Teaching schema and metacognition to intermediate students


If I were a betting woman, I’d be willing to bet that you didn’t learn the word schema in school, especially as an intermediate student, but that’s exactly what I’m going to be advocating in this post: the explicit teaching of not only the word schema, but also the application of it in the classroom. Usa today sports So, what is it? What does schema actually mean? Let’s unpack it.

Schema is, essentially, the technical term for prior knowledge. Binary star It is everything you know and remember inside of your brain. Aud usd It is, at it’s very core, a foundation that all learning is built upon—indefinitely.

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Because it is so foundational, I like to start out my reading strategy instruction with lessons on schema and metacognition (thinking about your thinking). Commodity meaning I have found that once students grasp how their brains function, how to monitor their own thinking, and grasp how they are continually adding to their memory storehouse (or schema), they become more intentional, purposeful readers.

Metacognition is a really big, fancy-sounding word. Today’s conversion rate usd to inr I always emphasize how BIG and important it is by writing it on a sentence strip and displaying it on the whiteboard. Understanding futures markets pdf I explain that metacognition is a big word, like a college word, and it is at the very core of everything we do in school. Flower tattoo sleeve I break the word into parts and explain what each root—like cogn— means, and I explain that it means “thinking about your thinking”. Chicken stock meaning in urdu Then I demonstrate what metacognition looks like as I read and interact with a text. Usd eur I have done this a few different ways over the years, but this year, I decided to switch things up, to make it more obvious. Euro to pound exchange rate graph I filled two bucket contained book cards and another contained brain cards. Pound euro forecast 2016 The brain cards represent what I know-my schema. Gold price forecast 2020 The book cards represent what I am reading in the text– the words on the page. Usd football I want kids to observe the way I think about my thinking. Us market futures today Whenever I read the text, I put a book card into a third bucket. Dollar to pound exchange rate history Whenever I activate my schema, I share it aloud and place it into the third bucket.

At the end, I pull the cards out of the third bucket and attach them to an anchor chart to show how I relied on my brain and the book to make meaning as I read aloud, then we will discuss the process and how schema can help us as readers. Usd cad exchange rate Students are able to visually see how I relied on my brain and the book as I read the text. Marketing in the future I used to attach ALL of the cards to the chart, and I still might in the future. Used book stores phoenix For this chart, I only displayed a few of them to leave room for thinking stems to help facilitate accountable talk and meaningful discussions. Stock value history Even if you just display a few cards, you will want to emphasize how many cards were placed into the buckets, and you will want to explicitly point out how you were able to make meaning while reading because you were reading what the words said and you were relying on things you already know to make sense of it.

Explain that whenever you think while you read, your brain lights up and you activate different areas of your brain so they can do very important tasks like remembering or storing information. Jpy usd forecast Show them the colorful brain. Nonbinary definition (I placed mine inside of a dry-erase sleeve and mounted it on black construction paper so it looks more-or-less like a brain scan.) Is this an oversimplification? Sure, although your brain does light up when activated, it doesn’t look like this, exactly. 1 sgd to 1 usd This particular image shows the different lobes of the brain though, and that’s a great way to show that we want to light up the whole brain. Binary definition computer If desired, you can always pull up an image of a real brain scan to project onto a screen and provide scientific evidence of how amazing our brains are.

Demonstrate rereading a few pages and thinking aloud as you hold up the lit-up brain. Binary code translator to text Say things like, “I wonder… I’m thinking… This reminds me…” etc. Euro pound conversion rate Point out when you ask a question, predict, etc. Eur usd exchange rate chart Name it. Usd cad exchange rate history Practice it. Forex rates in pakistan today open market Repeat it. Cnnmoney premarket futures Sooner or later, your students will own it. Convert usd to pound sterling Students can practice this with a self-selected text and a partner using these fun props and thinking stem strips!

Once I introduce the process of metacognition, I forge ahead with schema lessons. Nzd usd analysis Trivia is a fun way to test our memory and our knowledge of miscellaneous facts, so it’s a great introduction to schema. Euro to aud forecast As I read questions aloud, I ask students to write their answers to each question on their whiteboards. Futures markets quotes I may asking these questions: “How did you know the answer? When did you learn that? Were there any questions that were unfamiliar? Do you think everyone knew the answers to every question? Why would there be variety in the answers we wrote on our whiteboards?” The human brain is an amazing organ that helps us remember information. Hkd to usd conversion This information is stored in the brain and becomes our prior knowledge, or schema. Eur usd history We are able to activate the brain and retrieve information that is stored there to complete tasks. Gbp to usd calculator Amazing!

I am always a big fan of scavenger hunts or any activity that gets kids out of their seats, so a Schema Scavenger Hunt is a great way to reinforce this in a fun way. Euro to usd history They can walk around the room and fill out a fact they know about each topic. Mxn to usd converter Once they complete their recording sheet, they return to their seats to share out their prior knowledge, or schema, with others!

Whenever connections are made, neurons fire inside of our brains. Msn news page They are like little messenger cells that help communicate information to other cells. Usd to zambian kwacha So, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to share information while firing (throwing) a little plush neuron around the room to make this concept come to life? I bought the Giant Microbes Brain Cell Neuron Plush Toy from Amazon, and I was far too excited to receive this gray guy in the mail. Usd to vnd chart Isn’t he glorious?

You can create a simple anchor chart to show that we are always activating our brains to retrieve what we already know, but we are also always adding to our schemas as we learn new information about topics. Exchange rate euro dollar today Prior to reading, ask students to tell you what they know about a topic and write them in a certain color or on a particular color of Post-It. Dollar indian rupee exchange rate Then, after reading, have students write in (or on) a different color. Currency converter us dollars to pounds It’s a quick and simple way to make this concept visual.

If you want to give your students extra practice thinking aloud about what they know and what they learned (and know NOW), you can use thought bubbles. Binary code alphabet A simple way to do this is to use a dry erase board. Binary code converter I found a premade board at Walmart many moons ago that I have used for demonstrations with students, but you can easily draw a thought bubble on a board and write a thinking stem inside of it. Usd stock Depending on how permanent you want this to be, you can use a dry-erase marker or a Sharpie!

I have been using the “your brain is a filing cabinet” analogy for years, and usually I would pull a drawer out to retrieve a file to make my point. Usd cad exchange rate chart It was effective, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “Could it be more visual for kids?” As it turns out, there is a better way! I simply tacked a brain and a label onto a pink locker crate, and viola! It’s a brain/filing cabinet! (I do like to show my students pictures of dendrites too. Currency converter uk to us I draw pictures of them on the board and talk through a few topics, drawing branches to group information. Usd to aud conversion calculator I explain that those tree-like branches are like files in a file cabinet, and it’s evidence that learning actually causes our brains to grow and change! In file cabinets, we can see the growth and change as files are added as well!) We also sing a song about schema that helps students internalize what schema is and how it works like a cabinet in their brain.

This concrete model makes the whole concept of how a brain stores information visual. Equity finance jobs Your brain is the ultimate container. Binary tutorial It holds a massive amount of information, and it manages to organize all of the information it receives in a way that makes it accessible and easy to retrieve. Improper fraction to a mixed number calculator To illustrate this, I placed color-coded hanging files inside of the crate. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast Each hanging file contained a coordinating folder. Usd eur exchange rate Inside of each folder, you can place coordinating paper or Post-its by topic. When does us futures market open So, one hanging file might be about domestic dogs. Euro to usd rate Each folder could house coordinating paper with information about a particular breed.

The folders allow an opportunity to discuss how sometimes we remember something incorrectly. What is binary system Basically, it’s like our brain put the wrong file in the wrong hanging file. Commodity futures meaning You can demonstrate this with the colored folders, and then show how we can reorganize the information, clarify the fact, and file it correctly, just like a filing cabinet.

Once students are aware of schema, new schema, and misconceptions, we build an anchor chart as we interact with text to demonstrate how this works in action. Dollar vs pound chart We chart what they know about a topic first, then chart the new facts they learned as they read, and finally we tackle the misconceptions. Usd rmb We discuss how misconceptions are part of being human and part of the learning process. Usd price today The important thing is to clarify and correct our misunderstandings–to refile the information.

In any Reader’s Workshop setting, it is imperative that students have an opportunity to practice independently as part of the Gradual Release of Responsibility model. Stock super stock forum After the guided practice component and chart-building, students read a self-selected text and record information onto a file folder interactive notebook template.

I have done so many variations of this lesson over the years. Gender labels If you searched my blog, you could find a somewhat creepy anchor chart showing a girl’s face/head covered in squares of tissue to demonstrate how your schema is inside of your head and how it “sticks with you”. Euro pound exchange rate graph It may have been a little off-beat, but it worked, and my students understood the concept. Gender roles essay I also previously used a lint roller as a concrete model, but I wanted something different and perhaps, if possible, more technical.

Then, it dawned on me that the brain is like a magnet because it pulls in a ton of information. Uss zumwalt So, I cut up some of the pipe-cleaners in my word work drawers so that they were just little stubs. What are market futures Then I placed them inside of a 2-liter bottle. Stock symbol for oil futures When I moved a magnetic wand over the bottle, the pipe cleaners clung to the side. Stock market future 2016 I was so excited to see how it formed little branches like dendrites. Peso to us dollar exchange rate today It totally reinforced the concept I talked about during my file cabinet lesson and builds upon the little sketches on the board. Gender theories pdf Ultimately, I ditched the bottle, and I liked the visual even better.

Schema maps mimic the actual organization of the brain. Futures market today Each branch continues to branch off into smaller, connected topics, just like dendrites. Canadian dollar to us exchange rate You will need to walk students through the color-coding and chunking of the information, but I cannot say enough about this strategy. Decimal to binary encoder I love how it visually shows connections and information, but what has amazed me over the years, is how well my students remember information after mapping. Equity futures meaning I recall one guided social studies lesson a few years back. 40 usd to eur We weren’t doing anything super fancy. Aus to us exchange rate We were using our social studies text (which we rarely did), and we were mapping information about Ohio Native American tribes. Stock meaning in tamil I was modeling on chart paper, and my students were mapping at their desks. Exchange rate nzd usd I did a quick recap the next day before moving on, and it was ridiculous how much information they recalled, including not only tribal names, characteristics, weapons, and who lived in wigwams or longhouses. Exchange rate chf to usd It is powerful, friends!

In this lesson, I teach the organization of a schema map using an example, then students help me create one using a short, shared text, and eventually, they create their own before writing about a topic of their choice. The future of marketing It is the perfect culmination to the unit on schema and metacognition, because the main goal of every strategy lesson is student implementation, and writing is such a critical part of being about to demonstrate understanding.

Although this unit relies on a lot of concrete models, games, and fun activities, there has to be student accountability. Usd bookstore I believe that we should always have somewhat of a paper trail for documentation. Pound exchange rate in pakistani rupees So, this unit utilizes graphic organizers, recording sheets, interactive notebook templates, a reading passage, a song, and formative assessments to give students an opportunity to create a record of their learning.

Do you want to try this dynamic and powerful unit with your own students!? Check out Concrete Comprehension: Schema and Metacognition for Intermediate Students! This intermediate unit focuses on schema and metacognition to lay a firm foundation for strategy instruction! It includes five mini-lessons that progress from a teaching point, to explicit instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and a closing/extension. Usd to sek Concrete models are incorporated to help students better understand how the brain works, all while learning about the brain using the following texts: “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain” by JoAnn Deak, PhD., “The Brain” by Russell Freedman, and “Young Genuis: Brains” by Kate Lennard. Cad to usd exchange rate by date (You may opt to substitute these texts with any text, particularly informational texts; however.) Students will engage in hands-on, visual, concrete activities that will help students literally grasp what schema is and how it can help them as readers and writers!

Beginning with a concrete experience makes thinking visible, creates strong connections, and anchors future learning . Exchange rate usd to aud It provides students with experiences that become safety nets and promote risk-taking. Live quotes Concrete models support less-developed readers and stretch proficient readers to think metaphorically. Dollar euro exchange rate chart This product series engages kids’ senses through concrete, hands-on lessons, works through the gradual release of responsibility model, and gives kids time to interact with texts in authentic and purposeful ways. Nzd usd forecast It is designed to engage students in literacy experiences that will promote higher-order thinking and improve their comprehension skills. Rs to usd While the lessons are scripted for convenience, they can certainly be used as a guide and in whichever way works best for your students. Hulu rates My hope is that you and your students enjoy launching your comprehension lessons in unique ways that ultimately promote rich discussion and thinking within the classroom!