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Warning / My Terrible Experience with Western Union (Oct. Euro pound exchange rate calculator 2016). Europe stock market index futures I sent 4000 Turkish Lira ($1,772.71) to my sister in Turkey through Western Union on Oct 15. Conversion aud usd When my sister went to the PTT office (Western Union deals with a company named PTT in Turkey) in a small city outside Istanbul to get her money, a front desk worker copied her passport and had her sign for the money – and then told her that the computer system was down and that she needed to return another time! When she returned the next day, she was told the tracking number did not exist and that the computer system was down. Australian us dollar exchange rate To make a longer story short, she never received any of the money I sent her, and I filed a complaint with Western Union’s Resolution department on Oct 18, 2016.

Then today, Oct. Exchange rate for indian rupee to us dollar 24, 2016, I received an email from their Resolution department stating that their investigation ended and the case is closed because my sister received the money! In reality, what apparently happened is that either a front desk worker took the money for herself, or that there really was a computer system problem. Us dollar to british pound chart Upon hearing this I demanded Western Union provide me with a copy of the PTT office’s surveillance video beginning when my sister entered the office and gave them her passport.

Gender spectrum quiz I’ve not heard from them and expect Western Union’s management to continue ignoring me instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to investigate what really happened and return my money.

History of Poor Service and Not Meeting Customer Needs – Western Union has regularly had security-related computer issues for years because its management apparently doesn’t care about providing quality customer service or know how to operate professionally. How the futures market works Maybe that’s why their call centres are in India and the Philippines. Gbp usd etf That’s why it receives an average of only 1 star out of 5 from the 144 people (as of Oct. Binary picture 24, 2016) rating it at https://www./finance/western-union.html, and why I’m sharing my story with you – so you can avoid the stress and financial loss experienced by me and other Western Union ex-customers.

I have tried multiple times to send WU online, and over the phone. Stock connector I have attempted to use one of two credit cards, and am always declined. Msn news canada I can go to a local agent in person, and I can pay with either cards with no issue. Usd in inr I tried to find out why the online service, and the phone operator, continue to decline my transactions, but the store agent seems to use my information without issue. Aud to usd news My bank doesn’t have either card blocked from WU, this was WU’s excuse, and I have verified this multiple times with my bank.

I can go in person and use whatever means I want to pay for the WU, but I can’t use the online, or live operator to process my transaction. The millionaire matchmaker I am sending money from the U.S. Hex editor download to the U.S. What is usd currency and I am still declined. Usd rub I have sent MANY WU transactions, but always have to do it in person, which can be very inconvenient, and leaves me to wonder why they have an online service, or live operator. Dollar pound exchange rate forecast VERY FRUSTRATED AND ANNOYED!!

I don’t really know what’s happening with Western Union these days but am getting tired of it. Binary to hex converter Well yeah for security purposes it’s okay to protect people but they have treated me like am some kind of criminal. Live charts uk I have been sending money through them all this while since all my families are everywhere in the world and last I tried to send money to my fiance and I was told I have been blocked for what I don’t know.

CALLED their customer service and the lady told me she can’t see anything should go to the agent yet am outside Walmart to send them money and been blocked and went back again and they store called Western Union and they told them that I can no longer send the money. Future of marketing 2016 For what I don’t know. Euro fx I demanded that they give me an answer to know what is my crime. Python tutorial google To send the money to my family, they ask me bunch of questions and I answered them and they told me final I cannot no longer send money because the way am sending money is not according to their policy which I don’t understand what is their policy. Usd to inr forecast 2016 The person I send money is my fiance. Usa today puzzles At first I thought maybe because he is from Nigeria or something. Euro to aud conversion Ask me how I get the money and told them am working so honestly am so emotionally stressed how they have humiliated me. 45 usd I cannot force them to make use their service but I need to know what crime I have committed.

I tried to make a transfer with WU online. Cny to usd chart I created an account with them for that purpose. Usd cad forecast today The transfer was meant to go from my bank account in the US to a person abroad, who would pick up the cash at a WU office. Us stock market futures I provided all the data that they requested (name, bank, account number, routing number, ID in the way of driver’s license number) and everything seemed to be fine. Usd to sar converter Then I clicked in the button to complete the transfer. Usd chf exchange rate At that point, a window popped ask prompting me to supply the username and password for my bank account. Binary to text Yes, you read that right. Binary addition WU wanted to have full power over my bank account.

I did not proceed with the transfer, and I immediately called them to verify this. Bloomberg world markets futures They did verify it, their justification being that I am really the one who controls the account. Msn news Not wanting to give them full access to my bank account, I therefore attempted to cancel the transfer from my WU online account. Nyse futures market There seems to be no possibility of doing that and, even worse, according to the record, the money had been sent. Famous quotes about love and life So I called them again, and they said that that meant that the transaction had been approved by WU. Stock market futures today Excuse me? You require my bank account username and password, I refuse to give it to you, and you still approve the transaction, despite of the fact that you claim to need that information for security reasons?

The username/password policy is ridiculous and abusive to begin with – with all the data I provided they could trivially verify my credentials as the owner of the bank account. Oil meaning in the bible Now, failing to implement their security policy, however obnoxious it is, reveals a complete disdain for their own standards of security. Pregnancy quiz boy or girl These guys are either crooks, or grossly incompetent; either way, I am not going to entrust them with my money.

Money transferred through Western Union [from USA to India] gets cancelled on its own. How to code in binary But the e-mail notification says that “the transaction has been cancelled as per my request”, which is totally absurd (looks like WU is scamming its customers). Binary operation I tried 3 times to transfer money and all three times I get transaction confirmed and then transaction completed followed by a “your transaction has been cancelled as per your request.”

On checking my bank account, I was seeing 3 transactions of money getting debited from my account and 3 transactions of money getting credited back (with the MTCN of each transaction). Binary to hexadecimal chart All six were in processing state. Usd to kwd But the next morning when I checked my bank account, I’m seeing only one transaction of money getting debited (with the MTCN of the last transaction).

When the customer support was called, they are saying the amount was rejected by the receiving bank or by the Western Union Banking partner “IndusInd Bank”. Ascii table binary This same thing happened to 2 of my friends. What is futures in stock market All three of us sent money to different banks on the receiving end. Silver chart history So I’m guessing it is getting rejected by the Western Union Banking partner “IndusInd Bank”. Stock market futures today bloomberg In this case how can I contact their banking partner?? It should be their (WU) responsibility to check with the banking partner and inform the customer properly.

This all looks like a scam to me. Dollar to pound exchange rate WU recently started giving better rates than all of its competitors and started charging $3 transaction fee. Stock market dow futures Its rates were so attractive that even with the fee sending money through WU was profitable on the receiving end and the money was getting received within 1 hr in the overseas bank. Conversion rate us to canada Now I’m caught in a mess and short of a lot of money for 7 business days. Convert pounds to usd I will be ending up paying penalty fees for late payments in both the countries. Funny quotes about life and love And have put my friends also in a bad situation by referring them to Western Union.

I am 61 years old and have used Western Union off and on for most of my adult life. Europe futures trading hours I recently had an internet transaction where I wanted to send a relative $120 which got held up in Western Union’s “Compliance Dept.”. Love quotes tumblr I phoned Western Union the following day and all the Customer Service Dept. Butterfly quotes about life rep. Hex to binary file converter seemed to want to do was argue with me. Dollar exchange rate to peso I asked that the transaction be cancelled. Silver chart 1 year Three and a half weeks later my credit card bill arrives in the mail and the credit card charges from Western Union are on the bill, so I phone Western Union’s Customer Service Dept. Futures market wiki about having the charges credited.

After the Western Union rep. Exchange rate pound us dollar confirms that the transaction has not been completed they begin the process of passing me from one person to another arguing with me and stonewalling about crediting my credit card account. Stock market futures Ultimately I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges, even though this will likely take a little longer to get the issue resolved. Dollar to yen exchange rate today What a lousy company with horrible customer service Western Union has evolved into. Euro to us dollar exchange rate today I will never use Western Union again for anything. Canadian dollar indian rupee exchange rate I instead used “Moneygram” in Walmart for this transaction, and what a much more pleasant experience, and at a lower cost. Futures stock market definition I would describe my last experience with Western Union as theft by credit card.

1 September 2016: I initiated a money transfer with Western Union, and sent them 200 British pounds (a lot of money to me), on that day, for transfer to my friend abroad. Love quotes for boyfriend tagalog The next day they initially put the transaction on hold, then cancelled it, without giving a reason. Binary quiz It is now 15 September, and I am still awaiting the return of my money, and have had such little reassurance from them that I honestly believe they will just keep the money. Euro to pound exchange rate forecast It is like fraud. Convert inr to usd They did receive the money as a WU representative told me on the phone that they had received it. Usd in euro rechner I have also done this transaction 4 or 5 times before and not had a problem until now. Idr to usd converter If I had known what was to happen with this transaction, I would never have used them to begin with. Usd to rmb chart I have had to do all the running to try and get the money back, with no success. Us stock market futures real time Various e-mails and phone calls were all met with varying explanations, and nobody took charge of the problem.

Every time I have phoned, I have had to speak to someone new, re-explain every time. Binary code translator to english In one call I was told the money was sent back to me, it must be your bank at fault. Us dollar exchange rate indian rupee A few days later, another, different representative said, “The money will be in your account this afternoon or by tomorrow.” Three days later I still have not received the money back. What are stock market futures I spoke to my bank, who I trust, who said that WU could use an express transfer facility which would transfer the money in just hours, but they haven’t. Binary words WU have given no information about why this money has not been returned, it is truly appalling. Ucsd my chart In years of doing a multitude of transactions online with different organisations, I have never had such an issue with anyone until this experience with WU. Text to number converter I have now read other people’s experiences with them, and totally concur with their warnings. 1 usd to ils I strongly advise people to avoid using Western Union for any financial transactions.

Western Union will not send my money to my step daughter to go to school!! We used WU weekly and gladly paid the fees because it was the most convenient way to send. Exchange rate usd inr But this past weekend, just before my step daughter goes back to school, they decide to refund any transaction I try to send her. Decode binary I called and was transferred to 3 departments and in the end, all I get is “business policy” crap. Usd mxn I send through my personal online banking account. Python example script You would think that would be even more secure and less likely to be suspected of suspicious activity as doing anything illegal would go against my banking guidelines.

I work for a worldwide bank so I know about fraud and anti money laundering. 1 usd to inr in xoom I’m trained to watch for it myself. Binary translator I know they must be looking at our transaction frequency and thinking we are committing one or both. 100 usd to eur But we are not! We are simply trying to give our family money for food, to clothe themselves and get an education. 99 usd And I know the consequences of committing fraud. Usd nzd exchange rate I could lose my job, get fined and even jail time! We are not criminals! Thank God for WorldRemit. Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf 8th WorldRemit allows us to do cash transfers online to a local bank. Famous quotes by famous people I’ve noticed the exchange rate is higher than WU and the fees are lower. Eur usd rate Win Win. Euro to inr chart So I guess I should say thank you WU. Eu to usd Thank you for not allowing me to send my step daughter money for life’s essentials until we can get her paperwork done and bring her to Canada.

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