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Not only do ISAs get busy in April I believe there will be an anticipation by investors that ISAs will get busy and peeps will buy stocks as soon as their money is in there. Equity meaning of Hence those with cash already in will buy earlier and the sp may rise before April.

I cannot trade all my holdings, it is just too laborious, so keep a proportion in long term and trade the more volatile. Binary definition This I believe is now one to just leave in (unless the sp rises madly for some unjustified reason of course)

IB, the funding of the Red Arrows was promised and when the first planning application was pulled YP put it on hold for obvious financial reasons at the time, this was very disappointing to those the organisers of the Whitby Regatta who simply didn’t have the funds to support the air display at short notice, this lead to the absence of the Red Arrows after a few consecutive years of the display, this draws thousands of tourists to Whitby, what has now happened is YP simply being true to its word and funding what it promised a couple of years ago

This mine build would without doubt be dead in the water without the tremendous local support it received during the planning process, this is simply YP being true to its previous given word, I personally can think of more beneficial long term leasure projects that would provide better value for money to the local population but that is subjective on ones personal view.

As a local I am pleased to see the company showing integrity with regard to what it promised and we should all be grateful of a company that’s not going back on its word to those who without doubt made the difference between success and failure in getting to where we are.

I would still prefer to see any monies spent on supporting apprenticeships and similar training programs, combined with using the local supply chain to benefit the local community than on frivolity, especially and feel good factor.

I may be cynical, but we have the planning consent. Exchange rate aus to us There’s plenty of companies put there that would simply give the finger you the the locals. Inr to usd today I don’t want sxx to be one of those, but we’re already signed up to handover a percentage of turnover (not profit) for local causes.

AS ever PP you keep us all in touch with the hard facts. Flower quotes tumblr But,- prices have been trending lower since 2009 ( $800 a ton at peak down to current $160’s plus ). Usd to cad The population has however been increasing exponentially, agricultural land has been decreasing in both acreage and fertility, and, as with most other commodities , prices never stay rock bottom forever, particularly for commodities that will have increasing and ongoing demand.

SXX will not be entering the market until 2021, and when they do, assuming their budgeted costs for raising one ton of pure ore direct into a cargo hold is forecast at around sub $30 pt, as against most other world potash producers at around $48 ( minimum – ) up to $65 / $70 p.t.,, then they should have a bright future.

In hindsight that 25% discount now looks a tad optimistic. Usd to cny But even with significantly larger discounts applied by the time they succeed in the tricky part of the sink and taking into account the issue size now, there is still considerable upside potential from this price.

The 20mt/y figure gets quoted a lot, but getting to that is not certain. Us market futures bloomberg Also the co has to get further TorP deals to secure St2. Usd to rupee exchange rate today With that I think an NPV based on an achieved av product price of $140/t for the first 10mt/y looks reasonable. Inr to usd From the July pres there’s a discount ($145/t) price giving an NPV(10mt) of $4.7bn as at build start.

My ~3% lower price would reduce NPV by ~5%, so to $4.4bn. Usd trend 2016 However 2-3 years into the build (~time for shaft breakthrough) raises the NPV as production is nearer – ~35%, so NPV then to $6.7bn. Convert yen to usd Also I think it’s fair to add some for the prospect of 20mt, say another 25%. Convert aud usd So NPV for 10mt with a 1/4 chance of it going to 20mt and also 2-3y into the build = $8.4bn…..All a bit ‘finger in the air’ 🙂

Discount that by 50% rather than 25 gives a project (and so also pretty much Sxx) value of $4.2bn. 1000 usd to eur Be cynical and assume 85% the convertibles (min before co can kill them) turn to new issue and add the Rinehart $50m new issue, you then have ~ 5.5bn shares total!!!

The caveats/risks ahead are: getting TorPs signed so then getting St2, getting the line of North shaft defined so geo for sink known best as can be, then success with those sinks. Usd to pound IMO rest of this will be (relatively) plain sailing……….we wish.

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