Times 26,629 – where there’s a will there’s a neigh_ – times for the times


I snuck under the half hour on this puzzle with a scintilla of a Shakespearean theme, which is always pleasing for a non-Olympian type such as I. Convert binary to text The right-hand side yielded its secrets first, including the long idiom with the mind-bending parsing. Convert usd to cny (But have I bent mine in the right direction? I’m sure I will be told.)

A nice, if oblique, Homeric reference at 27 across will please my fellow classicists, who may be tickled by the fundamental humour of 24 down, while we have a quaint fabric for the Georgette Heyer aficionadi at 14 across.

6. Funny quotes with pictures WARM – ‘eager’; W[ith] + ARM. Jpy usd exchange rate I can’t find ‘eager’ as a meaning of ‘warm’ in any of the usual sources, but ‘ardent’ is there, and a host of other words in the same lexical field, so perhaps it’s close enough.

11. Gbp usd chart live ILL WILL – WILL WILL minus a W; I think this would have worked better as ‘Nastiness of Shakespeare twice shrugging off first wife’, but since he only owned up to the one spouse, the setter had not that option.

12. Us stock futures marketwatch BUCKS FIZZ – ‘bucks fizz’ is the drink of champagne and orange juice, where the latter arguably improves the taste of the former; it is made here by taking BUCKS (cheers as in ‘she bucks me up every time I am down’) + FIZZ (close enough to a hiss if you’ve had enough bucks fizzes).

15. Program for binary search GLENDOWER – AKA Owain Glyndŵr, who is most famous for the liberties Will Will took with him in Henry IV, Part 1; LEND in GOWER. When does the futures market open A clue with a Cambrian flavour, as the Gower peninsular is west of Swansea.

26. Nzd to usd converter CIRCLET – RELIC* in CT; the sort of thing worn by Hugo Weaving as Elrond in LOTR before he turned to cannibalism in ABC’s excellent cross between Minder and Rumpole called Rake.

27. Us stock futures market NODE – ‘make small error’, as in the expression ‘Homer nods’; NOD + [simpl]E. Usd gbp conversion Here’s the full monty: ‘Derived from the quote by Horace in Ars Poetica (c. Fraction worksheets free 18 BC), indignor quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus (“I become annoyed when the great Homer is being drowsy”). Binary multiplication examples The English translation “Homer nods” has become standard following Pope (1709), but is due to Dryden (1677).’ In his Essay of Criticism, Pope wrote: ‘Those oft are stratagems which errors seem, Nor is it Homer nods, but we that dream.’

8. Taux de change euro dollar us MELBOURNE – William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, who as PM was to Victoria what Churchill was to Elizabeth; BOURN (archaic word for boundary, goal, end, most famously used in Will Will’s description of death as ‘the undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveller returns’) in MELE[e].

9. Exchange rate myr to usd FLOG A DEAD HORSE – the literal appears to be ‘plug vainly away at course’, which leaves ‘lashings of meat’ to signify flogging of said deceased animal, with the ‘involving’ and question mark smoothing things out.

24. World stock market futures NATES – ‘part of body’ – the setter is too discreet to say which, but it is in fact the lower cheeks; SENT A*, with ‘for dissection’ performing the anagrindational function.