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6/22/2016 9:15 am. Used book stores Verizon van, **. Binary number translator A service technician (maybe not – don’t know) requested access to the house next door through my yard. Cnn futures markets He said he asked because I have a dog, which leads me to believe he would have bypassed this step if the dog was not around. Video editor linux mint I replied that whenever access was needed the owner requested it. Usd to aud exchange rate We do this to protect ourselves. Html to word converter I had not been notified.

Machine learning artificial intelligence So, I asked if they were home so I could check with them. Rm to usd He said yes but I rang and rang and got no answer. Usd to inr today They were NOT home. Binary arithmetic operations After about 20 minutes someone did come out of the top apartment of the private home. Usd inr forecast But I did not know them. Usd exchange rate history The technician was getting rude so I asked for an id and he refused to show me anything.

I called verizon for verification twice, but each time after a 15 minute wait I was sent to a supervisor, and I asked for verification that the technician was theirs. Usd to vnd conversion The last supervisor said her name was Ms. Cnn market futures ** said they could not find out if anyone was sent to the address. Binary language translator I asked to at least let me know if I should be calling the police. Usd to sar exchange rate But No. Aud usd live I could not verify the technician was theirs or file a complaint about the situation and technician via phone or online. Usd account Both supervisors hung up on me when I asked how to file a complaint. Ringgit to usd I stayed outside watching. Cout binary If they tried to enter I was going to call the police.

I want to complain about the technician’s rudeness and presumptions and refusal to provide information, about the company’s failure to monitor their service personnel and know where they should be and to help honest citizens and customers to know whether or not a person was sent by them and about their failure to train them to deal courteously with the public, and to complain about the supervisors hanging up the minute they hear the word ‘complaint’.

When I signed up as a new customer with Verizon Fios, the promotion was to receive a $300 prepaid gift card for signing on with a 2 year contract and was advised that I would receive my gift card approximately 90 days after the start of the service. British pound to usd chart Today, I called to ask about when I should be receiving my prepaid gift card and was advised that they never had an offer of this. Gold forecast I pulled up their current offer and now they are offering a $200.00 prepaid gift card. Usd to aud exchange rate history Needless to say, I did not get anywhere and this is after I also had trouble with them giving me the channels that I have been paying for and 3 technicians coming out to my home and having no resolution. Rate of british pound to us dollar After they found out that 2 defective boxes were initially installed, and going 2 weeks without service, I never received a credit. Aud usd yahoo finance Now I am stuck in this contract.

Here is the timeline I’ve been dealing with. Farm futures market prices In Mid-March of 2016, I was living in a condo and had Verizon Fios internet. Usd inr xoom At this time, I sold my condo and was in the process of buying a house. Usd to korean won So, I contacted Verizon, and things seemed to go fine. Fx rate cad to usd I told them I would be moving out of the condo in mid-april, and wouldn’t be in my new residence until beginning of May. Pound exchange rate euro Again, getting the theory down was easy. Euronews online The person I talked to seemed to understand that I wanted to simply move my internet service to my new address, and then add TV service. Binary numbers This is where it started getting hairy. Usd cad historical exchange rate I basically had to threaten to cancel all my services and go with a competitor to get consistent price quote from Verizon for services. Stock market oil futures Once I did that, I was able to get the move scheduled.

So, expectation was set for me to have a technician at my house the day after we closed on the house sale, May 5th. Usd to hkd They were to show up in the afternoon. Gbp vs usd exchange rate So, the afternoon before, I called to confirm my appointment since I hadn’t heard anything, and the customer “service” representative informed me that they had missed my installation appointment. Us futures exchanges I asked how they had “missed” it when it wasn’t supposed to happen until the next day, and I was informed, “Oh, we wouldn’t have come anyway. Usd to nzd exchange rate history We’re on strike”. Rm to usd converter Ok, so, I had whoever I spoke to change my internet install to a self install since the wire was already run to the house, and then schedule a technician out for May 23rd to install TV. Equity meaning in urdu Now, keep in mind that my entire install was scheduled WAY in advance, 6 weeks in advance. British pound to dollar exchange rate So, despite there being a strike, there should have been SOMEONE available to do this install. Shoe size conversion uk to us But, it is what it is.

So, May 23rd rolls around, and I had a 5 hour window when someone was supposed to show to install the TV service. Usa today sports lines It was around 4pm, one hour before the end of my window, and I called back in to find out if/when someone was coming and I was informed I had no service scheduled. Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 After a bit of digging, it was discovered that the TV service was also changed to a self install and that I should have my set top boxes to do this. Oil futures marketwatch Which I didn’t have, never received them. British pound to usd history So, again after more digging, it was discovered that they had sent my set top boxes to the old address, and they had already been returned to the Verizon Warehouse. Usd to myr conversion So, I told them to forget sending me a tech, just send me the set top boxes, and I would ALSO install this service myself.

So, after confirming my address for them 5 times and being on the phone for 3 hours, I had some set top boxes supposedly heading my way. Usd inr exchange rate history I would be receiving them mid-week, about 3-4 days from the time of the previous call. Aud usd exchange rate history I was given a tracking number, and was able to see the progress of my package, but no other details. Stock market trading hours christmas eve On the final day, when the package was finally delivered, I saw that it was, yet again, delivered to my OLD ADDRESS. Usa today newspaper online So, I didn’t even involve Verizon here, clearly it’s impossible for those bottom-of-the-barrel mongoloids to do even the smallest thing right. Dollar euro forecast 2016 I called an old neighbor and arranged to meet them halfway between my old town and new town to retrieve these boxes. Usd zar chart Finally, after months of trying, I had some set top boxes to start using the services I was paying for.

So, I get the boxes home, and I begin the setup. Usd aed rate Apparently, the coax in my living room is disconnected somewhere. Usd to gb So, I NEED to have Verizon’s help, or someone’s help getting this installed. Aud to usd exchange rate I’m pretty technical, but tracing wires inside my walls is out of my depth. Euro to usd graph So, begrudgingly, I called Verizon again, and scheduled ANOTHER service request. Best exchange rate for usd to inr I was told someone would be out in 2 days, between X hour and Y hour and they would call 30 minutes ahead of time to ensure I was there. Convert hkd to usd Great! Maybe finally I can get this garbage set up!

So, I wait two days, another no show. Used bookstores chicago I call Verizon to find out what the problem is, and I wasn’t scheduled for the date they promised, I was scheduled for 3 weeks from NOW! So, I’m beyond livid. Rmb usd converter I told the person I spoke to to cancel my order, and cancel my service and I demanded a refund for anything I’d been charged during this month and they responded with a “there’s nothing we can do” answer. Uk to us dollars So, I’ve filed a BBB complaint. Usd pound rate This all reached its crescendo last week, and I have yet to see that TV “service” removed from my account. Usd chart live I’ve given Verizon until the close of business today to remove it or I’m filing another BBB complaint; and I will continue filing a complaint every day until this is resolved.

FYI, I called Dish Network, and was able to get TV service installed and activated for about $30/month less than Verizon would charge, plus I get to add service to 3 rooms instead of 2, I get more channels, plus premium movie channels free for 3 months. Us stock market futures On top of that, Verizon was going to charge me $26.66/month for 3 months to install the service, where Dish Network will install it for free, and I don’t have to pay for equipment either. Sydney futures exchange trading hours Not only that, but the Dish Network price is good for 24 months where the best Verizon could do was guarantee a price for 12. Market futures tomorrow So, if you’re here to complain about Verizon Fios TV, I recommend Dish Network instead. Ukp to usd PS. Eur usd grafico I now see below that I can add an order number for Consumer Affairs to review… Jpy usd Verizon only ever gave me one order number, and that was back in March.

In February 2016 I decided to get Verizon FiOS at the house I am renting, as the previous person living here was planning to disconnect. English to binary translator I went online to get a quote and schedule an appointment. Usd euro converter Verizon FiOS no showed to the appointment with no call, which was a little annoying as I had to take off work to be at the house. Currency converter hkd to usd I called in questioning why no one showed up. Usps shipping rates I was told it was because the previous account holder never returned their call so they cancelled my appointment and decided I didn’t need to be notified. Binary star masters of the universe To cover for their complete blunder, they decided the best course of action would be to just transfer the previous account into my name, then I could adjust it as needed. Usd eur chart After about 30 minutes of listening to this very nice, but not very effective customer service representative we finally started the transfer process. Php usd exchange rate I had requested only 100/100 internet, as I am signed up for most standalone streaming services.

I had no use for TV or phone. Capital meaning in hindi The representative stated if I kept a local TV package it would drop my bill to $85 (close to the price I was originally quoted). Stock futures market quotes I agreed to leave it at that. Kwd usd exchange rate My first bill was about $92. Binary form Then the next month my account ballooned to $146.34. Try usd I called in to find out what the issue was. British pound to usd converter Something about additional TV packages was blamed. Pound to usd chart I was told wait till the next billing cycle and the issue will be resolved. 99 usd to euro A few days later our accounts were switched over to Frontier. 1 usd to 1 aud Frontier now refuses to do anything about Verizon mistakes. 1 usd to rub Verizon claims it’s all on Frontier. Msn news headlines Never trust either company to honor their word or quotes. Convert usd to idr Always get written documentation… Pound exchange rate to euro even with it, it’s difficult to get either company to address their serious customer service failures.

In April during the hockey playoffs I went to a channel that said “you do not have the ‘regional sports package’. Binary search in python For only $5 more a month get this package.” Seemed fair. Usd jpy rate Of course with Verizon there is nothing easy, fair, or short. Cnn money market futures My bill went up $30 a month. Usd to cop exchange rate They said “if you have the regional sports package you must upgrade to the preferred package.” So instead of simply adding $5 a month as advertised, they took the liberty of increasing my bill. Decimal places chart Two hours later we got it back to our original bill. Python tutorial point Verizon is dishonest, poor customer service, terrible equipment for TV, a clunky remote control, the worst DVR service and simply a company I do not want to do business with. Cnn world markets futures I will be getting rid of the TV, and considering my cell phone as I have had them 12 years, but that is how much I dislike this company.

What a ridiculous experience. Usd cny exchange rate All I wanted was a price quote for internet in my home. Usd rate in india After being asked numerous questions about my house, contact info, usage details, etc, the Verizon rep refused to give me an estimate for the price of service. Futures definition stock market I was very detailed and specific with what I needed, but was refused a quote because I would not give my SSN for a credit check. Binary search java I explained I was not comfortable giving out that info without an idea of what the cost would be first.

I asked that he assume I have perfect credit and quote me an approximate rate, with the understanding on my end that less than perfect credit would result in possibly a higher monthly payment or deposit. 99 usd to gbp Still he refused, stating it was not possible to quote me a rate for internet service without pulling my credit. Exchange rate usd pound Not a ballpark, not a range, nothing. Gdp to usd What? We’re talking about a simple, everyday standalone service for my home. The box nyc dress code I’m not BUYING a house. Call option strike price I’m trying to get a cheaper Internet provider for my house. Binary to decimal examples C’mon man. Usd to zmk Verizon, you’re dead to me.

I have never in my life dealt with such a terrible, trashy, ridiculous company. Euro dollar exchange rate I signed up with Fios in October from day one it has been nothing but problems. Gbp to usd forecast 2016 The bills are three times what they originally stated and quoted my bills were going to be. Gbp usd forecast 2016 My internet connection, the Fios tech guy took it upon himself to put a bad and used connector or splitter to hook up my WiFi so the WiFi does not work unless you are in the bedroom. Pound usd exchange rate WiFi is complete garbage, does not work anywhere lol. Gbp to usd chart Every time I call to discuss anything I am put on hold for over an hour. Usd football schedule I work 70 hours a week, I do not have time to sit on the phone only to have someone put me on hold and then give me the runaround and transfer me 6 different calls. Usd to yen forecast They don’t want to deal with it.

Verizon employees have been on strike and it’s because the company itself is terrible to their employees as well. Famous quotes about life lessons That should say the most right there! This company has been nothing but a headache, I am so so so sorry that I signed up for this company and I tell everyone who will listen what trash this company is. Egp to usd They have offered no help, they have done nothing to make the circumstances better, they do not value their customers, they could care less. Rand pound exchange rate graph This company should be sued along with being shut down with how unprofessional they are. Pound to dollar exchange rate graph It is pitiful the way they operate.

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