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The new features are: width and height You can control the video size either with these attributes or with CSS. Msn news usa homepage In both cases, videos maintain their native width-height ratio — known as the aspect ratio. British pound to usd exchange rate If the aspect ratio is not maintained by the sizes you set, the video will grow to fill the space horizontally, and the unfilled space will just be given a solid background color by default. Sprint troubleshooting autoplay This attribute makes the audio or video start playing right away while the rest of the page is loading. Currency converter usd to pounds You are advised not to use autoplaying video (or audio) on your sites, because users can find it really annoying.

Silver chart loop This attribute makes the video (or audio) start playing again whenever it finishes. Silver chart kitco This can also be annoying, so only use if really necessary. Dollar exchange rate history muted This attribute causes the media to play with the sound turned off by default. Gold price chart poster This attribute takes as its value the URL of an image, which will be displayed before the video is played. Convert cny to usd It is intended to be used for a splash or advertising screen. Futures market cnbc preload
You can find the above example available to play live on Github (also see the source code.) Note that we haven’t included the autoplay attribute in the live version — if the video starts to play as soon as the page loads, you don’t get to see the poster! The

Note: Text tracks also help you with SEO, since search engines especially thrive on text. Gender identity issues Text tracks even allow search engines to link directly to a spot partway through the video. Uk to us currency Active learning: Embedding your own audio and video
For this active learning, we’d (ideally) like you to go out into the world and record some of your own video and audio — most phones these days allow you to record audio and video very easily, and provided you can transfer it on to your computer, you can use it. 1 usd to ngn You may have to do some conversion to end up with a WebM and MP4 in the case of video, and an MP3 and Ogg in the case of audio, but there are enough programs out there to allow you to do this without too much trouble, such as Miro Video Converter and Audacity. Joy newsome We’d like you to have a go!
If you are unable to source any video or audio, then you can feel free to use our sample audio and video files to carry out this exercise. Exchange rate usd euro You can also use our sample code for reference.
And that’s a wrap; we hope you had fun playing with video and audio in web pages! In the next article, we’ll look at other ways of embedding content on the Web, using technologies like