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Fortunately, there are several reputable resources online that give you important data and news information (for free too). Cad vs usd chart The vast majority of them also offer several of these services: free portfolio tracking, downloadable data, accounting information, and general/company specific news.

If you look below you’ll find some of the best companies to find data and some of the most common and best companies to find markets related news. Futures stock market bloomberg Most of them are free, but the others you can usually access at a discount through online promotions or student benefits.

Put option vs call option The Data Sites

Alright so this one is kind of an easy cheat. Us dollar exchange rate to indian rupee today Whenever you want to quickly learn about a company, just type the company’s name or stock ticker into Google and you’ll be able to find a ton of different types of information.

They’ve also recently released Google Finance, which has a lot of really cool features. Hex editor freeware The website offers a simple way of looking at a company’s financial information and also lets you filter news articles to be about specific companies.

The unique part about their service, however, is that they offer a stock screener and also gives you a list of similar companies. Stock connect morgan stanley So with the stock screener, you can filter stocks by a huge list of different criteria like price, dividend, p/e ratio, and much much more.

Google also lets you easily compare stock price, market cap, and general trends between the company you’re doing research on and also similar companies. Us conversion rate They also let you add and remove different data to compare.

So Yahoo Finance is perhaps one of the more popular websites for finance news and data, especially about the stock market. Fraction worksheets for kids They’ve been an authority in the field for quite a while now, and have recently revamped their website to make it more user friendly.

They present all company financial data in an easy to read format, and also lets you see the top holders of a stock. Currency converter idr to usd Yahoo shows you both the biggest individual owners and also institutional owners of the stock.

Another cool feature that they have is that also aggregate and display analyst estimates. 6 in binary So analyst basically try and predict how a company is going to do in the future and seeing where the pros stand is usually a good way to see how the overall market feels about the company.

Morning Star is also another popular website for finding financial statement information. Text to binary converter The website is more barebones than Yahoo Finance, but it makes up for it by providing you with a deeper view of the raw numbers.

It compares historical performance of companies with the performance of the sectors they are in and with the performance of the S&P 500. Commodity meaning in urdu What’s more is that it shows historical accounting data side by side, which allows you to do your own analysis of trends of patterns.

The website provides information on uncommon ratios such as turnover and free cash flow ratios to name a few. Download calculator for windows 10 It is a free site, but they also offer a premium membership which gives you access to their in-depth company reports and stock picking tools.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has made a website with a relatively easy use search engine that gives financial statement and disclosure information on every company that is listed on the US stock exchanges. Usd to rmb forecast The News Sites

CNN Money is an extension of the Atlanta-based CNN media company. Usd to pound sterling They focus mainly on business and economics news, but they also have a lot of entertaining articles about luxury and personal finance.

The articles are easy to read and understand, but this means they often lack heavy data or specific financial information. They have both a U.S. Binary search tree and international version, but the articles do overlap quite a bit. Cnnfn market futures The one bad thing about the company is that the news they produce is often sensationalist, so take everything you read with a grain of salt.

The company also has a daily article titled “Stocks: 4 things to know before the open”, which gives you a heads up of significant new/economic/events events that are happening that day.

Fox Business is also an extension of a media company: Fox Entertainment. Idr usd Their style is a little more serious than CNN Money, and their primary focus is just business and politics.

The language is a bit more technical but not out of reach. Us share market futures They publish, and republish news that ranges from data analysis to educational articles. Euro pound exchange rate calculator Aside from their politic section, which covers domestic politics, the news site has a Business Leaders section, which can be found under features.

The company was founded in Michael Bloomberg in 1981, and has grown to become a financial information powerhouse. Europe stock market index futures Their primary product is the Bloomberg Terminal, which offers a mythical set of real-time financial news and tools, but it costs an exorbitant $24,000 a year for a subscription.

Thankfully, they also provide a free website which offers a lot of great content for free. Conversion aud usd The articles are mostly informational articles that focus mainly on markets and politics, but the website also offers information on the performance of financial products as well.

The Wall Street Journal has been the gold standard for business news and reporting for over a hundred years. Australian us dollar exchange rate The company offers both print and digital versions of its content, but you have to pay a monthly subscription.

There are both news pieces and editorials, along with a set of interesting tools and survey results that allow you to understand the performance of specific stocks and the performance of the economy as a whole.

The good news though, is that if you are a student you can get dramatic discounts for the same news that the guys who work on Wall Street read. Exchange rate for indian rupee to us dollar They also do offer some free articles, so be sure to go ahead and check them out when you feel like getting more serious about the stock market.