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When a mum quits smoking, she’s making one of the biggest changes she can to improve her health, and the health of her baby. Usd to british pound converter Any accurate information that we as Leaders can give her, will support her to maintain that change. Exchange rate us canada The hardest time to make or maintain behaviour changes are when one is HALT: hungry, angry, lonely or tired – and new mothers often experience some or all of these. Market futures live [1] Quitting smoking

There is a persistent myth that abruptly quitting smoking may cause harm.

Oil meaning in bible In fact, while it may make symptoms such as coughing worse in the short term, this is a sign that the body’s natural responses are recovering and becoming unsuppressed by the effects of smoking. Iqd to usd exchange rate Additionally, abrupt quit is statistically the most successful way to quit smoking.

Many people believe that cutting down will provide protection for themselves and their families, but in fact most people will smoke in a compensatory way – taking more, deeper and longer held drags, thereby maintaining the levels of nicotine and other chemicals inhaled. Gold usd [2] Therefore, when wanting to quit one should use whatever method of quitting you believe will have the best chance of success in your particular case! Will a baby be harmed by their mother quitting smoking abruptly?

No. Crude oil futures marketwatch There is evidence that nicotine exposure prenatally and through breastmilk may cause babies to undergo some symptoms of withdrawal when their mothers stop smoking. Python binary However, this must be weighed against the health risks to the baby if the mother continues to smoke. World markets futures If a mother who is quitting smoking chooses to use nicotine replacement therapy while breastfeeding, her baby will receive a tapering dose of nicotine (as product strength and/or frequency of use is reduced), which could help to minimise withdrawal. Ringgit to usd converter [3]

There are three main problematic components in cigarette smoke: tar (the link between smoking and cancer), carbon monoxide (the link with heart disease, stroke and the main cause of damage in unborn babies) and nicotine.

Tar passes from the lungs to the bloodstream and is deposited all around the body. 1 usd to thb I have searched for information about whether tar passes into breastmilk and haven’t been able to find anything relevant. 1 usd in euro While it may be present in milk, it will certainly be present in second hand smoke. Convert rmb to usd All information confirms that if a mother cannot quit smoking, then breastfeeding is protective against the chemical exposure the baby will be experiencing.

Nicotine in concentrated form is a poison – but when you have been regularly been exposed to it your body develops tolerance – the main problem with it in the form that it is in cigarettes is that it is extremely addictive.

If one chooses to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), one is using nicotine in a clean form, a less addictive delivery method (the more quickly it gets to your brain, the more addictive it is, and when smoked it takes less than seven seconds), and lower amounts than if smoking is continued – and with a tapering dosage.

(In the UK) all NRT is licensed for use in breastfeeding, with the recommendation that using the intermittent products (gum etc.), instead of the patches, allows mothers to minimise nicotine exposure by timing dosage. Nis to usd Nicotine has a half life of around 90 minutes, so smoking or using NRT just after a feed will allow mothers to minimise the nicotine transmitted to the baby. Exchange rate euro usd [4] However – the exposure to a small amount of nicotine is hugely less harmful than exposure to continued smoking, so the mother should do whatever best increases her chances of success.

When choosing to use NRT, caregivers need to be aware that what is a therapeutic amount of nicotine for them would be a significant overdose for someone who is not used to it – in fact, the residue left in discarded NRT would be enough to cause harm to a baby or child. Dow futures market Occasionally, patches become unstuck from their original owner in bed and stuck on to other people sharing the space – apparently a part used patch or a piece of gum can make an adult feel like they are having a heart attack, so the effect on a baby would be severe. Mxn to usd Just as smoking materials are kept out of reach, pre- and post- use NRT needs to be kept securely away from babies and children. Pound dollar exchange rate live Electronic cigarettes (or vaping)

Public Health England has recently released an evidence summary relating to e-cigarettes. Us market futures cnbc Its conclusion is that current evidence indicates that using an e-cigarette is around 95% safer than a conventional cigarette. Gbp to usd forecast [5] Using an e-cigarette will not expose a baby to tar or carbon monoxide. Exchange rate pound to dollar history Ambient levels of nicotine are much reduced compared with that in the air or household surfaces of a household where cigarette smoking takes place. Binary song This is because 85% of smoke released by cigarettes is sidestream smoke – the smoke that is released by a burning cigarette when it is not being smoked.

E-cigarettes are regulated by general consumer products law which is enforced by trading standards – this means it is easier for companies to bring products to market with much less testing and control than if products were regulated as medicines – it’s responsive rather than proactive. Python xml to json If you are going to use an e-cigarette, choose one that has a kitemark or CE mark as that gives you a guarantee that what it says on the label is what is in it, and the electrical components are safe. Us stock market cnn money [6]

The vapour itself is usually made from propylene glycol and glycerine – and as far as we know that doesn’t cause anything more serious than occasional throat irritation. Binary to octal examples There is a need for research on long term lung exposure safety.

E-cigarettes come in a range of flavours including menthol – peppermint oil is sometimes associated with reduced milk supply. Binary search in c If you are concerned you might check your preferred brand to see if it actually contains peppermint oil or a synthetic. Binary to decimal conversion method Menthol cigarettes are linked to higher rates of lung cancer, but that is because the mint numbs the throat, enabling smoke to be drawn in deeper/ held longer. Euro stock market That wouldn’t be an issue with e-cigarettes.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) now takes a harm reduction approach to e-cigarettes – they cannot recommend an unlicensed product, but are clear that they are less harmful than smoking. Stock market futures after hours We know that many women quit smoking when pregnant and lapse after their baby has been born. Funny quotes about life [7] If a mum who has quit smoking conventional cigarettes and is now using an e-cigarette, her baby isn’t being exposed to the chemicals in smoke – she has to weigh up how she feels about maintaining her successful quit versus risk of lapse if she stops using it.

Maternal (and to a lesser extent paternal or other parent present in the bed) smoking has long been clearly linked to increased risk of SIDS. Verizon troubleshooting number Exposure to nicotine damages babies’ ability to develop normal robust neurological processes to protect their breathing and respond if it is compromised. Baby pregnancy calculator It also decreases lung function and increases sleep related respiratory problems. Usd to ntd According to evidence examined by the WHO, it is unclear how much of this risk is down to tobacco smoking during pregnancy damaging the foetus’s development, and how much is down to exposure to second hand smoke after birth. Exchange rate uk to us [8]

This has implications for where babies sleep when their mothers smoked during pregnancy, even if the mother quit smoking at (or before) birth and is not now smoking. Gbp to usd converter Additionally, sleep changes related to smoking such as apnoeas may take time to resolve after quitting smoking, and these may make the mother less responsive to her baby. The binary system Cannabis and breastfeeding

Most times, cannabis is smoked together with tobacco – this means that all the health impact of tobacco is present, only with the additional effect that when joints are smoked, each inhalation is usually taken deeper and held for longer. Usa today coaches poll This increases the lung exposure to harm. Pound to euro forecast 2016 Because of the higher levels of oil in cannabis, it is usually estimated that each joint smoked is the equivalent of 5-7 cigarettes.