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What I didn’t see, however, struck me as both disappointing and really strange — there’s not a female racer on the new team. Currency converter usd to aed Now, I understand that the percentage of women who shred a DH track is small potatoes compared to the overall DH market (believe me, I do). Usd to aud rate But in a rapidly changing market that has struggled to bring in consistent and reliable revenue in recent years, I’m baffled at why the new IFR team is made up of all white dudes.

Now, I don’t want to pick on Intense here.

Futures market news They make great bikes. Convert to binary code They’re US-based. Usd to inr forecast 2015 Hell, they’re the alma mater of the legendary Shawn Palmer and have supported junior racing development unlike many other brands across the spectrum. Us stock futures cnn money They’re still small, and they operate like family… 1 rmb to usd I’ve always respected the brand and the company that seems to love DH racing.

But when it comes to female parity and equality in cycling, the landscape is dismal. Today’s exchange rate usd to cad There are few advancement opportunities for pro women beyond their national circuit and, unlike junior men, support and mentor-race program availability for future female elite racers is almost nonexistent. Binary to text converter online We know this. Euro to dollar exchange rate 2015 We’ve seen this. Love quotes for girlfriend So why is it still so prevalent? It’s not as though the planet has no female shredders capable of representing the Intense brand. Chf usd bloomberg It’s not as though there isn’t a collection of well-known and respected women on the World Cup who race without bike or team support. Gender roles articles And in a year where the qualifying standards for women have been raised so significantly, does it not make more sense that there will be more eyes on the women’s DH field than ever before? Competition is already heating up: with Miranda Miller on Specialized Gravity, Tahnee Seagrave a whisper away from a win and an undefeated Rachel Atherton looking to storm the circuit again, not wanting a horse in that race is absurd… Funny quotes and sayings for facebook And frankly, it’s just bad business.

Women are buying bikes and bike equipment at unprecedented rates. Exchange rate usd to malawi kwacha The women’s mountain bike industry has ballooned so much that we have a behemoth women’s-specific selection bubble of growth and more girls on bikes than ever before… Convert usd to inr And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Usa today sports page So why would a DH-based brand with a factory team not onload a badass female rider to represent their interests on a global level?

I’ve jumped at the jugular of sexism in cycling over the last few years for one reason: it keeps women off of bikes and away from racing. Us to inr exchange rate today It puts our gender into the focus rather than the fun of just riding bikes. Euro to pound conversion rate I started speaking out about sexism because I wanted to be able to do my damn job without opening up a magazine and seeing a gross ad or coaching girls who had been told they were less. Usd to rmb exchange rate I’ve been aggressively pro-lady because I truly believe that women are equal. Stock market today futures Different, yes, but just as equal and just as valuable as men.

The saddest part about the Intense Factory Racing not having a lady racer isn’t the widespread disappointment, but what the entire team will miss out on because they lack a well-rounded perspective. Dollar exchange rate Gender diversity promotes success because it presents a wider view of what matters. Pound to euro exchange rate today Different people will take different lines down a DH course, and skill isn’t limited to gender. Gold forecast 2020 A wider range of life experience presents a greater scope of understanding. Usd cad forecast What sort of team avoids an advantage like that? Outside of a bike racing-specific angle, Forbes and economists across the globe discovered and documented that gender diversity promotes greater success in both Fortune 500 companies and small start ups. Love quotes from the bible Racing is a business. Usd eur converter Successful businesses arm themselves with the tools that will give them an edge. Aus usd At any level, winning downhill races is about consistently occupying that edge, especially as a team that operates both as individual athletes and as a representative entity of their sponsors. Gbp usd fx rate Having the added experience and viewpoints of someone with a different background is invaluable — studies report that companies with women on their boards “outperform their rivals, with a 42% higher return in sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher return on equity”, according to The Guardian. Usd to british pound converter Unfortunately, the Intense Factory Racing team won’t benefit from that.

So why is there only a handful of WC factory downhill teams with female racers? When we get really honest, the problem here almost seems to be that many team managers and companies at large see the female perspective as worthless (or, at the very least, less valuable). Exchange rate us canada The bike industry is still stuck in the mud of women not being seen as having the intellectual capacity or experience to stand with the men and the pervasive opinion that women should be content to stand by and watch. Market futures live There are so many women on the DH circuit with the experience and skills to help a new team grow, but even more who have left racing entirely because of lack of factory support. Oil meaning in bible Their experience has value, it carries weight and it will lead any team to greater success if only teams start trusting it… Iqd to usd exchange rate Economic science has proven that.

I’m not saying this solely as a DH racer who has observed my share of insanity in the bike industry, I’m saying this as a businessperson who has helped built brands, who has worked with teams to lead successful advertising campaigns and who has studied and slaved away at companies doing it right and at companies doing it very, very wrong. Gold usd I’m writing this as someone who sees the economic value in Germany’s board-parity mandate and who has sometimes been critical of Title IX. Crude oil futures marketwatch I’m sending this to the struggling downhill MTB and wider cycling industries as a plea for gender and racial parity because it is the only thing that will save the bike industry.

We need change, and we need it sooall ner rather than later. Python binary Whether that change comes in the form of a UCI mandate requiring that all UCI trade teams have a female athlete on roster in order to register for the season or whether it comes with companies and teams stepping up to the plate and bringing more skilled women to the table, I implore you to find out what it is that you can do, and do it.

If it means not approving that sexist advertisement, do it. World markets futures If it means adding a female racer to your enduro squad and DH team, do it. Ringgit to usd converter If it means promoting a female athlete or women’s race heavily, do it.

We need to take the steps as an industry that enable women and girls to be active and involved participants in the evolution of this sport, not passive observers. 1 usd to thb The bike industry (and yes, downhill racing, too) has to provide a place for future racers to actually go. 1 usd in euro What’s the point in getting girls into racing when they end up without options to pursue that effort? Yes, racing is amazing whether or not it turns into a career, but how can we blame the lack of parity and equality in DH on the lack of women when there is no future in DH racing for women? There are so few spots for female pros right now that enable those athletes to forego full time employment and focus on training and racing year round, and yet we tell these athletes that the lack of opportunity is their fault? Not having enough competitors in the field, not taking enough of a market share, enough getting enough media exposure, not forcing enough attention, not engaging in enough fierce competition, or getting enough support? All of that is solely on the shoulders of these female athletes?

We’re asking women to fund their own racing and travel through full-time jobs (often multiple), demanding that they not only run their own nutrition and training plans, but somehow manage their own brands, film videos, build relationships with every photographer and video, and then take the time off of work to travel, race and train at the same level as the top three, full-time athletes, and then we’re surprised when they can’t take top honors? We’re shocked that they get injured and just walk away?

In 2016, there were 44 registered UCI DHI Trade Teams. Convert rmb to usd Of those 44, only 13 teams (29.5%) had a female athlete on squad. Nis to usd Even worse? While there were 177 riders total on trade teams, 89% of trade team athletes were men. Exchange rate euro usd Roughly 9% of downhill racers on trade teams were women (16). Dow futures market For every 11 male riders on UCI trade teams, there was one woman.

We don’t just need parity on teams, but in board rooms, in research and development, during bike testing, in the bike shops, at the events. Mxn to usd We need companies and federations and events that actively seek out female perspectives to round out perspective, and we need talented and experienced women to fulfill those roles. Pound dollar exchange rate live This sport desperately depends on reaching a wide market of perspectives, and we can’t do that when only one perspective is presented.