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When I was younger, my parents would resist ordering in food unless it was a very special occasion. Euro to usd exchange rate history Nowadays, it seems that everyone in Cape Town does it at least once a week. Algorithm for binary search And you know what, that’s okay. Decimal word problems The main problem with ordering in though, are the ordering systems themselves.

But while it’s great to see companies like Uber experiment with food delivery, is it actually worth installing the app? And more importantly, does the service actually work?

To find out, my colleague Graham and I used codes given by Uber to have a little competition. 200 usd to euro We’d both order a similar food item at Obs Cafe (relatively near to Memeburn HQ) at the exact same time, to see which Uber driver could get to us first.

At this point, I’d like to mention that UberEATS doesn’t yet operate in Cape Town’s south, north or Flats, and that’s a damn shame. Gbp stock price Thankfully, we’re based in Woodstock, which did at least mean we could give the service a go. Convert binary to hexadecimal The app

The app itself is simple enough to navigate, and borrows heavily from its parent app’s aesthetic and design. Market futures cnn Flat, neural colours with simple, inanimate buttons are posted in easy to access areas of the app, which means that it should suit most devices and thumbs. Funny jokes for adults clean A row of icons are also placed at the bottom of the app too, demarcated as Home, Search, Orders and Profile. Euro stock exchange UberEATS has been available in Johannesburg since late 2016, but only recently launched in Cape Town

Search allows users to scan for restaurants based on cuisine or dish with filters like price or delivery time, while Orders allows you to rate drivers, food and reorder dishes that you like.

Once your credit card info is added, you can navigate to the restaurant you’ve chosen, choose your food item by scrolling to the desired item and tapping, add sides or any additional extras you should desire, and tap Add to Cart. Euro chart You’ll need to tap Checkout too once your address is selected, and the orders’ price is displayed.

This is when you’ll finally remember it’s an Uber service. Usd gbp The same live driver tracking system is being used for EATS, so you can see where your food is in real time. Exchange rate euro dollar UberEATS also has a mini-breakdown of the ordering/delivering process, minding users whether the food is being prepared, or on its way.

I’d like to quickly point out that although Graham’s driver was behind mine for much of the journey, he somehow got to us first. China stock market futures My driver arrived about two minutes later. Commodity futures market price quotes Although they were fetching and delivering food from the same restaurant, each experience will be different for each person, even if controlled variables (like dishes and restaurants) are considered.

The app doesn’t really notify you that the handover has been complete, which isn’t ideal if you’ve asked someone else to collect your food. Binary converter to text The app however does allow you to rate both your driver and food.