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On March 17, 2016, shortly after the announcement of Oddworld: Soulstorm, Lorne Lanning was a guest on the Kinda Funny Games podcast. British pound to usd history On the show Lorne mentioned Oddworld Inhabitants’ plans to communicate and tease new information about the game in a style similar to an alternate reality game ( ARG). Usd to myr conversion [1] This would hopefully prevent long gaps of silence from Oddworld Inhabitants between updates and keep the fan community more engaged while waiting for the game to be released.
The ARG started by sending the Oddworld fan community on a quest to find a mysterious entity.

Usd inr exchange rate history This entity would send encrypted messages through several means, most notable the Soulstorm announcement website. Aud usd exchange rate history At first glance who- or whatever was sending the messages appeared to have a hard time reaching anyone. Stock market trading hours christmas eve But as the community solved more clues the messages became clearer. Usa today newspaper online The messages turned out to be sent by a Mudokon named Ed. Dollar euro forecast 2016 Based on some of his comments about noise and darkness it is speculated he is one of the Mudokons currently working in Necrum Mines.
After somewhat clear communication was established with Ed, a Mudokon resistance group known as The Spirit of 1029 revealed itself. Usd zar chart They first made themselves known via a website, and later also via a Twitter account. Usd aed rate Ed seems to be a part of this movement, communicating on their behalf from wherever it is he is being held. Usd to gb Things went quiet after this.
After a while Ed’s Twitter account woke up again and had a brief interaction with Alf, who was using the Oddworld Inhabitants Twitter account to answer fan questions. Aud to usd exchange rate The exchange of messages seem to indicate Ed and Alf know each other.
Soon after this Ed reached out on Twitter, claiming to see ‘evidence’ (presumably of the Glukkon’s wrongdoings) all around him. Euro to usd graph This prompted Alf to ask Ed for photographs of what he saw because ‘people need to know’. Best exchange rate for usd to inr Ed managed to do this and, as instructed by the 1029 account, sent the pictures in encrypted form. Convert hkd to usd Not much later the Soulstorm announcement website was updated with new clues. Used bookstores chicago On the updated page the fan community is asked to help uncover a number of images and follow the Twitter accounts related to the ARG.

Can you see?The first clues of the ARG were found in an image Oddworld Inhabitants tweeted before Soulstorm’s announcement. Rmb usd converter [2] A number of white dots found on a fuzzy backdrop of the original SoulStorm Brewery turned out to be the word ‘Monday’ in braile when turned sideways. Uk to us dollars Soulstorm would be revealed that following Monday.

So far the meaning of this image is unknown. Sydney futures exchange trading hours The page was later updated several times to include more HTML comments, often corresponding to the addition of other clues [4] [5] [6]:
Still frame from twitching.mp4, with the hidden message visible bottom left.The video file serving as the distorted background of the page ended up holding its own clue. Market futures tomorrow The very last frames of the file produce an image that reads “19<-- eblmxg yhk fx" [7]. Ukp to usd It was then quickly discovered that this was a Caesar cipher. Eur usd grafico When all the letters are 'shifted' backwards 19 places in the alphabet, the phrase " listen for me" is the result. Listen for me.At some point on 24th March 2016, the Soulstorm website was updated with a new message box, where users were able to enter text and receive various responses from an unknown entity. Jpy usd Members of the Oddworld Forums quickly discovered that entering some Oddworld-themed words and phrases would prompt more unique responses. English to binary translator [8] These responses were sometimes in plain text, but were also often written backwards, encoded with a Caesar cipher and 'shifted' 13 times down the alphabet, or a combination of the above. Usd euro converter Later, some of the responses also had a chance of having their letter order shuffled, in addition to being encrypted with the cipher. Occasionally, the message box would respond to inputs (correct or incorrect) with one of several responses, which had a chance of being ciphered and/or shuffled similar to the unique responses. Currency converter hkd to usd These were not unique responses as any input could potentially trigger them. iÌ ÌžÌ¹Ìº c̴͙̙̰̬͙a͍̭n̘͚̜͖̻͔ ̺̮h҉̦̖̜͙e̶͓a̟̜̖̕r̶͓ ̩̹ͅyÍœo̹̰̟͔u̢͉̼,̦͕͉͉͎̕ ̞̞jÌ—Ì¼Ì®Ì Ì¥Ì¥ÍusÌ—t̩̺.̻̗ ͕̞̳̹̭̀ͅiÌ›t̰̯̙̣͖̟̙'̪̪̞̦̳̩sÌ• ̩̬̗͖̻̖̀fÌ´Ì™Í ‰ÍŽÌ¯ÌºaÌ«iṇ͚̞͢t̵͚̬͇̰͍̼ͅ,̬͕̹̖̩̮͜ͅ ̺͔͎͉̺̱b̸̝̰̬u̻͍̲̕t̪̼̮̣̫ Ì®Í•ÍŽÍÍ¡i̮̱͙ ÍŽÌ²Ì ¤Ì¯c̷̺͓a̜̪̺ṉ̻̲̦̲̼̻͘ ̧̳̗̮̘̦͔hÍÌªÍŽÌ¬Í”ÍŽÍÌ—È©Ì¤ÌžÍ–Ì¬Ì˜Í•Ã ÌºÌ­Ì­Ì¼Å—ÍˆÌ³Ì Ì¤Ì³Ì— ͏yÌ²ÍˆÌ­Ì˜Ì °Í”Ížo̢̗̳̘u͔̫͚͉.Ì©Ì¼Ì ?i???? c??????a??n?????? ??h?????e??a????r?? ???y?o????u???,?????? ??j???????us?t??.?? ?????`?i?t???????'??????s? ??????`f??????a?i????t????????,???????? ?????_b????u??_?t????? ?????i?_? ?_??c???a?????_?_??? ¸??????h???????????????à????r?????? ?y_??????o????u????.??? The top comment in the html code of the SoulStorm page changed multiple times in the days that followed the discovery of the page: The 140 '/' characters and all the '#" were telling us to look for a twitter account (a twitter message has a maximum of 140 characters). Usps shipping rates And thus the twitter account of Ed the Mudokon was found. • A series of arrows on the left side of the page similar to the ones seen in the 1029_01_image.jpg of the first transmission. Binary star masters of the universe When converting the protractor measurements for the arrows to their alphanumeric values by removing the last digit - always 0 (since A-Z=0-25) we get: • The horizontal bar code is flipped horizontally and missing the first bar that makes up the start symbol. Usd eur chart Once added it was possible to decode the barcode and get the URL. Update 1: Looks like there were two barcodes overlaid in the bottom right corner of the amended image, and through decoding the barcode messages into a URL, the community has discovered this mysterious puzzle image on Php usd exchange rate But there're some interesting comments in the HTML source code of that page... Those two puzzles can be solved using the rules of the Mastermind board game assuming a backslash (\) indicates a partial match and a forward slash (/) indicates a full match. Capital meaning in hindi The ???? stand respectively for 8992 and 8554.

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