Targit gmbh _ catalog of projects – beratung und it fur den finanzsektor


Enhancements of Kondor+ for position keeping and the administration of the synthetic currency basket SAL in order to determine market rates for the Israeli Schekel (ILS)

FX traders fix the FX rates by a web based GUI. Exchange rate myr to usd Those fixing rates are used to refinance the aggregated cashflows into EUR by generatinf spot and forward trades.

Mapping for exchange transactions onto SophisRisque trades: position transfer, account transfer, give up/take up, open/close adjustment) of Sophis trade transactions

Design and implementation of application domain specific tests for the migration of an order routing link for a German Direct Broker to its trading partner for world wide exchange trading:

Study of optimization of architecture by using SOA and EAI principles by using HYPerTube for the communcation between business units (trading desk, static data, position keeping, risk, mid office)

Curves is a JBoss based database, which is used for pricing. World stock market futures The database can store all relevant parameters for structured products (Yield Curves, Dividends, Volatility Surfaces and Paremeter Sets).

Hex code generator Purpose of the project is to achieve a coherent view for a trader on the market thus a trader gets coherent pricings

Design, Architecture, Specification and Integration of the network used in ETF Trading Room. Convert rm to usd Integration of real – time market data, Product Integration, Trade Floor Support, Applications Support, Specification and Implementation of Customized Software MA Studio (Portfolio Management Applikation used in ETF environment)

Feasibility study on the replacement of an existing Multi-Broker Platform by the trading platform of TradingScreen concerning technical conditions, market data feeds, order flow, direct market accesses to be integrated

Replacement of a proprietary market data display application for bank emloyees of the headquarter, branch office,s and afiliates by Thomson Reuters Wealth Manager Germany; integration into the standard user administration, customizations for specific interfaces

Study on strategic market data management; As-is-analysis of market data flows, technical distribution architecture, current processes followed within market data management and organizational structure, analysis of possible savings; Design of a future ma

Connecting a retail brokerage application to the SIX Telekurs realtime market data feed MDF select, replacement of the previous market data vendor feed, implementation of mapping functionality

Implementation of a reference and master data cache, that receives data from various vendors (Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg), maps it to a consolidated data model, and offers the data to internal data consumers. Aud usd rate The goal was to avoid costly multiple data requests to vendors by using a common data cache instead. Usd aud calculator The reference data cache was integrated with some IBM Websphere Front Office components (WFO)

Introduction of our product tarics as market data middleware to consolidate inhouse and external market data streams, e.g. Gold price today kitco connection of inhouse trading systems, quote stream to retail trading platform, quote stream to web portal.

Implementation of the legislative requirements for the generation of product information leaflets as part of the advisory services securities for client – Application for the generation of the leaflets

Einfuhrung der Software Claims Manager der Firma Merit fur die Automatisierung im Dividendenprozess fur den Securities Finance Bereich mit Anbindung an das Handelssystem ION Anvil

Efficient testplanning (Teststrategie, Testcases, expected testresults) and support for the trading departement to deliver the official acceptance of the Kondor+ Upgrade from their side.

Description of the business requirements for the migration from Repo and Securities Lending Trades with consideration of existing business specifications and the behaviour of the new target system (K+TP)

Specification of the necessary changes and enhancements of the current K+TP configuration (MM deals) to be able to migrate the backoffice solution from the systems Digitec D-3 into the Front-2-Back solution Kondor+ / K+TP.

Feasibility study considering alternative market data distribution architectures, analysis of current distribution platform, summary of a prioritized requirements list, blueprint for the new distribution architecture, highlevel business case

Extension of standard product tarics multi vendor contribution platform to historize published market data, various filter capabilities, integrated batch to compress raw data considering configurable intervals, implementation of an MS Excel Client to analyse historical data

Redesign of targit solution tarics multi vendor contribution platform on the basis of a completely refurbished architecture, enhancement of throughput, reduction of latency, transition to more flexible market data flows

Introduction of an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution focussed on security master data (futures, options), integration of Bloomberg Data Licence and WM-Daten, integration of two trading systems as data consumers

Design and Development of Front Office Enhancements for Introducing Client Clearing – Interfaces from MarkitWire to Kondor+ and OPUS with associated reporting and processing functions

Implementation of a Hedging Platform for a reinsurer – System selection Murex vs. Dollar price today in india Calypso, Functional Business Analysis for Calypso, System integration for Test and Production

pre-study for make/buy decision for a branch application for global advisory, which covers the following workflows: need analysis, risk profiling, investment advisory, reporting and exit

Integrating an existing Kondor instance into a running global Kondor system while merging processes, interfaces and responsibilities including migration of deals and static data.

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