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Growing up, my parents would always tell me to be properly dressed around my brothers. Gbp to usd forecast 2016 Never mind that they were walking around in short boxer briefs, it was me who had to be presentable. Gbp usd forecast 2016 I was the girl, after all.

In school, I was always taught that the way I dressed affected a boy’s education. Pound usd exchange rate I was taught that the slight peek of my shoulder was enough to get me sent to the head office.

Gbp to usd chart It was much too distracting, because after all, a boy’s education had to be more important than a girl’s. Usd football schedule At least, that was what they were teaching me.

I’m a feminist because it is 2017, and when I talk about how unfair it is that a professional athlete gets to walk away from the accusation of raping a girl without a single ding to their career, I’m some sort of radical that needs to calm down. Usd to yen forecast Because that poor girl’s life will never be the same, but said athlete’s career is perfectly intact.

I’m a feminist because my aunt says things like, “Oh, those feminists, they just need to shave their armpits and get over it.” Because somehow the grooming of my body hair has everything to do with the rights I’m fighting for.

I’m a feminist because young boys are taught that crying is bad. Famous quotes about life lessons Showing emotion is bad, better to bottle it up and never feel. Egp to usd If you cry, you’re a girl, and no one wants to be a girl.

I’m a feminist because when my family talks about the Women’s March that happened yesterday, they say things like, “What’s protesting going to change?” and “They’re honestly just wasting their time. Rand pound exchange rate graph Nobody’s going to listen to them.” Never mind that the country we are living in found its freedom through protesting— No Taxation Without Representation. Pound to dollar exchange rate graph But I suppose that’s okay. 1 usd to rm malaysia It was men protesting then.

I’m a feminist because when my aunt saw a picture of a man marching with women yesterday, she snorted and said, “What’s he doing there? Doesn’t he have something better to do?” Her seven year old son was sitting next to her.

I’m a feminist because a highly qualified politician lost the presidential election to a less than mediocre businessman who based his campaign on misogyny, racism, bigotry, and slander. Exchange rate mexican peso to us dollar Because this country would rather see an over privileged, racist, homophobic, white man, whose years of experience sums up to zero, in office rather than a woman whose qualifications are more than his will ever be. Best quotes about love and life Because I somehow have to have years of experience before I can even get my first job, but Donald Trump can get sworn into office without a single day of political experience.

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