What is the worst bodily fluid to clean up_


Now, let me tell you about cleaning up puke, because I’ve been doing it for 11 FUCKING YEARS now. Best exchange rate usd to inr I have spent the majority of parenthood AWASH in vomit. The boxer I have now cleaned up every form of child emesis: spit-up, milk barf, bile, chunks, all of it. Naira to pounds exchange rate today We had to trash the baby rocking chair because it had so many eggshell-colored puke stains on it. Convert text to binary It fucking sucks. Famous quotes about change A barfing child is like a broken fire hydrant.

Iqd to usd The four-year-old got sick the other night and booted over the side of his bed. Amazon international shipping rates It got on the pillow, the blanket, the fitted sheet, the mattress pad, the mattress itself, the floor, the carpet, the drawer, a bookcase, UNDER the bookcase, and inside the fucking bedframe. Verizon modem setup At two in the morning. Inr to usd exchange rate There are earthquakes that are easier to clean up. Mortgage meaning in tagalog I had to lift up the mattress and reach under the oaken plank supports to get at the puke, and even then it was still trapped in the corners. Python dictionary I had to rent a fucking Rug Doctor for $30, and then roll up the rug and steam clean it a dozen times in the basement. Binary addition overflow We had to do a billion loads of laundry.

And do you know what happened two hours after he puked everywhere and we cleaned it up? HE DID AGAIN. Stock superstock All over all the clean, replacement sheets and wiped-down floor. Euro news today Even though we gave his ass a bowl, he painted the room with a second coat. Conversion from inr to usd I was so mad. Eur usd chart investing I would have much preferred he dropped a big ol’ Cleveland Steamer right in his jammies. Binary to octal conversion I’m sick of all this puke. Currency converter xpf to usd When is Trump banning puke? I’m done with puke. Binary hexadecimal chart DONE.

It’s real easy to make like Colin Cowherd and grade a team’s Q Rating based simply on the size of their home market, but the truth is that a town has far less to do with a team’s general appeal than the players on it. Currency converter aud to usd Take the Falcons, for example. Convert us dollars to pounds sterling I’m biased, but that ’98 Falcons team was a turgid bore that ruined the Super Bowl with its underwhelming presence. Usd canadian exchange rate Fucking Chris Chandler. Swiss market index futures I WILL NEVER FORGIVE DENNY GREEN EVEN IN DEATH.

But THIS Falcons team … this is a genuinely exciting, likable outfit. Euro to usd conversion I’ll be happy to watch them on Sunday. Dollar pound conversion rate Players and coaches and style can all have a remarkable influence on your national reputation. Gender definition sociology It’s like the Rams-Titans Super Bowl. Taux de change euro dollar australien Those were two relocated teams without much recent history going for them prior to that matchup. Venezuela money to us dollars But then it BECAME one of the best Super Bowls ever thanks to Kurt Warner and Steve McNair and other players who transcended whatever superficial indifference there was to be had.

That can happen. Asian stock market futures Players can make a team. Binary to english translator There’s a reason the Cleveland Cavaliers are huge right now, and it’s not because of the rich legacy of Cavs basketball. Hex editor windows 10 And there’s a reason the Panthers, who play in college basketball territory and have a Dickens villain for an owner, were a fascinating Super Bowl entrant a year ago. Rate gbp to usd What makes a title game alluring is the distinct presence of STAR POWER, especially at key positions. Javascript print command I don’t know anyone on the Padres or Rays—because I am a shitty sports fan—and so you can bet I would react to that World Series matchup with the kind of performative indifference that makes Twitter such a wonderful place. Binary music Ditto a Bucs/Texans Super Bowl. 1 usd to krw Fuck the Texans.

What’s the furthest you’ve physically ever been from the next closest human? Even when I’ve been far away from populations of people (wilderness hiking), I’ve been with at least another person because I’m a baby. Usd nzd chart I think the closest I can get is like when I took a jet ski far out in the water, as sad as that sounds.

I actually think the time you’re potentially the farthest from another living human is out on the road. Dollar euro exchange rate today There are a lot of conditions to that: You have to be driving through a rural area (not even rural, but straight wilderness), and you have to be virtually the only car on the road. The fx firm When I drove to college up in Maine, there would be stretches where I was dead alone on the road, with nothing but trees on either side of I-95. Binary code translater I could have been a mile away from the nearest person.

You can feel how alone you are sometimes. Html code reader You can feel the void of other people nowhere nearby. 1 usd to bgn If a deranged cannibalistic redneck had swooped by in a pickup and cut me off and run me off the road, and then kidnapped me and taken me to his Torture Cabin deep in the Acadia pines, there would have been no one to help me. Usd brl exchange rate No one to hear me scream as the madman cut me open and gave me bad directions in a funny Maine accent. Funny quotes about friendship My point is that you should go to college somewhere warm.

But none of that is easy to enforce. Yahoo news canada Plenty of free agents choose to play in large markets like New York or Los Angeles because they know that they can reap additional sponsorship money from it, which is its own kind of side deal. Us futures market hours And what’s to stop this millionaire from paying you in the guise of some wink-wink speaker’s fee, or another no-show gig? My guess is that there’s a fairly sizable underground economy in any pro sport, with “boosters” supplying local sports heroes various incentives to stick around: money, cars, drugs, etc. Euro to pound exchange rate today If I could bet on Tom Brady getting “gifted” five percent of Pats ownership a decade after he retires for being such a positive person, I would.

Nothing. Usd cad Other tennis players would cry foul and then I, as an American, would laugh in their face. Gender identity quiz AW, POOR YVJENI KOLKOVOKSKYA is bitter because Serena got all the good Wistrol! Tough shit, HATERZZZZZZ. Aud usd graph I don’t give a shit if Serena had horse muscles grafted onto her bones. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast 2016 She’s the GOAT and I have no interest in seeing her relinquish it.

I work in an office tower on the 9th floor. Hockey quotes In my office, the dress code is that every male must wear a button-up shirt with dress pants, always tucked in. Gold forecast 2017 Often, when returning from lunch, my shirt has come untucked from my pants. Exchange rate usd jpy This leads to a little game I like to play in the elevator. Eur usd historical data download I timed the elevator when I am on it alone going up and it takes between 15-20 seconds to get from the ground floor to the 9th floor where I work. Pre market dow jones futures Therefore, in less than 20 seconds, I often attempt to tuck my shirt back in. Usd rate of exchange It’s harder than you think to get a proper tuck. Binary code translator You have to unbuckle the belt, open the button on the pants, undo the zipper, tuck the shirt, redo the button and zipper, and rebuckle the belt. Malaysian ringgit to usd And the thrill when I get it done before the elevator doors open is intoxicating. Gender quiz lgbt The only downside is that the elevator could stop at any floor on the way up and I would look like a total perv with my pants down in an office building elevator. Used book stores Am I insane?

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