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Sixteen-year-old Vishesh Gupta (front) poses in front of Phoenix climate data, with associate professor Matei Georgescu (left) and postdoctoral researcher Scott Krayenhoff. Convert cny to usd Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

Georgescu now wants to recruit more high school students, saying they’re a valuable resource to tap. Futures market cnbc In return, he said, he can provide an enriching research experience.

“I have learned three computer languages and four scripting languages.

Binary search tree visualization Climate change is interesting, and I’d like to apply computer science to other disciplines, like architecture and astronomy.”

Top photo: Sixteen-year-old Vishesh Gupta pulls up climate models on the computer with associate professor Matt Georgescu watching on Friday. Gender identity issues The BASIS Scottsdale high junior works with Georgescu and postdoctoral researcher Scott Krayenhoff to analyze existing data to project outcomes on climate and hydrology as the result of certain types of land development. Uk to us currency Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

Evidence kits When a sexual assault is reported to police, the victim undergoes an exhaustive examination of the entire body, with swabs and photographs, for DNA evidence left behind by the attacker—a process that takes four to six hours to complete. 1 usd to ngn That evidence is preserved in a sexual assault evidence kit. Joy newsome are sitting untested across the country. Exchange rate usd euro The nonprofit Joyful Heart Foundation tracks the issue and estimates that there are hundreds of thousands untested rape kits nationwide.

Last year, Ducey created a task force to study the issue, which he admitted was so bad that no one knew how many kits were untested. Msn news usa english In September, the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force released a report, revealing that there were more than 6,400 unsubmitted sex crimes evidence kits across Arizona. Djia futures marketwatch During the year, several police departments received grants to clear the backlog, and the group estimated that by the time the grant money ran out, there would be 2,000 untested kits remaining.

During his State of State speech Monday, Ducey said that the testing resulted in two indictments and that he would ask the Legislature to fund the testing of the remaining backlog, as well as future evidence kits.

Also, some jurisdictions have adopted policies where they triage the testing of kits, so those in which the victims and suspects are strangers are prioritized. Usd gbp rate But those are not the cases that occur with the most frequency in the U.S. Currency converter cny to usd The typical sexual assault that is reported to the police involve a victim and a suspect who are acquainted in some way. Stock ticker for oil futures So if those are not the priority, a lot of kits won’t be tested.

A: The victims who report the crime to police undergo what is by all accounts a degrading forensic medical exam only to be told that their kit sat on the shelf in a police evidence room and was never sent for testing. Yen usd exchange rate That says “we don’t think this case is important and we’re not going to do all we can to ensure that the suspect is brought to justice.”

A: There’s clearly a recognition in the Department of Justice that this is a problem. Gender definition The department has established a grant program that allows jurisdictions to apply for federal funding to reduce their backlog.

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