usd She screamed at him and warned him before walking to the rear galley to complain to the crew.

Cocoa futures market news The woman and Air India lodged a complaint on arrival in the U.S. Binary questions and the 40-year-old man was arrested.

“We will be reserving the third row — six seats — in the economy class of the aircraft for female passengers traveling alone,” Meenakshi Malik, Air India’s revenue management chief, told The Hindu newspaper of India. The millionaire real estate investor pdf “We feel, as national carriers, it is our responsibility to enhance comfort level to female passengers. Funny jokes There are a lot of female passengers who travel alone with us and we will be blocking a few seats for them.”

The issue of sexual harassment is not the only problem plaguing Air India. Exchange rate us to nz While domestic air traffic increased by more than 20 percent in 2015, there have also been increasing concerns about the airline’s safety record, including planes almost colliding and pilots being found to be drunk on the job. Euro egyptian pound exchange rate That is indeed a terrifying thought.

There are more issues: in April 2016, a rat was spotted on an Air India Dreamliner for the third time in the space of a month. Hedging in the financial futures market Bizarrely, in September 2015, the airline grounded 125 flight attendants because it considered that they were too fat. European stock market futures live In the same year, Air India had to ground two of its pilots because they got into a fist fight just before taking off on a flight from Jaipur to New Delhi.

And in January 2014, all Indian airlines were informed by the U.S. Gender differences psychology Federal Aviation Authority that they would not be able to start new routes to the U.S. Xauusd investing until they improved their aviation regulation.

Sexual harassment is a problem not restricted to airlines in India, a country known for its violent misogynistic attacks. Usd to kes Several cities in India have introduced women-only sections on their trains and buses, while two cities near Delhi have experimented with women-only rickshaw services.

Other countries have employed similar measures: Tokyo brought women-only cars to its metro and train lines over 10 years ago, and China has experimented with female-only bus services.

Yet reported cases of harassment on public transport seem to be especially prevalent on airlines. Usd yen Three years ago, a surveywas conducted in partnership with the Hong Kong Flight Attendants Alliance (HKFAA), with the results based on 392 responses to 9,000 questionnaires distributed between November 2013 and January 2014 among employees of the HKFAA’s member airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways and United Airlines.

• Sexual harassment experienced by flight attendants was mostly manifested in the form of physical contact, described as “patting, touching, kissing or pinching.”

• Other forms of sexual harassment encountered included lewd jokes, “staring in a sexual way,” “showing obscene or pornographic materials” and explicit requests for sexual favors.

The positive aspect here is that, according to the Equal Opportunities Commission, most international airlines do have a policy on sexual harassment, meaning that harassers are likely to be arrested for their conduct.

In response to a comment made about banning fathers from raising their boys, I would point out that research shows that the lack of a father increases the odds of criminal behavior (most American criminals are from such a background) because the boys do not have a role model of how to be a socially acceptable male. Usd to rmb conversion Hence, they sometimes end up adopting hypermasculine behaviors sometimes based on movie characters. Cool pictures of animals Most sex offenders were not taught to be that way by fathers. Exchange rate pound sterling to us dollar Part of the problem is that neither parents nor the schools provide sex education that properly emphasizes to the boys what behavior is unacceptable or criminal. Aud usd forecast 2016 I know that I was never told this by my parents or my schools. Famous quotes about success I learned about this from the news and TV shows. Gold usd price I can understand that parents do not want to see their young sons as potential sex offenders, but most sex crime is date rape which is committed by young, testosterone-filled males in their late teens and early twenties on a date and do not want to stop. Currency exchange aed to usd Clearly, boys need to be involved in some serious conversations about women’s rights and what is illegal before they start dating, living in coed dorms, or joining the military. Exchange rate euro to usd However, words alone are not enough for many males. Rmb to usd conversion Society also needs to do its part by creating a context for safe and healthy gender relations by designing a comprehensive system of discipline for crimes involving the maltreatment of women by men ranging from fines or mandatory g SEND

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