The ugly truth_ vegetable oils are bad


I get a lot of questions about what fats and oils I use for cooking. Conversion rate usd to inr It makes sense; after all there is a lot of confusion about fat in general. Used book stores denver And with the increasing hype over “heart healthy” vegetable oils and their sky-rocketed consumption level, it’s no wonder people have questions about these highly over-recommended products.

Binary to decimal So let’s talk vegetable oils today: What are they? Why do I avoid them? And what are the best fats for cooking?

Vegetable oils are oils that have been extracted from various seeds. Pound to usd conversion rate The most common include rapeseed (canola oil), soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, peanut, etc. Usd trend Unlike coconut oil or olive oil that can be extracted by pressing, these new-fangled oils have to be extracted in very unnatural ways. Usd to nzd exchange rate A non-traditional food with a questionable short history

Unlike traditional fats (butter, tallow, lard, olive oil, etc.) our industrial vegetable oils are a very new addition to the “food” world. Aed to usd converter In fact, they were practically non-existent until the early 1900s. Pound exchange rate today But with the invention of certain chemical processes and a need for “cheap” fat substitutions, the world of fat hasn’t been the same since.

Consider that at the turn of the 20 th century that amount of vegetable oils consumed was practically zero. Dollar to yen exchange rate forecast Today the average consumption is 70 lbs a year. Us to cad calculator Per person. Famous quotes about life and love (And since I know plenty of people who don’t touch the stuff, that means lots of people are consuming even more!)

Of course that number jumped dramatically once the campaign against saturated fats and cholesterol took its public rampage. 1111 number meaning (Hint: Cholesterol and Saturated Fat are essential to good health.)

Even today, despite the fact that heart disease and cancer continue to rise at an alarming rate while butter consumption is down (and vegetable oil consumption is at an all-time high), people are still believing the hype and buying this very non-traditional, non-healthy food-like product.

Butter is a simple process that comes when cream separates from milk. Funny quotes about marriage This is a natural process that only takes a little patience. Euro forecast 2016 Once the cream and milk have separated, all you need to do is skim off the cream and shake it until it becomes butter. Gbp vs usd bloomberg (And it really is as easy as it sounds, I’ve made butter lots of times. Binary to gray code Takes about 5 minutes.)

Step 1: Find some “canola seeds.” Oh wait, they don’t exist. Current stock market futures Canola oil is actually made from a hybrid version of the rapeseed… most likely genetically modified and heavily treated with pesticides.

Of course, if you want to take your vegetable oils one step further, just hydrogenated it until it becomes a solid. Us market futures live Now you have margarine and all its trans-fatty wonder. Adding binary numbers So why are vegetable oils bad?

Hopefully at this point you can see how NOT real these oils are. 1 usd to php And in my book, “not real” is reason enough to avoid them. Yahoo futures index So how can they continue to be marketed as “heart healthy”?

Along with the continued myth about saturated fats and cholesterol, these oils are promoted as healthy because they contain monounsaturated fats and Omega 3 fatty acids. Convert usd to aud calculator And that’s what advertisers focus on to draw you into the fake health claims. Call option and put option But it definitely doesn’t paint the whole picture.

Without going into extreme detail (although I’ll link up to more reading if you want all the gruesome details), here are the many problems with vegetable oils: The polyunsaturated fat issue

Vegetable oils are bad because they contain very high levels of polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). Chf usd exchange rate But did you know that the fat content of the human body is about 97% saturated and monounsaturated fat? Our body needs fat for rebuilding cells and hormone production. Stock connect hong kong And it can only use what we give it.

Polyunsaturated fats are highly unstable. Nzd usd They oxidize easily. 1000 usd in eur These oxidized fats cause inflammation and mutation in cells. Commodity futures market definition That oxidation is linked to all sorts of issues from cancer, heart disease, endrometriosis, PCOS, etc. Us to china exchange rate PUFAs are bad news.

There’s a lot of hype about Omega-3’s and how healthy they are. Eur usd graph But what often gets neglected is the fact that it’s more about the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats that are critical to good health.

Vegetable oils contain a very high concentration of Omega 6 fatty acids. Funny quotes and sayings about life These fatty acids oxidize easily. Usd gbp exchange rate history Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation and protect against cancer. Usd in aud Unbalanced levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats have been linked to many types of cancers and a host of other problems. Investing usd try And, as you’ve probably guessed, most Americans are high in Omega-6 fatty acids and low in Omega-3’s. Euro to usd calculator But people keeping buying into labels on vegetables oils that say “a good source of Omega-3s” without realizing that they are really just making the imbalance even worse.

Beyond the unnatural levels of polyunsaturated fats and Omega-6 fatty acids, there are all the additives, pesticides, and chemicals involved in processing. Rm to usd chart Many vegetable oils contain BHA and BHT (Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene). Flower tattoos These artificial antioxidants keep the food from spoiling too quickly, but they have also been shown to produce potential cancer compounds in the body. Put option and call option And they have been linked to things like immune system issues, infertility, behavioral problems, and liver and kidney damage.

In a nutshell, these oils are extremely unhealthy. Words in binary They’ve been linked to reproductive problems, low birth rate, hormonal issues, obesity, mental decline, liver problems, and the big problems of our day: cancer and heart disease. Us dollar to pound exchange rate history So what is safe to use?

In a world that seems overrun with these highly unnatural and toxic fats, it can seem overwhelming when looking for better solutions. Market futures bloomberg And if you try to keep up on the latest “scientific” findings you may be even more confused. Futures market definition Luckily, you don’t have to be a nutritionist to know the best fats to use. Aud usd historical data Look to your ancestors. Us dollar to uk pound conversion Look to what food was before the chemical and industrial age came in and made a mega-mart of imposters.

When it comes to any food, keep in mind that where it comes from and how you store it can matter greatly. Binary puzzles Traditional oils should be cold-pressed. Binary quotes Organic when possible (especially when dealing with animal fats as the fat is where toxins/pesticides are stored). Rmb to usd history Do the best you can, and don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices.

• Palm Oil (Although, please find from a sustainable source as so much palm oil today is being harvested in horrific ways. Stock market index futures When in doubt just stick with coconut oil.)

• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Great for non-heat dishes like salad dressings, humus, mayo, etc. Uk usd exchange rate Can be used in cooking at lower temperatures or when combined with another saturated fat like butter or coconut oil.)

• Other fats (not necessarily for cooking, but essential to good health) include meats, eggs, dairy, and fish (nuts are also good in moderation as they have a high level of polyunsaturated fats).

The following oils are okay in moderations. Usd to sar Most contain high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, so they shouldn’t be consumed freely. Binary code But they are considered natural fats, and do have health benefits. Gbp usd news They are not great for high heat cooking, but acceptable in dressings, mayos, and other non-heat foods.

Simply skipping these oils in the grocery story isn’t too hard. Gold price per ounce But keep in mind that most processed foods contain these oils, too. Pound exchange rate to dollar Salad dressing, condiments, crackers, chips… check your ingredients. Usd to thb Don’t buy them. Australian to us dollar exchange rate In fact, just skip processed foods and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

It’s hard to avoid rancid vegetable oils completely if you are eating out, and I personally try not to stress about the occasional night at a restaurant. Funny quotes with pictures about life By keeping these bad boys out of my house, I feel okay consuming these oils when out with family or friends. Aud usd investing But if I find a restaurant that uses quality fats, you better believe they’ll be getting my business! Want to eat healthier, but confused by all the information out there? You’re not alone!

It took me years to figure out this whole “healthy” eating thing, and that’s because the world is full of confusing information. Usd to nis Every “expert” is telling us something different, and it seems our lists of “shoulds” and “should not” eats are changing faster than we can keep up with.

If you’re like me and wish there was a simple, stress-free approach to healthy living then you’re in the right place. Usa today news My guide Processed Free will help you easily navigate real food no matter where you are on your path to healthier living. Exchange rate usd to chf Click here to check it out.

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