The estate discussion – part 6 – continued


The “Distribution Agreement” referenced in the Petition is apparently the same document as the Letter of Intent between WiMP Music AS (“Tidal”) and NPG Records, Inc/NPG Music Publishing, LLC dated August 1, 2015. Usd to pound sterling The record is unclear as to the alleged relationships between Roc Nation LLC, WiMP Music AS, Project Panther Ltd., and Aspiro AB, however for purposes of the matter presently before the Court, they will assumed to be interrelated, with WiMP Music AS, Project Panther Ltd., and Aspiro AB falling under the R00 Nation umbrella. Binary search tree In addition to allowance of Roe Nation’s claim, the Petition also seeks access to any and all information within the possession of the Special Administrator concerning the distribution or exploitation of the Estate’s musical assets, and advance notice of any agreements or business dealings that may affect Roc Nation’s alleged claim and interest in the Estate. Cnnfn market futures After his death, Tidal allegedly streamed Decedent’s entire catalog of music without authorization of Bremer or providing Bremer with documentation of their right to do so. Idr usd As a result, and because most of Decedent’s music catalog is owned by NPG Records, Inc. Us share market futures and NPG Music Publishing, LLC, Bremer caused NPG Records, Inc. Euro pound exchange rate calculator and NPG Music Publishing, LLC to file a complaint against Roc Nation and Aspiro AB in federal court for copyright infringement. Europe stock market index futures That matter remains pending.

–Project Pathway is owned by JayZ and it is the corporate enity he used to purchase his stake in Tidal. Conversion aud usd The agreement is between Prince Rogers Nelson and Pathway/Jay Z not NPG Lll. Australian us dollar exchange rate Tidal also claims they made four payments to Prince Rogers Nelson and expect another Two CDs and for the agreement to go on until the agreeded upon portion of the advance is recouped or after 5 years.

Exchange rate for indian rupee to us dollar What I find interesting his where did the payments go. Us dollar to british pound chart The company’s is based out of the caymans. Gender spectrum quiz Could their be a unknown checking account.

Coamerica bank is now running things. How the futures market works I would imagine if they want to bring in a consultant they would have to speak to the family and the judge. Gbp usd etf I am not sure why anyone thinks Londell would get called first since he would have to refrute the charges that were made, stop representing Sharon Nelson, and the entire family would have to agree which at this time does not seem to be occuring.

Why are some of you rooting for this guy? At the bare minium he did not respond to the family about questions concerning the funds from the concert, should not have been representing Sharon, should not have offered Tyka a 10 million dollar loan, and should not be have been getting a 10% cut of the deals he brokered.

Even the judge said it was Chaos and Confusion. Binary picture I am not going to go into the Tidal mess as he pretty much accused them of stealing music which that are now being allowed to counter sued over since they did have a contract with Prince Rogers Nelson.

The whole “personal representative” thing is a different position. Stock connector The fact that the judge says there’s not going to be a personal representative has nothing to do with the fact that Londell has been making deals as one of the entertainment advisors. Msn news canada The whole streaming deal that’s about to be announced has been worked on by Londell and I am 100% positive that when it gets officially announced on Feb 12th, you’ll see quotes by Londell regarding his work on it.

-/He will be quoted for what he did in the past that tells us nothing about what he might be doing in the future. Usd in inr In addition, he will have to answer to Coamerica bank who might actually asked some questions about what he is doing instead of shrugging their shoulders like Beamer. Aud to usd news It was also be nice if someone on this board would read the actual court documents and acknowledge what is factual.