Uncertain in 2017_ analysts expect _silver and gold rally under trump_


Editor’s Comment: Can they hold back gold and silver prices forever, despite obvious manipulations of the price? Maybe. Binary solver It remains to be seen how much brute force and ridiculous propaganda can hold back the pressure piling on the fiat currency system, and an economy that is skewed to produce cream for the 1%.

More likely though, at some point, they won’t be able to hold gold and silver back any longer. Dollar euro forecast Most analysts peg the real value of gold at over $5,000, though the market doesn’t come anywhere close to that value, with banksters trading on futures and messing with the price point. Us canadian dollar exchange rate During a crisis, or a long-standing emergency, and one where goods and essential services are lacking or no longer available, the true value of gold and silver as lasting commodities will once again shine through – it could be used for barter, debt payoffs or collateral for barter of smaller or perishable items including food.

Regardless of all the funny business with the dollar, the propping up of the stock market and the push to move more and more onto the grid, precious metals can hold their own when allowed to do so.

Trump’s protectionist policies and his support for auditing the Federal Reserve could make silver and gold an attractive hedge in 2017. What is futures and options in stock market with examples Couple that with a bubble economy that has many bloated sectors ready to be pricked, sending capital flooding out of paper assets into safer places.

Under Obama, silver hit a low of $9.46/ounce on November 6th 2008, a mere two days after Obama was elected as the 44th US president. Futures markets today After an epic real estate and stock market meltdown led to an unprecedented Fed bailout, a rally for paper assets and metals ensued. Convert malawi kwacha to usd Silver hit highs above $50/ounce in April of 2011. Exchange rate uk to us dollar While Obama readies his exit from the White House, the stock market continues to ride the stimulus bubble, but silver has substantially retreated to near its lowest price under his Administration – $16.80/ounce.

Those with physical metals or gold and silver in IRA could also benefit from Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, both because it will require printing money (inflation) and because the new construction will require more fabrication metals than a free market would normally demand.

One recent development that could also lead to potentially higher prices is the Deutsche Bank settlement last year over precious metals price rigging and their testimony about other participating banks. Dollar to euro chart This punishment might create an atmosphere of more honest pricing going forward in 2017 and beyond as the market adjusts to its new freedom after the fallout.

Deutsche Bank AG has reached settlements in lawsuits over allegations it manipulated gold and silver prices, lawyers for traders of the commodities said in court filings.

Attorneys for futures contract traders in two private lawsuits said in letters filed Wednesday and Thursday in Manhattan federal court that the bank has executed term sheets and is negotiating final details for the accords.

“In addition to valuable monetary consideration to be paid into a settlement fund, the term sheet also provides for other valuable consideration such as provisions requiring Deutsche Bank’s cooperation in pursuing claims against the remaining defendants,” attorneys Daniel Brockett and Merrill Davidoff said in their letter Thursday in the gold-fixing lawsuit.

Silver and gold futures traders sued groups of banks in 2014 alleging they rigged prices for the precious metals and their derivatives. Binary joke Silver traders brought claims against Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings Plc, Bank of Nova Scotia and UBS AG. Usd graduate programs Gold traders additionally sued Barclays Plc and Societe Generale SA.

If an atmosphere of more transparency should take hold under a Trump presidency and other governments around the world, it’s reasonable to assume that precious metals will begin a steadier trajectory upward, rather than some of the severe volatility they have been subjected to. Convert usd to hkd Once proper pricing is firmly established, mining companies will then be able to show their investors steadier returns, heralding a potential surge across the board.

A final economic consideration that continues to highlight physical silver as a strong asset is a year-over-year shortage, with production decreasing on a global scale. Stock meaning in tagalog Once again, this reality has not been fully reflected in its current price. How to read binary code If all factors remain relatively constant, silver and gold will likely climb in value in 2017.

However, if any of the major financial bubbles burst, it could depress global demand for all commodities in the short term. Commodity futures intraday market So it’s best to stay diversified and adaptable.

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“Global mine output has plateaued; it now seems likely to decline through 2020 and perhaps into the middle of the next decade… Discoveries of new ore bodies are at a 25-year low, while the time required to bring new ore bodies into production continues to lengthen, and now stands at nearly 20 years,” he said in his report.

Hathaway also highlighted two factors that will continue to boost demand in an environment of dwindling supply: the new Shariah gold standard and the fact that gold is now a settlement currency among oil-producing nations and China.

Up until Dec 31st 2016, it was illegal for Muslims Islamics to trade Gold of invest in according to their Koran, and they changed the law Dec 31st to now allow it. Exchange rate usd Which means there is a whole new market segment for Arabs to buy, sell and trade Gold. Ip address to binary So watch that drive up market demand for the shiny in 2017.

Article: Two recent developments (largely ignored by mainstream media) will, in our opinion, significantly strengthen the demand for and usage of physical metal. Binary message First, a new Shariah gold standard was approved in December 2016:

The AAOIFI [Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions], in collaboration with the World Gold Council (WGC) and Amanie Advisors, has approved what will become known as the Shariah Gold Standard. Wyndham travel agent rates This is a set of guidelines that will expand the variety and use of gold-based products in Islamic Finance. Usd currency (Jan Skoyles, Goldcore Research, 12/16)

We believe that this will lead to the creation of investment products such as gold ETFs for the Islamic world (25% of global population), a market that has not been penetrated. Usd to zloty While estimates of the potential market size vary wildly, and this development is in its early days, it seems to us that it is a major positive for future physical gold consumption …

The Texas Teacher Retirement Fund and the University of Texas own nearly $1 billion in physical gold, which will soon be transferred from Wall Street vaults to a brand-new depository in the Lone Star State thanks to the recently passed Texas Bullion Depository legislation.

Shayne McGuire, portfolio manager of the Gold Fund for the Teacher Retirement Fund of Texas said that “one of the main reasons we considered gold was the diversification benefits it provides to portfolios dominated by equities, as most pension funds are.”

While most pension fund managers shy away from gold, they do so at their own risk and the risk of their pensioners. Euro and pound exchange rate As a non-correlated asset to bonds, stocks, and other paper-based investments, precious metals are key to true diversification. Hex code translator It’s time for pension fund managers to break out of their Wall Street groupthink and include a meaningful allocation to physical gold and silver bullion for protection against inflation and financial turmoil.

TURD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time.

TURD is caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. World market futures For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite.

Patients with TURD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Exchange rate zambian kwacha to usd Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality.

Some early United States coins (minted in the 18th and 19th centuries) were made with a small silver disc added to the center of the coin in the planchet(blank metal) before striking. Usd currency code This was done to increase the value of the metal in the coin up to the coin’s face value.

A plug nickel or plugged nickel is a coin where the “plug” (center disc) has been removed, thus decreasing the metal value of the coin. Download bitstrips People would often examine their change after a cash transaction to ensure they did not receive such a coin.

In the United States, a wooden nickel is a wooden token coin, usually issued by a merchant or bank as a promotion, sometimes redeemable for a specific item such as a drink.

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