Wiiu vc n64 inject compatibility list – wikitemp, the gbatemp wiki


Root menu renders black; car colors hard to differentiate; minor graphical issues in menus and race; control stick not responding properly (might need ini fixes)

FMV cutscenes show up in a strange way. Idr to usd calculator Don’t shoot too often or it will crash. Gender differences in learning If you go back to the game (Suspended point unavoidable), you will get very slow framerate. Eur usd rate forecast Only works fine if started for the first time.

Yes to continue without the Controller Pak freezes the Wii U. Cad to usd chart I selected no before yes on second attempt and got through, but title demo shows graphics instability.

Math jokes It froze on me again after car selection.

If you put UseTImer = 1 on the ini you can reach ingame but this game has rendering issues where only the farthest objeects are rendered and near objects disapear making the game unplayable sadly.

Minor glitches at konami logo, invisible map, no high-res option on JAP version, you can save without memory card in JAP version. Usd xau There is also a almost unnoticeable frame rate issue.

Small graphical glitches during the map overview before the turns are decided, and during pausing. Stock meaning dictionary Otherwise game pretty much plays perfectly. Usa today sports images There is an original release by nintendo of mario party 2 wich runs perfectly.

open mp3 ntsc rom and change the header to match mp2 header, then open mario party 2 ini by nintendo and change backup type to 0 and backupsize to 2048, runs perfect.

Sound works but video is not displayable. 1 usd to irr Exceptions include the Rareware logo during the game’s title screen, the blue background on the Rumble Pak screen, the statistics for the characters and part of the intro.

Pictures are only recognized if injecting on Sin and Punishment, on DK and mario golf they arent. Futures in the stock market On Sins the Red dot doesn’t appear but pictures are recognized anyway.

Game is temporarily muted. Usd to aed converter Temporary softlock when a character is chosen until sound comes. Current binary samsung official Poor field vision on courses with the background graphic being dominant. Binary code destiny Moving the cursor quickly or too much on character selection can freeze the Wii U.

Minor audio issues, minor slow down on levels with 40+ enemies or objects on screen (back to speed when killing 2-5 enemies), minor graphical glitches: Shield, Time Stop, background ambien effects on Mars, none/little/unnoticeable in other planets. Stock market trading hours central time Save State recommended for saving. Inr to usd conversion rate Mars is unbeatable in 2 Player mode in both Expert and Maniacal difficulties.

Loadiine GX2. Exchange rate hkd to usd Crashes upon loading the intro cutscene. Understanding binary Certain other cutscenes will cause a crash as well. Euro today All debug functions seem to work. 100 usd to euro Change the player on the GamePad to access the different debugging options.

It will load fine and play fine but the graphics will bug out (a lot) and the game will crash the entire WiiU commonly. Euro to usd forecast I wouldn’t recommend messing around with this one. Free pictures to color Loadiine GX2.

It DOES boot. Euro to inr conversion rate today Text appears but is unreadable, as only a few characters appear. American futures market Progressing past boots into game intro, which runs horribly. Usd conversion rate Haven’t managed to get past it.

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