Usage of relax-and-recover on rhel


On RHEL 6.5-6.8 you can install rear using the commands yum-config-manager –enable repository rhel-6-server-optional-rpms yum install rear syslinux-extlinux genisoimage syslinux Quick Start Guide

updates rescue image, if layout of the box has been changed which is a good idea: 30 1 * * * root /usr/sbin/rear checklayout || /usr/sbin/rear mkrescue Debugging rear

into the usual locations: /etc/rear/ Configurations /usr/sbin/rear Main program /usr/share/rear/ Internal scripts /tmp/rear.$$/ Build area Layout of /etc/rear default.conf Default configuration – will define EVERY variable with a sane default setting. Binary tools Serves also as

a reference for the available variables ‘site.conf’ site wide configuration (optional) local.conf local machine configuration (optional) $(uname -s)-$(uname -i).conf architecture specific configuration (optional) $(uname -o).conf OS system (e.g. Futures market cnn GNU/Linux.conf) (optional) $OS/$OS_VER.conf OS and OS Version specific configuration (optional) templates/ Directory to keep user-changeable templates for various files used or generated templates/PXE_per_node_config template for pxelinux.cfg per-node configurations templates/CDROM_isolinux.cfg isolinux.cfg template templates/…​ other templates as the need arises recovery/…​ Recovery information Layout of /usr/share/rear skel/default/ default rescue FS skeleton skel/$(uname -i)/ arch specific rescue FS skeleton (optional) skel/$OS_$OS_VER/ OS-specific rescue FS skeleton (optional) skel/$BACKUP/ Backup-SW specific rescue FS skeleton (optional) skel/$OUTPUT/ Output-Method specific rescue FS skeleton (optional) lib/*.sh function definitions, split into files by their topic prep/default/*.sh prep/$(uname -i)/*.sh prep/$OS_$OS_VER/*.sh prep/$BACKUP/*.sh prep/$OUTPUT/*.sh Prep scripts. Msn news usa The scripts get merged from the applicable directories and executed in their alphabetical

order. Nzd usd live chart Naming conventions are: + + where 00 < < 99 layout/compare/default/ layout/compare/$OS_$OS_VER/ Scripts to compare the saved layout (under /var/lib/rear/layout/) with the actual situation.

mkrescue or rear mkbackup layout/precompare/default/ layout/precompare/$OS_$OS_VER/ layout/prepare/default/ layout/prepare/$OS_$OS_VER/ layout/recreate/default/ layout/recreate/$OS_$OS_VER/ layout/save/default/ layout/save/$OS_$OS_VER/ Scripts to capture the disk layout and write it into /var/lib/rear/layout/ directory rescue/…​ Analyse-Rescue scripts: …​ build/…​ Build scripts: …​ pack/…​ Pack scripts: …​ backup/$BACKUP/*.sh Backup scripts: …​ output/$OUTPUT/*.sh Output scripts: …​ verify/…​ Verify the recovery data against the hardware found, whether we can successfully recover the

system recreate/…​ Recreate file systems and their dependancies restore/$BACKUP/…​ Restore data from backup media finalize/…​ Finalization scripts Inter-module communication

system will be recovered and you can restart it and continue to use it normally. Dollar exchange rate in india Restoring RHEL-based system IMPORTANT: If SELinux is enabled on your system you need to ensure that SELinux relabels

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