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Nestle lags far behind KHC and PG. If Dan Loeb gets his way what would Nestle look like cnbc pre market futures. Let’s assume a best case scenario where operating margins can be brought up to PG/KHC levels us to euro exchange rate. We would see margins improve 600bps to 20.71%, near rivals PG and KHC. Assuming those cost cuts fall directly to the bottom line we’d see an increase of CHF 5,368M in free cash flow (6% of CHF 89,470M in sales).

Boosting free cash flow by that amount would drop the 10 year high growth rate in our DCF model to a much more reasonable 4.3% usd to nis. The question is whether or not that 4.3% growth rate is still reasonable in the changing CPG sector. Tough Trends in CPG

Birth rates in North America and Western Europe are below replacement level commodity meaning in hindi. Additionally, economic growth, especially post recession, has been muted. CPG companies have traditionally been able to count on growing populations and growing consumer spending to drive steady sales growth but now that is no longer the case.

The other problem is that the large homogonous middle class in developed markets is shrinking. Instead, we are seeing a bifurcated market emerge funny quotes with pictures about life. You have a class of people with low disposable income such as retirees, low wage workers, or millennial college graduates saddled with enormous student debt aud usd investing. Then on the other hand you have the comparatively well off professional class and upper class. The low-income consumers are switching from brand names to cheaper store brand products while the upper income group wants differentiated, premium products stock market dow futures. You can see the change taking shape in the graphic below from PwC.

You can the market share of the large manufacturers dropping while small (the premium products) and private label brands (the cheaper off brand products) gain share. You can also see this trend in McKinsey’s latest 10-year growth forecasts for different product categories.

Premium products like anti-aging creams and mineral water are projected to see the strongest growth while more traditional CPG categories like laundry and canned food are expected to see the slowest growth. Summary

These changes put companies like Nestle in a tough spot cad to usd conversion rate. The CPG landscape is undergoing radical changes and it remains to be seen how successful the CPG industry as a whole will be in navigating the new environment. We think even if Nestle is able to significantly raise its margins, the stock is still fully valued binary to hexadecimal chart. Now add in the huge changes in the CPG industry and we think there is more upside than downside for CPG companies like Nestle. In addition, there is uncertainty as to whether the cost-cutting trend at CPG companies will ultimately end up affecting future growth. Because of these reasons we are seriously considering selling our position in the company.

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