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This has been an unsupported claim, but it is also an undisputed claim, so apparently there are no other independent bookstores that think they are big enough to force the issue. Euro to usd forecast With 68,000 square feet, 1.6 acres of retail sales floor, the Powell’s City of Books located at 1005 West Burnside Street in Portland reportedly has over 1 million books on its shelves, and reportedly purchases 3,000 used books per day.

Although the Guiness Book of World Records no longer has an official listing for the World’s Largest Bookstore, seemingly Powell’s can validly lay claim to the title in every way that “largest” has been measured in the past for retail book stores.

The largest store in the Barnes & Noble chain is now reportedly its Union Square store in New York, which is smaller than Powell’s, measuring

just 62,000 square feet.

There is one more legitimate “world’s largest” title claim when it comes to books and retailing, however. Usd to aed rate That title would be for the “World’s Largest Books Retailer,” which isn’t really have a “bookstore” at all. Exchange rate euro to usd It’s estimated that Amazon has 3.4 million books on its virtual book shelves at any given moment, which is more than three times the number of titles claimed byPowell’s. Funny jokes and riddles It’s also estimated that every five minutes a new book title is added to Amazon’s cyber book shelves to be sold.

And moving even farther away from traditional brick-and-mortar retailing, Amazon can stake a claim in one more aspect of “World’s Largest Bookseller” as the world’s largest retail seller of digital ebooks. Binary representation In 2015, an estimated 74% of all US ebooks purchased were purchased from Amazon.com. Gold price usd And of all U.S. Usd to aud calculator dollars spent on ebooks in 2015, 71% of those ebook dollars were spent on Amazon.com.

Amazon’s Kindle gets most of the credit for Amazon’s dominance in retail ebook sales. Euro forecast 2016 In 2015, 65% of all ebook sales of books published by traditional publishers were purchased through the Amazon Kindle store.

Currently the only competition for the World’s Largest Ebook Retailer are Apple iBooks store, the Barnes & Noble Nook store, the Kobo Book store, and Google Play.

Despite its complete dominance of Internet e-commerce retail book sales and digital ebooks, Amazon’s customer-centric founder Jeff Bezos is not content with its non-physical success in book retailing. Cad to usd exchange rate history In 2015 the grand opening of the first Amazon physical bookstore took place in the company’s headquarters location of Seattle, Washington. Pln to usd That store is successful enough that reportedly Amazon plans to open 300 – 400 more physical bookstores.

If these reports are true and Amazon does grow its chain to 400 bookstores, and over the same period of time the Barnes & Noble chain continues its trend of store closings, it is conceivable that Amazon will also soon be laying claim to the title of “World’s Largest U.S. British pound exchange rate today Retail Bookstore Chain.”