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Richard Hefner, the founder, and CEO of GPS Trader App claims he has made 27 random people millionaires in the past three months and that he can make you a millionaire too. Stock futures market quotes Unfortunately, there is more to the story. Kwd usd exchange rate Click Here – We Can Teach Anyone How to Build a Successful Online Business!

When you visit the GPS Trader App website, you will meet, via video, Richard Hefner, the founder and CEO of GPS Trader App. Binary form Hefner announces early in the video that he has made 27 random people millionaires in the past three months and that he can make you a millionaire too.

Hefner claims his software is the fastest and most powerful auto-trading software on the planet. Try usd He guarantees his software will make you $20,000 a day, every day for the rest of your life.

According to Hefner, the GPS Trader is 100% risk free and that anyone using his software can make $20,000, guaranteed! If you act fast, you can have his magical software for free.

Mr. British pound to usd converter Hefner explains that for years he worked as a systems analyst with Garman, the multinational technology company known for its GPS navigational systems. Pound to usd chart During this time, his brother Josh became a successful binary options trader on Wall Street.

Josh used an auto-trading software to beat the market 74% of the time. 99 usd to euro He wanted to win more often and asked Richard to create a program that could win more consistently. 1 usd to 1 aud Richard created the program that would later become GPS Trader App.

According to Hefner, GPS Trader App never loses. 1 usd to rub The worse it can do is break even on 3% of the trades. Msn news headlines He guarantees you will make at least $850 an hour, $20,000 a day, every day, for the rest of your life.

If you search online for Richard Hefner, you won’t find the guy in the GPS Trader video. Convert usd to idr Spell the name correctly if you search for him. Pound exchange rate to euro His last name is Hefner, with only one “f.”

I suspect the man in the GPS Trader video is a professional actor. Binary search in python The video is designed to trick you into opening a binary options trading account with an unregistered broker and depositing at least $250.

In the United States, a registered broker is licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission. Usd jpy rate A registered broker must abide by certain laws and ethical guidelines to stay in business.

Keep in mind that trading binary options with a registered broker is still very risky and not advisable. Cnn money market futures Registered brokers will tell you that trading binary options is speculative. Usd to cop exchange rate In other words, it’s gambling.

On the other hand, an unregistered broker operates outside of the law. Decimal places chart If an unregistered broker cheats you, there is nothing you can do about it, and nobody can help you.

The United States SEC has warned that unregistered binary options brokers are suspected of illegal activities including taking people’s money, stealing identities and manipulating software.

The devil is in the disclaimer. Python tutorial point Reviewing GPS Trader without exposing the dirty truth hidden in the disclaimer would be meaningless. Cnn world markets futures As you can see, what GPS Trader pretends to be and what it actually is, are two very different things.

If you scroll to the bottom of the GPS Trader website, you’ll see a link to their disclaimer. Usd cny exchange rate Before you give GPS Trader any of your information, or, Heaven Forbid, open an account with them, you MUST read the disclaimer.

The first thing you will notice in the GPS Trader disclaimer is the name CashCamp. Usd rate in india Who the heck is CashCamp and why are it mentioned on the disclaimer for GPS Trader?

CashCamp is a former binary options trading scam. Futures definition stock market It looks like they have changed their name to GPS Trader. Binary search java It’s interesting that Richard Hefner didn’t mention that in the video.

Keep reading, and you will see that CashCamp/GPS Trader does not guarantee you anything. 99 usd to gbp All those promises Richard Hefner made in the video about making $850 an hour and earning $20,000 a day are meaningless.

If you sign up with GPS Trader, you will automatically go to the second page of the website. Exchange rate usd pound On the second page, you will be told to activate your account with a minimum deposit of $250. Gdp to usd You will also have to give GPS Trader your phone number.

It is the job of the personal advisor/broker to talk you into depositing all the money you can beg, steal or borrow. The box nyc dress code Under the pretense of making more money faster, they will try to get you to deposit $10,000 or more. Call option strike price That is the scam! The Last Word on GPS Trader

If you want to make a lot of money, you will have to work smart. Binary to decimal examples The key is to leverage the immense power of the internet to help as many people as you possibly can.

The internet is your greatest chance to be financially independent. Usd to zmk Thanks to the internet, anyone with a few basic skills can make money online, millions of people do every day.

If you can make money with a few basic skills, you can make a lot of money with additional skills. Euro dollar exchange rate The truth is, there is no limit to how much money you can earn online, but you won’t do it with some make-believe magic software.

The most reliable way I have found to make money online is to build an internet business about something you enjoy, and that helps people who are interested in the same thing get what they want.

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