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With 924 articles published, and over 1.25 million page views, the Tatango SMS marketing blog has become the leading resource for SMS marketers on the web. Exchange rate australian to us dollar In 2016 alone, the Tatango team published over 100 articles, and amassed over 200,000 page views. Love quotes To help our new readers, we put together this list of the top 10 SMS marketing blog posts that were published in 2016 (based on page views).

By October, nearly half of all U.S. Gender differences iPhone users had already upgraded to iOS 10. Usd to myr converter Why this mattered for SMS marketers, is that with this update, Apple started displaying previews of the mobile websites that were being linked to in text messages. Gender roles In this SMS marketing blog post, we give SMS marketers all the information they need to know about iOS 10, including how it works, how to enable and disable previewing on a recipient’s mobile device, and how to not only select which image you’d like to show up in the preview, but how to tell Apple whether to display the image horizontally and vertical. Today’s exchange rate of usd to inr Read Full Article Here.

In 2016, SMS marketing played a significant role in the U.S. Funny quotes and sayings elections. Usd eur rate history In this blog post, the Tatango team shows you exactly how Hillary Clinton was using text messaging in an effort to win her way to the White House. Binary translator google We show you how Hillary Clinton was promoting her text messaging campaign, we take you through the opt-in process step-by-step, we show you how she was using text messaging to solicit mobile donations, and we show you some of the SMS and MMS messages she sent to her supporters during her presidential run. Hkd usd exchange rate Read Full Article Here.

Just as SMS marketers were interested in how Hillary Clinton was using text messaging, they were also interested in how Bernie Sanders was using text messaging. Exchange rate euro to dollar today Makes sense, as one in five voters said that the best way to reach them was via text message. Exchange rate rmb to usd In this blog post, we show you how Bernie Sanders was able to generate over 50,000 opt-ins during a single event, nearly getting 50% of all attendees to opt-in! Read Full Article Here.

Our readers are very interested in the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and how it applies to SMS marketing. Exchange rate dollar to euro today In May, we wrote about how the U.S. Convert decimal fraction to binary Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Spokeo, Inc. Euro fx futures v. Pepsi machine codes Robins, could be used in a defendant’s defense strategy. Qar to usd In addition to our coverage of the court’s decision, we also got feedback from renowned TCPA attorney, Mike Hazzard, a partner at Jones Day in Washington, D.C. Dec to binary Read Full Article Here.

In March, we announced on our blog the launch of the U.S. The millionaire mind pdf Short Code Directory. Usd zloty The U.S. Cdn to usd converter Short Code Directory is a free resource, which provides SMS short code ownership information to both SMS marketers and consumers. How to learn binary code The short code directory originally launched with 4,000 SMS short codes, and now has information on over 8,000 SMS short codes. Eur to usd graph The U.S. Canadian dollar to indian rupee exchange rate today Short Code Directory is still the only place on the web to find SMS short code ownership information. Binary file compare Read Full Article Here.

If you’re looking for a great example of how a brand can use an SMS autoresponder, you’re going to want to check out this blog post we did on Chipotle. Decimal operations Back in February, Chipotle closed their doors for lunch, but instead of leaving their loyal customers hungry, and disappointed, they used an SMS autoresponder to offer a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos, to those customers that were inconvenienced. Dollar to euro conversion rate today This is a great example of how a brand can turn a negative situation into a positive situation, by simply using SMS marketing. Stock market futures now Read Full Article Here.

I think by now you’re starting to see a theme, and that’s that there was a lot of interest from readers in how presidential candidates were using SMS marketing. British pound to us dollar conversion This blog post in particular illustrated the difference between how Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders used text messaging to solicit and collect donations from their supporters. Market futures for today With nearly 20% of all money raised for Hurricane Sandy relief coming from text message donations, it’s a no-brainer that political marketers were interested in how they could use this technology for their own candidate or cause. Amazon commission rates candidates would want jump onboard the text message donation bandwagon. Cnn futures market Read Full Article Here.

When big names in SMS marketing like Mobile Messenger, Payvia, MoGreet, and Outspoken, all but disappear, there’s a lot of people left wondering what happened. The box The problem is that it’s almost impossible to find someone that knows exactly what happened to these SMS marketing providers. Us stock chart Instead of just shrugging it off, and letting bygones be bygones, we decided to figure out exactly what happened to these once large players in the SMS marketing industry. Usd pound Read Full Article Here.

Like was the case with Chipotle, Tatango blog readers love to hear about brands using SMS autoresponders. Canadian dollar news today This SMS marketing blog post details how Ford is using SMS autoresponders to engage potential buyers, by Ford putting unique SMS keywords on each vehicle’s window sticker. Dollar index chart live When the interested buyer texts the unique keyword to Ford’s SMS short code, they receive back information on that specific Ford vehicle. Stock futures live market Read Full Article Here.

In this blog post, Tatango takes readers behind the scenes to see exactly how Subway, one of the fastest growing fast food franchises, is managing their SMS marketing campaign. Convert usd to euro In our analysis, we review how and where Subway is advertising their text messaging campaign, the process for customers to opt into the campaign, and even how Subway is tackling the issue of mobile coupon code fraud. Amazon prime rates Read Full Article Here.