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Thursday night at the Minnesota Wild game, the scene above took place during an intermission stunt involving mascots from the Wild and other NHL teams including the Devils, Blackhawks and Blues. Commodity definitions Mascots are fun and we’re pretty sure they’re for the kids.

But to have the “blindfolded” Wild mascot stage a bit in which it clubs the Blackhawks mascot to the ice with a baton, thinking he was whacking a piñata. Fx rate cad usd When it was over, the other mascots drag Tommy Hawks’ limp body off the ice. Euro to aud chart It was a bit much.

Mascots are for kids. Us to rmb exchange rate Did I mention that already? Often, the mascots are more popular with the young ones than the players themselves. Rmb conversion to usd That’s why Mr. Dollar rupee exchange rate today Met and the Phillie Phanatic are more recognizable to the elementary school crowd than David Wright is or Ryan Howard.

So if these mascots are there for the kids, then why in the world would the Wild’s game ops people, who no doubt work hard and are usually pretty good at their jobs, turn their intermission show into a scene from “Fargo?”

On one hand, this is entertainment straight out of the “Tom and Jerry” handbook, a character playfully, if not violently, taking down another. Yen to usd Really, how different was this from the Road Runner dropping an Acme anvil on Wile E. Us stock market today Coyote’s face?

But when you look a little closer and put the scene into contemporary context, you have to wonder what’s so playful and entertaining about a character getting beat down with a stick by a gang?

Squint your eyes, and it’s a Rodney King reenactment. Funny quotes about love and life Look a little closer, and you can’t miss the Blackhawk Indian logo and it just feels a bit too close to the violent clashes with peaceful Native protesters at Standing Rock.

Taken a step further, you have to ask if these are the images of bullying and beating and ganging up on someone that we want kids to be consuming at a sporting event. Exchange rate pound to us dollar Sure, hockey can be a violent game, but perhaps we should leave the fighting to the players rather than pull the fluffy mascots into the gutter, too.

Of course, the Wild didn’t mean to condone violence and bullying. Ft future of marketing summit 2016 Of course the Wild did not intend to make light of racial undertones. Usd to inr conversion rate And of course the Wild did not intend to insult anyones senses or make impressionable kids think that beating someone with a billy club is OK.

As if there aren’t enough violent videos in sports, the Wild gave us this senseless bit that passes for entertainment in 2017. Convert nzd to usd Is this imaginative? Original? Is it even funny? The Wild was so proud of it, they tweeted it out, sharing the awkward performance on social media for all to see.

It may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but there’s enough violence and awful behavior among people in society that we don’t need shards of that in sports mascots. Usd to pound conversion Kids, who can be cruel enough without these innocent-looking influences, don’t need to be entertained this way.

And leave the furry mascots out of it. Python tutorial download Tags: nhl minnesota wild new jersey devils chicago blackhawks st. Silver chart price louis blues Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet

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