Using the youtube api to embed video in an android app


To get started, create a new project. Investing in futures and options markets I called mine VideoTube. Exchange rate australian to us dollar On the next window of the Android Studio wizard you can leave the Minimum SDK version at the default API 15 (the YouTube API will only work on API 10 and above).

Love quotes Select the Empty Activity template on the next window and MainActivity as the activity name on the last one.
Before using the Android Youtube API, you need to register your application, including your digitally signed .apk file’s public certificate in the Google Developers Console. Gender differences To register the application, follow these steps.
• In the sidebar on the left, select Credentials. Usd to myr converter For credentials, the API supports OAuth 2.0, the use of an API key and of a Service account. Gender roles We’ll use the API key option.
• Select API key from the Create Credentials dropdown menu. Today’s exchange rate of usd to inr A popup will appear with the value of your API key. Funny quotes and sayings Keep this window open, we’ll use the key in the next step.
The popup window that displays the API key has a Restrict Key button that you can use to restrict the key from unauthorised use. Usd eur rate history In this tutorial, we won’t restrict the key, but for an app that you plan to push to production, you should definitely restrict access to it. Binary translator google Key restriction lets you specify which websites, IP addresses or apps can use this key. Hkd usd exchange rate This can help prevent unauthorised use and quota theft.
Download the latest version of the YouTube Android Player API (1.2.2 at the time of writing). Exchange rate euro to dollar today Unzip the downloaded file to find the library jar file and a sample application that you can use to see what the library offers. Exchange rate rmb to usd The jar file is located in the libs folder. Exchange rate dollar to euro today Copy and paste it into your project’s libs folder. Convert decimal fraction to binary To access the libs folder, use the Project perspective on the Android Studio Project Explorer. Euro fx futures Then expand VideoTube -> app -> libs.
Change back to the Android perspective, select the build.gradle (Module: app) file and add the following to the dependencies. Pepsi machine codes compile files( ‘libs/YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar’)
Add the following permission for internet access to the AndroidManifest.xml file as a child of the manifest tag and a sibling to the application. Qar to usd < uses-permission android:name= "android.permission.INTERNET"/>
Edit the strings.xml file as shown. Dec to binary These are all the string resources we’ll require. The millionaire mind pdf < resources> < string name= "app_name">VideoTube < string name= "player_error">Error initializing YouTube player: %s < string name= "seek_to">Jump To < string name= "seek_to_hint">Seconds
Modify activity_main.xml as shown. Usd zloty < RelativeLayout xmlns:android= "" xmlns:tools= "" android:layout_width= "match_parent" android:layout_height= "match_parent" tools:context= ".MainActivity"> < We’ll be using the YouTubePlayerView directly in our activity as opposed to using the YouTubePlayerFragment. Cdn to usd converter Because of this, the activity needs to extend the YouTubeBaseActivity class. In the above code, we created a class that is a subclass of YouTubeBaseActivity. How to learn binary code This is required to make use of YouTubePlayerView. Eur to usd graph We implemented YouTubePlayer.OnInitializedListener to listen for initialization success or failure. Canadian dollar to indian rupee exchange rate today The interface has two methods, named onInitializationFailure() and onInitializationSuccess(). Binary file compare If initialization is successful, the cueVideo() method plays the YouTube video and incase of failure, checks to see whether the error is recoverable by user action. If it’s not then a Toast of the error is shown to the user and if it’s user-recoverable, then the getErrorDialog() method shows a dialog that will enable the user to recover from the error. For example, if the YouTube app isn’t installed on the user’s device or is out of date, the dialog will have a prompt that upon confirmation, will open the Google Play Store for the user to install or update it accordingly. Decimal operations If the YouTube app is disabled on the device, then the prompt will open System Settings for the user to enable it. When the user returns from the error recovery dialog, onActivityResult() is called checks to see if the user performed a recovery action. Dollar to euro conversion rate today If so, we retry initialization. You need the YouTube app on your device for the video to play. Stock market futures now The API client library interacts with a service that is distributed as part of the YouTube app for the Android platform. British pound to us dollar conversion Users need to run version 4.2.16 of the mobile YouTube app (or higher) to use the API. Market futures for today Generally, devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later that have the Google Play Store app should be able to run the up-to-date version of the YouTube app. In the app, you might need to take some action depending on the YouTube player’s events such as buffering, play, pause, seek and stop. Amazon commission rates You might want to show the user a message or overlay the player view with another view once video playback stops or ends. – YouTubePlayer.OnFullscreenListener – Interface definition for callbacks which invoked when the player toggles between fullscreen on or off, either due to the user clicking the fullscreen button or a call to setFullscreen(boolean). Next add the following two subclasses to the MainActivity class. Cnn futures market private final class MyPlaybackEventListener implements YouTubePlayer. The box PlaybackEventListener { @Override public void onPlaying() { The above creates classes that implement the YouTubePlayer.PlaybackEventListener and YouTubePlayer.PlayerStateChangeListener interfaces. Us stock chart For each class, I have implemented the interface methods and included a comment of when the callback is invoked. Usd pound You can take whatever action you want in each callback. Canadian dollar news today For our example, I have included a Toast output for the onPlaying(), onPaused() and onStopped() methods that will output a message when the event happens. Modify onInitializationSuccess() as shown. Dollar index chart live This sets the listeners on the YouTubePlayer object. Stock futures live market @Override public void onInitializationSuccess(Provider provider, YouTubePlayer player, boolean wasRestored) { Run the app and you should see different Toast messages appear when you start playing the video, when you pause it and when it stops (for a reason other than being paused, e.g. Convert usd to euro the video ending or a playback error). Amazon prime rates Custom Player Controls The YouTube library does a good job of creating an out-of-the-box user friendly interface to play YouTube videos. Call and put options for dummies As a developer, you might want to take this further and provide custom controls that will give the user more control over playback. Family dollar stock price For example, enable them to jump back and forth in the video, or enable them to play the next or previous video in a playlist. Modify activity_main.xml as shown. Usd ringgit exchange rate < LinearLayout xmlns:android= "" xmlns:tools= "" android:layout_width= "match_parent" android:layout_height= "match_parent" android:orientation= "vertical" tools:context= ".MainActivity"> < android:id= "@+id/seek_to_text" android:layout_width= "wrap_content" android:layout_height= "wrap_content" android:inputType= "number" android:hint= "@string/seek_to_hint"/> < Button android:id= "@+id/seek_to_button" android:text= "@string/seek_to" android:layout_width= "wrap_content" android:layout_height= "wrap_content"/>
Run the app and you should be able to enter a number (in seconds) and have the video skip to that point. Pound usd converter If you input a number that is larger than the duration of the video, then the video will skip to the end.
In this tutorial, we have looked at how to embed a YouTube player in your app. Usd jpy technical analysis This is handy if you want your app users to be able to play YouTube videos while remaining in your app, instead of the YouTube app opening to play the video and then the user returning to your app after playback.
The YouTube Android library provides a great API that enables you to customise this experience and we’ve only touched on its capabilities. Binary code to text To find out more about the library, be sure to read through the documentation and the sample app that comes with the library download.