Shark facts and information


Sharks are a large group of fish that have inhabited the oceans for over 400 million years, even before dinosaurs populated our planet. Binary to ascii They belong to the superorder Selachimorpha, and modern sharks have specific characteristics like a cartilaginous skeleton, five or six pairs of gills and several rows of teeth.

Ancient Sharks lived before land vertebrates populated the Earth and even before many plant species developed on continents. Ntd to usd While they were very different from those found today, sharks have been on this planet for a long time.

The shark species as we know them have been around for 100 million years; this means that they were dwelling the oceans when dinosaurs were roaming the land. Usd to jpy exchange rate This record-breaking survival cannot be anything but astonishing, developing an anatomy during this time which only has improved over those million years of evolution.

These unique animals cause all kind of human feelings: fear, awe, curiosity, respect and love. Usd to cad exchange rate history They have been widely represented in the popular culture as ruthless predators, which is the main reason why they cause all these different reactions. Eur to usd exchange rate However, the truth is pretty different. Numbers in binary Sharks are complex and fascinating creatures, which are distant from the general representation. Usd to inr chart Even more, many species are docile and harmless.

Learning about the world of sharks, knowing their features, discovering their secrets, and recognizing their importance in our world is the first step to their conservation. Usd to php exchange rate today When most people think about sharks, they have a mental picture of a deadly predator. Oil futures market history However, sharks are far more than this and play a vital role in the oceans and nature. Eur usd bloomberg EVOLUTION OF SHARKS.

Their classification according to the features such as the fin types, spine, snout and body shape determine the genus and family of each species. Dow futures market hours For example, the great white shark has the mouth behind its eyes and a large dorsal fin by the middle of its body and a second dorsal fin behind. Stock market cnn futures An angel shark, on the other hand, has a couple of fins in the dorsal area near the tail and a flat nose with the mouth underneath. Pound euro exchange rate today SHARK BEHAVIOR.

The evolutionary features of sharks, not only defined their look but also the adaptations they have to survive in the wild. Usd jpy news There are three types of sharks according to the place they live which is closely related to the form and functions of their body. Silver chart 100 years Some sharks dwell at the surface of the ocean and move slowly, other sharks inhabit the pelagic zone and have amazing swimming capabilities and some others stay at the seafloor, in the benthic zone, and move slowly searching for food on the sea floor.

According to those areas where sharks live, there are also specific ways of surviving. Us dollar euro exchange rate history Therefore in each of these parts, the prey behave in different ways which led to the developing of the hunting skills that they acquired. Pound sterling to us dollar exchange rate TAXONOMY OF SHARKS.

The classification continues with eight orders, organized in 37 families which include all the species. Exchange rate usd to idr Let’s take a closer look at each of these eight orders and the families that belong to each of them:

The species that belong to this order are also called carpet sharks and have two dorsal fins without spines, and some species feature patterns decorating their skin.

People think of sharks as ruthless predators that will attack humans at first sight. The millionaire next door summary However, this myth is not accurate. Exchange rate to usd In fact, according to the international shark attack file since 1581 there have been 828 unprovoked attacks so far, resulting in 160 casualties, meaning that there were less than two attacks on average each year. Equity meaning in tagalog However, it is evident that not all attacks are registered. 1 usd to ngn black market To have a better idea, during 2015 there were 98 unprovoked shark attacks which resulted in 6 deaths. 1 hkd to usd Contrary to popular belief, only 34 shark species are involved in such attacks and therefore are dangerous to humans, among them, the tiger shark, the bull shark or the great white shark.

The concept of sharks, as “man-eaters” lurking beneath the legs of any swimmer that goes into the ocean, remains in our minds despite the time, but it is wrong. Us dollar to canadian dollar chart Dismisses this idea!

Sharks are not vicious creatures looking that you become their next meal, nor they are always searching for people. Us stock futures cnn Attacks on humans are extremely rare, reaching on average of ten deaths by year, and only 34 species have ever attacked a human. Binary to decimal converter To have a fair perspective, the men’s best friend, the dog, kills nearly 25,000 people annually, around the world.