U. s. government takes aim at hotel resort fees


Some day soon, resort fees will no longer be tolerated by travelers and, increasingly, government agencies. Usd cad exchange rate chart The U.S. Currency converter uk to us Federal Trade Commission is the latest to take aim at the practice of adding resort fees to guest bills without adequately explaining the nature and cost of the fees.

A new report from the FTC found “that separating mandatory resort fees from posted room rates without first disclosing the total price is likely to harm consumers by increasing the search costs and cognitive costs of finding and choosing hotel accommodations.” The agency stopped short of issuing new rules regarding these fees, and it’s unlikely to happen under a Trump administration.

Hotels have historically used resort fees to increase revenues (an estimated $2.04 billion in 2015) and as a way to pay lower commission costs from third-party distribution sources.

The forecasts for weakening hotel performance in the U.S. Usd to aud conversion calculator might be premature, at least during the first part of the year, according to TravelClick’s December 2016 North American Hospitality Review.

According to the report, “All travel segments are experiencing healthy rate and occupancy gains year-over-year, with occupancy increasing 5.0% and average daily rates increasing 3.2% in the first quarter of 2017.”

For the next 12 months, transient bookings are up 4.0% year-over-year, and ADR for this segment is up 2.7%. Equity finance jobs Digging a little deeper finds the transient business segment leading the way, with a 4.1% rise in occupancy and a 2.0% increase in ADR. Binary tutorial Group bookings are lagging — up 2.8% in committed room nights with a 2.4% increase in rates.

All sectors of U.S. Improper fraction to a mixed number calculator travel, including business travel, grew in November above their six-month moving averages, a phenomenon some analysts are attributing to Donald Trump winning the presidency. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast How long this uptick will last is another question, however.

Domestic leisure travel had the strongest gains in November, and the sector is expected to lead industry growth into the early part of the year. Usd eur exchange rate Domestic travel — both business and leisure — is expected to grow at a rate of a little more than 2% through May compared to the same time frame last year.

Although hotel brand companies are urging owners — sometimes forcefully — to retire vanity websites for their properties, new research shows they can be economically beneficial.

While the study points to a number of advantages of vanity websites, the most important one might be that they have higher booking conversion rates than do brand.com sites: 8% for vanity sites versus 3% to 4% for typical brand.com sites.

Hilton Hotels has ended its holdout and will join TripAdvisor’s struggling Instant Booking platform. When does us futures market open Along with InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton was one of the last major hotel brand companies to resist the service, which provides bookings at lower commission rates than do traditional online travel agencies.

By teaming up with TripAdvisor, Hilton and other chains such as Marriott are raising the red flag on their highly touted campaigns to promote direct bookings. Euro to usd rate Instead, the brand companies view TripAdvisor and Facebook and other non-OTA platforms as ways to build bookings with relatively less-expensive costs.

Late last month, TripAdvisor scored another win with the announcement that OTAs under the Expedia, Inc. What is binary system banner would also join the service, which so far has struggled to produce the level of bookings company executives had hoped for.

Revenue managers, GMs and directors of marketing are swamped with data, but they need to use it correctly in order to drive rates and profitability, according to STR executive Jan Freitag. Commodity futures meaning He says many hotels aren’t using data to their advantage: “We’re selling more rooms than ever, yet the room rates aren’t being driven as high as we expected. Dollar vs pound chart It takes a very sharp revenue manager and head of marketing to understand the data and price effectively.”

In addition to historical data, Freitag believes RMs should be evaluating “TripAdvisor ratings, rate-scraping data and data that shows how you’re competing on certain OTA channels. Usd rmb All of that is important to getting a complete picture.”

Freitag defended research from STR showing optimum hotel profitability comes at occupancy rates well under 100%. Usd price today That can be a tough argument to make to ownership, but he has the data to back it up.

The next frontier in the accommodations sector is concierge services. Stock super stock forum Everyone from the brand companies to Airbnb is stepping up their offerings to bind customers closer to them. Gender labels The mantra is to give guests all the information and inside scoop on restaurants, bars, retail and more without making them use other sources.

Online travel agency Hotels.com took a step in that direction with the launch of Concierge, a “mobile butler” service that offers users a wide range of services, including ordering food, booking a ride, finding local activities, and reserving a table at a restaurant, mostly through partnerships with OpenTable, Uber, delivery.com, Groupon and other online providers.

According to the story, “For Hotels.com customers, all available local services will appear in the app on the day their hotel stay begins, leveraging key location data, such as the customer’s hotel address, in an attempt to make the process of enhancing their stay with complementary services seamless and intuitive.”