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You’ll see that the very best content today contains some of these elements. A few years down the line, all of these will be much more common and expected. 1. Control is one of the next big steps

Even if you’ve targeted a specific audience that cares about the same things, they will still have different preferences when it comes to consuming content.

While many of my readers like short content, they’ll still read longer content if it’s valuable, and the readers who like long content get exactly what they want.

Readers who love short content or who are already familiar with the content don’t need to expand the section, keeping their version of the content short.

The simplest way to implement it is to install the Twitter Bootstrap framework , which is just a few CSS and javascript files (you might have it already).

In the next few years, there will be more and more tools that will allow even an average blogger to scrape information from hundreds of thousands or millions of web pages.

What this means is that there will be no excuse not to back up statements with data futures stock market bloomberg. Great content in the future will be almost entirely data-backed. 3. Specificity will win

For example, if you were starting a blog tomorrow, you wouldn’t start a marketing blog (too general). You’d start something like a social media marketing blog for small businesses.

By narrowing down your target audience, you can not only “capture” your own space in their minds but also create content that’s targeted towards them.

If you’re looking to capture a niche, get as narrow as possible (as long as there’s a reasonable audience left). Focus on creating content that has specific examples for your target readers. 4 usd to rmb converter. Less content, more quality

Additionally, the phenomenon of content shock is only getting more impactful. So much content is being created that people drown in it, but most of it is low quality.

While it’s a complex issue, the short answer to the content shock problem is that your content needs to be of a higher quality than most to stand out…which is expensive.

• conduct a survey for your target audience and publish the results? (E.g., if you run a plumbing marketing blog, survey a few hundred of their customers and find out which characteristics of a plumber are most important to them.)

• manually analyze a few hundred pieces of content? (E.g., if you run a home decor blog, can you breakdown the most popular home decor projects on Pinterest and analyze which types of projects are most popular—tables, chairs, vintage, etc.?)

• hire a programmer to scrape a website (or multiple)? Freelancers can be hired affordably from sites like Upwork . (E.g., if you run a paleo recipe site, you could create a tool that collects paleo recipes from all the most popular sites. Then, you could analyze which types of recipes are most popular.)

Creating original research does cost more and take more time and effort, but original research will get you a lot of extra attention (and extra backlinks from those who cite your data). 6 usd to thb exchange rate. You won’t be able to get away with poor design

When a reader has only one option to learn about a specific topic they are interested in, and that option happens to be an ugly site, they have no choice but to suffer through their experience.

However, when there are multiple pieces of content about even very specific topics, readers will start choosing their options based on other factors such as design.

That’s why you can’t write a plain guide to SEO these days and expect it to get attention—there are thousands of others out there just like it.

Bonus points for mobile design: It warrants a mention that it’s already worth making sure that your content is at least readable on mobile devices.

An article might still be factually correct but referring to out of date resources (screenshots of tools that look different now). Or it might have dead links. Or maybe a better solution has been created.

It’s another way that creating and maintaining content will become more expensive, which further supports focusing on a small amount of really high quality content. Then, you only have to worry about a few dozen posts rather than thousands the millionaire tv show. Conclusion

No one can know for sure what the future of content will be, but you can see the elements I described in this post already showing up in the very best content today.

You can either take the easy route, hoping that the standards of content won’t change, and do nothing, or you can up the level of your content and stay ahead of the masses.

I agree – more creativity and doing what’s right for the audience/client. I honestly believe too many in our industry are still chasing the algo and have forgotten the basic principles of marketing. Like client retention, adjusting for behaviour changes when it comes to the sales funnel, applying your content strategy to fit every need etc.

I really enjoyed your article on Evergreen Neil, but I have one question – when it comes to quality evergreen content, does quantity still matter? What’s your take on quantity? Do you still feel that we must write our little hearts out in order to get any attention in the SERP’s?

Awesome overview Neil euro to usd forecast. Another thing I would take from this is that the barrier to entry is only going to get higher, as the resources required to create a minimally viable article increase.

Then again, maybe technology will keep up, making it ever easier to create beautiful, data driven posts. In any case I plan on staying ahead of the curve. Data and design are my main focuses from this list at the moment.

Interesting post. Content writing is an art that is difficult to master and thus the basics must be done properly. Article puts focus on some good points, especially when it says that focus more on Quality and not on content, this is absolutely true. A precisely written article attracts more readers and decrease the bounce rate us dollar to sri lanka rupee exchange rate. Originality of content supported with facts is another important aspect of content writing. Content marketing is gaining attention where a right set of marketing tools, a marketing plan and use of enterprise web content management system plays an important part.

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