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Journalist Michael Wilbon has written that seeing the $11 billion deal between the NCAA and CBS/Turner Sports for March Madness between 2011 and 2024 prompted him to change his mind about paying student-athletes. Binary compound This deal shows the amount of money the NCAA is bringing in over the course of one month alone. Dollar exchange rate to peso today March Madness is one of the most watched sporting events in the country. Futures markets news Yet the money being made off this event is not trickling down to the players, who are the stars of the tournament.

One aspect I find lacking in this topic discussion is the ignoring of the very real fact that a lot of athletes are very financially irresponsible. Gender quiz The ESPN documentary Broke gave an inside view of the financial woes of many professional athletes, noting that around 60% of NBA players are broke within five years of retirement.

Many of these players blamed poor investments, trusting unethical financial advisors and lavish spending habits as the reason for their money troubles. Gbp usd fx If schools were to begin paying players, they could also help these students build a foundation of financial literacy. Us dollar exchange rate in india This would allow them to introduce these students to financial investors who had their best interests in mind. Python append Whether or not these college athletes went on to play professionally, they would at least, have some type of financial literacy to carry with them into whatever career they choose. Binary to text translator This would (hopefully) set them up a better financial future. Exchange rate euro to us dollar today Con #1: Many student-athletes already receive scholarships and other benefits.

While not all student-athletes are on scholarship, many are, particularly those who are playing for schools we see winning national championships. Text to binary translator In addition to free tuition and room and board, these college athletes also often receive stipends to help towards books and other basic needs. Gbp usd exchange rate chart This money does not have to be paid back. Fraction to number calculator Most other students are not receiving these benefits, and will come out of school with a great deal of student loan debt. Text editor windows 7 Thus, in comparison, student-athletes already have it easier, financially, than most of the students at their school. Usa stock market futures That’s why some people answer the question “Should student athletes be paid?” with a firm “no.”

There are many fans of collegiate-level sports who are fans because they believe the players at this level play with more passion and love of the sport than athletes at the professional level. Gbp usd graph There are some who say professional athletes do not play as hard because they have already made it to the highest level, and they do not want to risk injury if a game is not for a national championship. Euro pound exchange rate today Paying student-athletes could detract from their passion and make them less motivated to play hard to get to the next level. 1 usd to aud Con #3: It’s too difficult.

Paying college athletes is difficult for a number of reasons. Exchange rate usd to myr Firstly, according to Jeffrey Dorfman, only a few collegiate sports actually bring in money. 1 usd sgd College football, as well as men’s and women’s basketball, are the money makers as far as collegiate athletics is concerned. Bloomberg markets commodities futures Most other programs are actually cash strapped. Put and call options examples Therefore, the issue becomes should only football and basketball college athletes be paid? Is that fair to other student-athletes? Furthermore, where should the money come from? Is it the responsibility of the school to pay these athletes or the NCAA? Other questions include how much should students-athletes be paid, how often, will it work in a similar way that professional contracts work, etc? All these questions reveal how difficult it would be to change the college athletic system to compensate college athletes.

So should college athletes be paid? Opinions differ. Nyse stock market futures No matter your stance on paying student-athletes, there is no doubt that these athletes work hard. Gender differences in leadership There are many benefits and disadvantages to paying them, and this debate is sure to rage on for some time to come. Usd to sgd Meanwhile, the NCAA will still have its $11 billion contract with CBS/Turner Sports and college athletes will continue giving it their all for a shot at making it to the professional level.

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