Troubleshooting jsontore – ibm mobilefirst foundation developer center


| -75 OS_SECURITY_FAILURE | This error code is related to the requireOperatingSystemSecurity flag. Commodity futures market It can occur if the destroy API fails to remove security metadata that is protected by operating system security (Touch ID with passcode fallback), or the init or open APIs are unable to locate the security metadata. Hockey blackhawks It can also fail if the device does not support operating system security, but operating system security usage was requested. Pound exchange rate history |

| -11 OPERATION_FAILED_ON_SPECIFIC_DOCUMENT | An operation on an array of documents, for example the replace method can fail while it works with a specific document.

Code translator The document that failed is returned and the transaction is rolled back. Mortgage meaning dictionary On Android, this error also occurs when trying to use JSONStore on unsupported architectures. Usd to nzd converter |

| -2 PROVISION_TABLE_SEARCH_FIELDS_MISMATCH | Search fields are not dynamic. Us to rmb rate It is not possible to change search fields without calling the destroy method or the removeCollection method before you call the init or openmethod with the new search fields. Usd to inr exchange rate western union This error can occur if you change the name or type of the search field. Binary search algorithm example For example: {key: ‘string’} to {key: ‘number’} or {myKey: ‘string’} to {theKey: ‘string’}. Equity finance group |

| 8 FAILED_TO_GET_UNPUSHED_DOCUMENTS_FROM_DB |The query that selects all documents that are marked dirty failed. Video editor windows 10 free An example in SQL of the query would be: SELECT * FROM [collection] WHERE _dirty > 0. Binary arithmetic |

| 9 NO_ADAPTER_LINKED_TO_COLLECTION | To use functions like the push and load methods in the JSONStoreCollection class, an adapter must be passed to the init method. Usd inr rate live |

| 12 ADAPTER_FAILURE | Problem calling WL.Client.invokeProcedure, specifically a problem in connecting to the adapter. Ringgit to usd exchange rate This error is different from a failure in the adapter that tries to call a backend. Binary to number |

| 14 CAN_NOT_REPLACE_DEFAULT_FUNCTIONS | Calling the enhance method in the JSONStoreCollection class to replace an existing function (find and add) is not allowed. Euro dollar exchange rate bloomberg |

| 16 COULD_NOT_GET_SECURE_KEY | To initiate a collection with a password there must be connectivity to the MobileFirst Server because it returns a ‘secure random token’. Usd to rm IBM Worklight V5.0.6 and later allows developers to generate the secure random token locally passing {localKeyGen: true} to the init method via the options object. Stock market futures tomorrow |

| 20 UNDEFINED_PUSH_OPERATION | No procedure is defined for pushing dirty documents to the server. Live quotes commodity futures market For example: the init method (new document is dirty, operation = ‘add’) and the push method (finds the new document with operation = ‘add’) were called, but no add key with the add procedure was found in the adapter that is linked to the collection. Gold price history chart Linking an adapter is done inside the init method. Us stock market hours |

| 22 INVALID_SEARCH_FIELD | One of your search fields is invalid. Weizmann forex ltd Verify that none of the search fields that are passed in are _id,json,_deleted, or _operation. Usd vs aud forecast |

| 28 INVALID_SORT_OBJECT | The provided array for sorting is invalid because one of the JSON objects is invalid. Hex code The correct syntax is an array of JSON objects, where each object contains only a single property. The millionaire matchmaker dina lohan & peter marc jacobson This property searches the field with which to sort, and whether it is ascending or descending. Us dollar to british pound exchange rate For example: {searchField1 : “ASC”}. Yen to usd exchange rate |

| 29 INVALID_FILTER_ARRAY | The provided array for filtering the results is invalid. The futures market explained The correct syntax for this array is an array of strings, in which each string is either a search field or an internal JSONStore field. World stock market futures live For more information, see Store internals. Pln to usd |