Tammy baldwin opposes donald trump’s scotus pick, sparks twitter war with scott walker _ politics and elections _ host. madison. com


They are certainly welcome to continue the obstructionism that they seem bent on but they need to remember that under Obama the Democrats have lost: -13 Governorships -10 Senate seats -63 House seats -949 State Legislatures -29 State Legislative Chambers -And there are only 5 States where the Dems control the Governorship and Legislative houses.

The midterms have never been strong for Democrats and they have 25 seats up for reelection vs 8 for republicans and 10 of those Dem seats are in states won by Trump. Usd in cad They could easily lose 6 or 7 seats and give Trump and the Republicans a blank check.

Far smarter to find ways to pick their battles and try working together with Reubs.

Understanding the futures market Neil Gorsuch is a fair judge with an impeccable recored who received bipartisan support, including Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer & Obama when nominated to the Appeals Court.

We already knew Tammy wouldn’t vote for an originalist Constitution based judge. Usd eur exchange rate history We also know Tammy won’t win an her Senate seat in the next election, either. Definition of futures market That’s the gospel good news.

Conservatives believe that judges should act like umpires instead of legislating from the bench. Python print format That means judges should determine whether laws are permissible under the Constitution and settle debates about the meaning of laws, not impose their will based on their ideological leanings.

Liberals view judges as a backdoor method of getting unpopular Lefty-leaning activist legislation passed. Silver price forecast 2020 They don’t want umpires, they want political partisans in black robes who will side with them first and then come up with some bizarre rationale to explain it later. Idr to usd calculator That’s the way they get their ungodly misanthropic way.

After 44 years and 58 million murdered babies later, Constitutional-based judges couldn’t find a new Constitutional right to choose to kill your baby in deciding Roe.

But activist Lefty judges wrongly argued that that “right” was always there all along. Gender differences in learning It was just hiding in plain sight in the Constitutional Garden, behind a fig leaf of privacy, underneath a penumbra pickle next to an eggplant emanation.

Let’s not kid ourselves, abortion is what drives the Democrat opposition to Gorsuch. Eur usd rate forecast Conservatives believe that abortion ends the life of an innocent baby, and since we believe that infanticide is wrong, we oppose abortion. Cad to usd chart Most liberals, despite what they’ll tell you, believe that abortion ends the life of an innocent child, but they prefer killing the baby to inconveniencing the mother.

Besides the rainbow=shirted gaystoppo, the pro-abort lobby; the NOW cows, NARAL nags, Emily’s Listers and Planned unParenthood give a lot of dark money to her campaign. Math jokes Tammy owes them big league*. Usd xau This is the quid in her pro quo. Stock meaning dictionary (*”bigly” for your TDSers. Usa today sports images (Trump Derangement Sinners).

I know you don’t like to read, much less comprehend, but I’ll try to use small plain words so you can understand, rubber band. 1 usd to irr I’m not telling women anything. Futures in the stock market Within the law, she can do anything she wants with her own body. Usd to aed converter i’m taking about that other very small baby girl’s body that should be growing in her safest environment, … Current binary samsung official her mother’s own womb.

“Have I ever been pregnant?” Does that have anything to do with the price of tea in China? Or defending the unalienable Right to Life for innocent babies? I’m a man, dearheart, of course I’ve never been pregnant.

That’s some real actual “sciencey” science, grrrl. Binary code destiny After 44 years and 58 million aborted babies, I don’t know how anyone can continue to gosnell the Right to Life. Stock market trading hours central time I don’t know how one can ignore the science of seeing an ultrasound picture and deny that it is a baby in the womb.

Children are not like bad teeth one yanks out because they produce pain or are inconvenient. Inr to usd conversion rate In this day and age, if you are educated in basic science, you must reject abortion on the basis that all individual citizens are equal, and the freedom of choice is for choices that do not hurt or exterminate other human individuals. Exchange rate hkd to usd Science shows the baby has separate DNA that is different from the mother’s. Understanding binary The new human has a genetic composition that is absolutely unique, different from any other human that has ever existed, including that of his/her mother. Euro today You can find this information in any basic textbook of Embryology 101.

Scientists are in 100% agreement that from conception onward, the human embryo is an individual of the human species. 100 usd to euro Not a single scientist argues against this. Euro to usd forecast Unlike Climate Change, this really is settled science.

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