Swiss national bank (snb) – questions and answers on asset management


The majority of the SNB’s foreign currency investments are in government bonds, bonds issued by foreign local authorities (e.g. Butterfly quotes about life provinces and municipalities) and supranational organisations, as well as corporate bonds, or are placed at other central banks. Hex to binary file converter At the end of the first quarter of 2016, the proportion of equities was 20%. Dollar exchange rate to peso Just over 40% of the foreign currency investments are denominated in euros, and about 30% in US dollars. Silver chart 1 year Other important investment currencies are the pound sterling, yen and Canadian dollar. Futures market wiki In addition, the SNB holds smaller investments in the Australian dollar, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Danish krone and South Korean won and Chinese renminbi. Exchange rate pound us dollar The equity portfolio also contains stocks in other currencies. Stock market futures The SNB publishes the structure of its foreign currency investments on a quarterly basis.

The SNB’s balance sheet items, including the figures for foreign currency investments, are published on a monthly basis at the end of the following month on the SNB’s data portal. Dollar to yen exchange rate today Figures for the currency reserves are published shortly after the end of each month, as part of the data issued under the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard. Euro to us dollar exchange rate today These figures are, however, provisional. Canadian dollar indian rupee exchange rate Moreover, the foreign currency investments recorded in the SNB balance sheet may vary slightly from those reported according to the IMF standard, owing to differences in definitions.

Futures stock market definition On a quarterly basis and at the end of each following month, the SNB publishes the breakdown of its foreign currency investments according to currency, asset class and rating (for interest-bearing investments) in conjunction with its interim results ( currency investments and Swiss franc bonds). Love quotes for boyfriend tagalog More information on the currency investments can be found in the SNB’s Annual Report.

In the case of its equity investments, the SNB replicates a combination of broad indices. Binary quiz Rather than pursuing positive or negative equity selection, it represents the international equity market as a whole. Euro to pound exchange rate forecast The SNB considers itself a financial investor, i.e. Convert inr to usd it deliberately avoids acquiring any strategic participations in companies. Usd in euro rechner The investment policy is thus shielded from political considerations and the impact on individual markets is kept to an absolute minimum.

The SNB makes certain exceptions to the principle of full coverage of individual markets. Idr to usd converter In order to avoid conflicts of interest, it does not purchase shares in mid and large-cap banks. Usd to rmb chart In addition, for ethical reasons, the SNB decided to exclude from its investment universe shares of companies which produce internationally banned weapons, seriously violate fundamental human rights or systematically cause severe environmental damage.