Web application performance tips from the wolves on wall street


One affliction affecting modern web application performance is what Thompson calls “feature envy.” It’s easy for this to lead to complex and inefficient connections in application logic where data dependent loads thrash the cache. Usd inr live These bad designs also make it harder to adapt because of the coupling. Nz to usd Thompson said he spends a lot of time looking at coupling and cohesion issues in poorly architected code. Funny jokes tagalog He said, “Cleaning up I often get a 30% performance improvement without targeting performance and we end up with fields and classes where they need to be.”

It’s also important to think about coupling in space and time. Understanding futures markets kolb pdf “Consider that messaging and protocols are coupled in space and time if communications are synchronous,” said Thompson. Convert currency “I think of synchronous communications as the crystal meth of distributed computing.

Free language translator download We get in because it is easy and we end up with this monstrosity. Chicago futures market If we are building distributed systems around response time, this will come back to bite us.”

Developers need clarity on the unit of work that allows cycles to stay in sync. 1 usd to danish krone This involves thinking about communications, storage, and improved caching. Cdn to usd conversion Good monitoring and telemetry are crucial for finding this coupling. The financial futures market It is important to bake this into the application upfront and take advantage of profiling, counters, histograms, event logs, and tracers. Commodity futures intraday market price quotes “If these are added later it can be a nightmare,” said Thompson.

This is particularly critical with microservices. Euro usd fx If developers don’t build these capabilities into the code base and then go into serverless and functional computing it will be tough to debug them without debug monitors and profiling.

Another good practice is to avoid averages as a metric. Market data live futures quotes They hide problems and make it difficult to see outliers or distribution of performance characteristics. Dollar to inr rate today Many software problems don’t have a normal distribution so averages hide things going on.

This also applies with debugging. Dow stock futures cnn “The reason many developers go with ASCII programming rather than binary, is that they don’t know how to debug binary,” said Thompson. The boxer rebellion This is kind of a cop out. Usd to cny exchange rate Developers need to think not just about debugging and telemetry, they need to build the tools in so they can do optimizations as well for binary.

At the end of the day, software quality and web application performance is best serviced via simplicity. Silver chart 5 year Thompson said, “Simple code can be reliable, fast, and deterministic. European stock market futures We must drive to being simple and fight the complexity. Love quotes for boyfriend Less really is more. Fraction operations It is difficult to keep so much in your head when there is a massive code base.”