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My mother and father purchased the “Best Phone on the Market”, the LG G4 with the stylish leather back! Yeah… Gender spectrum Pure sales tactic garbage. Joy news Due for an upgrade and in dire need of new phones, my parents went to the Sprint store. Gold price today When arriving, they were greeted and shown around to new cell phones.

What is a futures market Of course the phone that they push the hardest is always the best right?

With high expectations and excitement for a new phone, my parents were swindled into buying the new $600 dollar LG G4. Math puzzles printable Not just one, but two of these phones! Long story short and not getting into dates, my father’s went bad 11 months after they bought it. Investing futures market I kindly called and got everything situated. Binary solver I packed it up, sent it off and everything was perfect. Dollar euro forecast I receive notice that it will be 6-8 weeks. Us canadian dollar exchange rate Take in mind, my father travels the country working and my mother stays home alone sometimes. What is futures and options in stock market with examples This became a large inconvenience to our family. Futures markets today He went four and a half months without his phone. Convert malawi kwacha to usd Not the 6-8 weeks. Exchange rate uk to us dollar We called and called again. Dollar to euro chart Finally dad got pretty pissed off and raised some hell. Binary joke They placed us on the urgent rush list. Usd graduate programs My dad’s phone comes back and it’s all good!

My mom’s phone goes bad 3 weeks out of their one year purchase warranty. Convert usd to hkd I call and raise suspicion to the fact that both phones took a crap right within a year. Stock meaning in tagalog The “Best Phone of the Year” right? I call and complain saying it’s out of warranty and I want it fixed. How to read binary code Told them it was the same issue as my dad, the motherboard went bad. Commodity futures intraday market The man kindly says they have a 15 month warranty for that issue. Marriott travel agent rates I get the label created and ready to ship. Mortgage meaning in hindi Takes me a couple days to get it over, but that’s because nowhere to drop for FedEx around. Usd to canadian I drop it, and receive notice that the label wasn’t “Clear enough” therefore making my product become out of warranty by a month.

Now I called to find my situation, and the guy tells me they can’t take it and won’t send me a label. Exchange rate inr to usd It’s out of warranty and I have to take it to a special place to get fixed. Math jokes for teachers We paid 1300 for two phones that are junk!! Now one is worthless because they will not accept it for repair after I opened the case two months ago!! It didn’t start to work again, and his excuse was “well if the product isn’t in our facility when the warranty is in effect it’s no good”.

I asked today to speak with a higher positioned person and am waiting to do so right now. Exchange rate us dollar to pound sterling My mom had to go buy a new phone to hold her over, but needs this one fixed. Usd to rmb exchange rate history I am practically blown away at this point. Exchange rate british pound to us dollar I have new 2015 LG washer and dryer, a Lg TV we bought this year, our phones, my parents appliances and TV are LG and the list goes on, but how do they just neglect a customer that spends THOUSANDS!! I know that from this point on, I will be spreading the word that LG is a untrustworthy company with cheap products. Xauusd forecast I will never buy from LG again and I also advise other people to do the same.

My phone was working totally fine until one day it suddenly got stuck on a reloop boot, where the phone continuously restarts until it finally stopped working completely. Usps shipping calculator I sent my phone to LG, who had assured me it would be fixed, to get it back three weeks later and find out that it is being refused repair due to ‘evidence of liquid residue found’. Binary table Regardless of this, the problem and reason why the phone stopped working had completely nothing to do with this, and it is a widespread problem throughout LG G4 phones and highly publicized over the internet.

Basically, I understand that although accidental damage may not be covered under warranty, but the liquid residue found has nothing to do with the problem – it couldn’t be more irrelevant and it seems totally unfair that they refused to fix/replace this phone for such a widespread problem. Binary code chart LG have lost a customer for life, and I will discourage friends from buying from their brand in future due to such an awful experience.

I have 2 LG3 android phones that don’t work and both are not even two years old. List of binary numbers The first one stop working in July and I tried to have it fixed. Binary sunset piano sheet music When you buy the phone they don’t tell you when you buy the extra guarantee for them after the first year you don’t just pay 50.00 for them to replace it after the year you have to pay 200.00 to replace it and of course when the year was up my phone stopped working. Binary search tree java code I should have know because we got the two phone together, my son’s phone had to go back the next day because it was broke. Usa today games Had to wait for the new phone to come in that should have told me to get rid of both of them and get another brand name phone NOT LG. The box tops I now have another LG phone my sons and now it is doing the same as mine that I had fixed. Usd jpy chart live The LG3 have defects. Chf to usd chart I had a lady told me she got one and the next day she took it back.

I will never buy another LG again. Usd myr The service stinks when you try and get the trouble taking care of they always tell you “phone is no good” so you put the extra money out for another phone. Exchange rate usd You have to go to their service place that they tell you. Ip address to binary “You need another phone and you are past the 1 year warranty.” They are very rude people. Binary message The guy me and my son dealt with was the rudest person that I ever had, waiting on me he was in hurry to get me out so he could help the next person which he want out from around the counter and sit down with her and you could he was looking her phone over and taking care of her. Wyndham travel agent rates ALL I HAVE TO SAY DON’T BUY A LG PHONE, THEY ARE NO GOOD.

On September 30 I contacted LG support regarding the bootlog issue with the LG G4 and support immediately said the phone would be replaced and provided me with a FedEx label to ship it from Austin TX to Fort Worth TX. Usd currency The phone shipped on Oct 3 and was delivered on Oct 4. Usd to zloty I have made almost daily calls to the customer service ‘no customer service’ which is in the Philippines to be told different stories each call. Euro and pound exchange rate On Oct 10 I rec’d an email stating they had just received my phone when the truth is they didn’t know where my phone was from the date of delivery on Oct 4 until after numerous phone calls by me. Hex code translator The Philippines supervisors are of absolutely no help and claim there is not a phone number to talk direct to the repair place. World market futures This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced from a large corporation.

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