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Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Potentially active liquid effluent piping from Bhabhatron & Service building to sump tank at New Animal house, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai – 85.

Assistance in maintenance of equipments & instruments related to Pulsed column setup, microreactor assembly and hydrogenator unit for ChED of BARC, Trombay, Mumbai – 85

Making of audio video animation film depicting (i} SWRO membrane sheet preparation & spiral module rolling (duration about 3-5 minutes) and (ii) SWRO desalination process with UF pre-treatment (duration about 2-3 minutes)

Fabrication & installation of service water inlet line to the overhead water tank at ETP along with float valve, fabrication of SS tank for washing of filters at ETP and fabrication & installation of platform at Resin Fixation Facility at RSMS at WMD/WMF Trombay

Supply, installation and commissioning of breathing air filter, piping, manifold and miscellaneous mechanical works at RLG, BARC, Mumbai-85 from eligible contractors.

Detailed Engineering, fabrication, Qualification, programming and supply of computer controlled Pressing System confirming to technical specifications no: PLCPRESSMF-17

Fabrication, welding. Usd exchange rate history testing and supply of magnet winding mandrel and its support structures conforming to technical specification no: SCM/17 /04 dated: 27.01.2017

Fabrication and supply of the Viton sheets for corrosion resistance and VITON gaskets for overflow leak tightness as per the attached scope of supply cum technical specification without any free issue material.

Fabrication & Installation of Glass door and removable Bakelite partition for UPS battery bank and dismantling of false ceiling in service building network server room

Supply, Installation and Testing of2 Numbers of Smoke detector with Fire Alarm Panel, hooter along with Cabling for Induction Skull Melter (ISM) in CDCFT Building, BARC Trombay

Installation, testing and commissioning work at site for stainless steel tubing, hose, bulk head plates and support structures for oil & water hydraulic system of Fuelling Machine Test Facility (FMTF) at Integrated Test Facility Tarapur, Maharashtra.

Procurement of raw materials, standard valves/components, fire resistant hydraulic oil, fabrication of bulk head plates, support structures etc., supply & installation of these items in oil hydraulic system of FMTF at Integrated Test Facility at Tarapur (ITFT), Maharashtra per our tech. Usd to vnd conversion Spec. Cnn market futures No.: RTD/KK/002.

Call of Quotations for fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning and guarantee of 3″NB 40 Sch. Binary language translator GI water pipeline with required fittings in ETP (N), UED. Usd to sar exchange rate (BARC Site Display}