U.s. stock futures trade higher usd to can


we have breaking news on the markets and had a helpless with religion John Shipman the will Street don’t thanks for Benetton pleasure … the whole lot happening on this day after Christmas but mom where near … where when hefty would have run the risk that with some stuff on is the light they trading with the futures are up about thirty five points was a positive tone to the Markit … in the markets in Asia overnight … specifically in Shanghai and Tokyo were higher so that helps a little bit … aam major markets in Europe of clothes so that my books a night cause I was … so Frankfurt Paris London closed and so … no cues from them today so I would expect the Trinity … been … and choppy … some were focused on Christmas Eve … so well let’s let’s combination of them to Japan’s saying the some low inflation figures for November we got at Christmas Day Ryan would which is …

an indication of walks it’s probably positive for the markets for the stock markets because they read that that is and then in central banks need to help stimulate the economy a little bit more attractive prices up and so … the two from low inflation and in Japan is probably a positive one for stocks today … we also talked up … oil prices rising because of unrest in Libya in a memo to those of the big tours in Europe a bow on the oil supply being named didn’t erupted in Libya one that was the fight against get that thing right Brent up a little bit and WTI up a little bit as the West Texas Intermediate right U S … benchmark is it’s a little bit to send in trading there is well and you might soon be seeing a little bit a short covering and the oil markets to this week it was the end of the year … on it but obviously Wells for a lot and … not much reason to be too greedy on that taxes are moderately I’m that that was so well over a hundred bucks a barrel in all that long ago and so … it sort of crashed down quite to my semi okay so that’s an issue when looking out the also looking at three stalks the fuss the witches Sony … going to talk about Sony I guess considering the stuff that you do you’re just we’ve just been talked about with abandon and … it was in the absence of a lot of market moving stuff today Sony cars stands hours and Dom you to the tothe the interview was the movie that wasn’t in the story I met was scoring right which is a kickass that’s a little bit of a positive for the stock in what this hacker thing is a little bit of a negative sign … to recap the hack a thing of the the the Xbox … this marks the textbooks and the .. usd chf. Sony PlayStation stated they would focus on its eruptions from a group called Liz its cost … it’s a great man but a diabolical things winner on people’s depending on Christmas that doesn’t necessarily sound like you most … heinous surveillance group out there but on … it’s just been … some negative publicity for for so long and stock a little bit today on which human aam at them … on the retell from policy Christmas made a big shopping season for everybody from or what the wealthy this would tell you but I think he added that the day after Christmas … morning peepo investors have been looking at … all the reasons they can get on how strong or weak the holiday shopping season was it looks lake … from a weaker from a trade group so far that the season ended pretty well … and so today any read on how shopping when and how the story of the day after shoot of Christmas is tense be a big … shopping day as well … and you’ll be looking for that was built between Amazon and the sun also and it’s obviously … a cute retailer in and out of a bellwether terms of of of the season has gone so … those are a couple excuse to look at for … the health of retailers today … not sure if you if you don’t know this might be done on the panels onto that many at some Lapsley sent me news stiffening … of The Colbert over somebody … thank you foreign