Svm based models for predicting foreign currency exchange rates (pdf download available)


[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: In this paper, we propose a new efficient privacy-preserving outsourced computation framework over public data, called EPOC. Usa today newspaper sports EPOC allows a user to outsource the computation of a function over multi-dimensional public data to the cloud while protecting the privacy of the function and its output. Free language translation Specifically, we introduce three types of EPOC in order to tradeoff different levels of privacy protection and performance. Usd to kwd converter We present a new cryptosystem called Switchable Homomorphic Encryption with Partially Decryption (SHED) as the core cryptographic primitive for EPOC.

Stock market futures news We introduce two coding techniques, called message pre-coding technique and message extending and coding technique respectively, for messages encrypted under a composite order group. Usd to aud conversion Furthermore, we propose a Secure Exponent Calculation Protocol with Public Base (SEPB), which serves as the core sub-protocol in EPOC. Usd zar Detailed security analysis shows that the proposed EPOC achieves the goal of outsourcing computation of a private function over public data without privacy leakage to unauthorized parties. American market futures In addition, performance evaluations via extensive simulations demonstrate that EPOC is efficient in both computation and communications.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Currency trading is an important area for individual investors, government policy decisions, and organization investments. Us dollar indian rupee exchange rate In this study, we propose a hybrid approach referred to as MKL-DE, which combines multiple kernel learning (MKL) with differential evolution (DE) for trading a currency pair. The binary MKL is used to learn a model that predicts changes in the target currency pair, whereas DE is used to generate the buy and sell signals for the target currency pair based on the relative strength index (RSI), while it is also combined with MKL as a trading signal. Bloomberg stock futures cnn The new hybrid implementation is applied to EUR/USD trading, which is the most traded foreign exchange (FX) currency pair. Binary to letter converter MKL is essential for utilizing information from multiple information sources and DE is essential for formulating a trading rule based on a mixture of discrete structures and continuous parameters. 1 usd to idr Initially, the prediction model optimized by MKL predicts the returns based on a technical indicator called the moving average convergence and divergence. Binary addition calculator Next, a combined trading signal is optimized by DE using the inputs from the prediction model and technical indicator RSI obtained from multiple timeframes. Futures in stock market The experimental results showed that trading using the prediction learned by MKL yielded consistent profits.