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Yesterday, Louis explained why it’s not too late to get in on the big gold boom right now. Used future In today’s essay, he shows you just how high gold could go as this bull market gains momentum…

“You’re crazy, buying gold now!” That’s what one of my students said to me in the summer of 2008. Euro forecast I was teaching one of my seminars on entrepreneurship, that time in the Republic of Georgia. Sgd to usd chart Gold had risen for seven years and was trading around $800 per ounce.

This student was a very bright Azeri fellow, business savvy and economically astute. Current stock market futures today But also a product of his education. Funny quotes about work He said it was foolish to buy gold, which had no real use, when it had become so expensive.

As you may recall, gold initially took a hit. 1 usd to inr xoom There were margin calls and fund redemptions left and right. Usd to hkd exchange rate history Jobs disappeared and money vanished into the thin air it’d been made of. 1 usd to mxn People were forced to sell anything anyone was willing to buy. How to use binary code That included gold—which dropped to almost $700.

My student wrote a snarky email asking me if I still thought buying gold was a good idea. Usd to thb exchange rate I wrote back, saying that those who bought before the crash and didn’t panic would come out well before long. Dollar to rupee exchange rate today And I told him that buying (more) while its value was manifestly up and its price was down was an even better idea.

I remember readers writing in to ask what was wrong. Computer binary code Gold was supposed to be protecting them during the crisis, not falling with everything else. Aud conversion to usd The best of the best gold stocks went on sale with all the dreck. Mxn to usd exchange rate I told subscribers to stay disciplined and, as Casey Research founder Doug Casey likes to say, “back up the truck for more.”

In truth, gold was doing its job. Biliary duct system People whose paper wealth evaporated but who were lucky enough or smart enough to have bought gold had a liquid asset they were able to use to cover emergency needs. Aud to usd chart Many of those who’d dismissed gold were wiped out. The millionaire tv show It was an educational reality check.

As soon as the immediate liquidity crunch passed, gold made a sharp reversal upwards. Hex converter to text It finished the year in the black, when almost everything else was drowning in the red. Usa today sports The best of the best gold stocks rebounded as well, then pushed on to new highs in 2009, 2010, and 2011, as gold went screaming up to $1,900 per ounce.

I ran into my student at a conference in Italy in 2009. Binary star To his credit, he admitted that I was right. Aud usd To their credit, many of my readers who bought with me during the crash of 2008 made spectacular profits in the following years. Dow futures marketwatch And they deserved to. Usd to inr conversion calculator They took what felt like a huge risk when few others had the courage.

The point of this story, today, is that those who bought after the initial rebound, in 2009 and 2010, also did extremely well. Commodity meaning Below is a table showing the ticker symbols of every stock we recommended as one type of buy or another in the December 2008 edition of International Speculator, and their gains from then until early 2011, when gold stocks were peaking. Today’s conversion rate usd to inr (Note: gold stocks peaked before gold did.) Continue Reading/Casey Research>>>