Windows 10 changes include free upgrade option for enterprises _ crm daily


Developers testing Microsoft’s latest Insider preview build of Windows 10 will see “a ton” of fixes to previous versions, along with new options for buying and reading e-books, the ability to choose custom accent colors and an experimental tool for controlling device power usage on a sliding scale.

Upon rolling out the new Windows 10 build yesterday, Microsoft also revealed plans to delay the launch of the “My People experience” to a later update, rather than introducing it with the Creators Update expected sometime early this year. Dollar euro forecast 2016 My People is a feature that will let users pin their favorite contacts to the Windows taskbar for faster and easier messaging and document sharing.

In a separate announcement yesterday, Microsoft also said it’s offering a free Windows 10 update option to Windows Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program subscribers. Usd zar chart The offer will allow CSP subscribers to upgrade the operating system on devices currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 without having to pay for separate upgrade licenses.

The latest Insider build for PCs and mobile devices fixes numerous issues that developers had identified in the last two preview versions, Windows and Devices Group software engineer Dona Sarkar wrote yesterday on the Windows 10 blog. Usd aed rate In addition to removing a bug that caused some devices to reboot frequently, the new build also gets rid of the Apps Corner in Windows 10 Mobile “due to decreased usage,” Sarkar said.

One of the bigger changes Microsoft is introducing with this latest build is an experimental power slider option that will let some users select their preferred device power settings on a sliding scale that can be opened from the Windows taskbar. Usd to gb Currently visible only to some Insiders, the power slider is being tested at the request of some of Microsoft’s Windows PC manufacturer partners, Sarkar said.

“Some of our Windows PC OEM partners have asked for the ability to give people a number of options for how to ‘tune’ their PC for different scenarios,” she said. Aud to usd exchange rate “A person playing a game, for example, might be willing to have a few less FPS [frames per second] when on a long flight if it gets them more battery life — whereas the same person playing the same game, when near a power supply, may want top-end CPU performance to eek [sic] out every ounce of performance they can get.”

Many of the features being tested in the latest Windows 10 build are expected to appear in the next major consumer update, known as the Creators Update, due to arrive this spring. Euro to usd graph However, the My People feature is now not likely to appear until a subsequent update later this year

“Our goal with Windows is to deliver experiences you’ll love and we’ve made the decision to hold this feature for the next major update to Windows,” Sarkar said.

Meanwhile, enterprise users who currently subscribe to Windows via Microsoft’s CSP program can now upgrade their devices to Windows 10 at no extra cost, according to Nic Fillingham, small business product manager for Windows Marketing. Best exchange rate for usd to inr CSP subscribers will be able to continue using Windows 10 on those devices even if they decide later to end their CSP subscriptions, he added.

Aimed at small and midsize businesses, the E3 and E5 CSP subscriptions introduced by Microsoft last summer are priced at $7 and $14 per user per month, respectively.

“This is an important benefit addition to Windows cloud subscriptions in CSP as it enables customers who have yet to purchase a new Windows 10 device, or who missed out on the free upgrade to Windows 10 campaign, to take advantage of enterprise-grade security, managed by a trusted partner, for the price of coffee and a donut,” Fillingham noted in a blog post yesterday.

Microsoft and the Justice Department sparred in court in Seattle on Monday over whether the software company had the right to push back against law-enforcement searches of customers’ data.

The Redmond company sued the federal government last year, arguing that frequent court orders for customer data — many of which come with a prohibition on telling the person that the government came calling — violate the Constitution’s privacy protections.

The Justice Department replies that such gag orders on searches of digital information are necessary to avoid tipping off potential suspects, including in sensitive cases relating to child pornography or terrorism.

But at issue in U.S. Convert hkd to usd District Court on Monday was a more preliminary concern: whether Microsoft had the authority to sue on behalf of its customers in the first place.

Cases cited by U.S. Used bookstores chicago District Judge James Robart, who is presiding over the dispute, hold that Fourth Amendment protections cannot be “vicariously asserted” by other parties except under special circumstances.

Stephen Rummage, an attorney representing Microsoft, said the case presented a special circumstance that gave the company standing to sue. Rmb usd converter Many of the people whose Microsoft accounts are searched are never made aware the search occurred, preventing them from asserting their own rights, he said.

Servers maintained by Microsoft, Google, and other technology giants have gone a long way toward replacing desk drawers or file cabinets as custodian for personal effects, including health-care and tax records, and love letters, Rummage said.

In its original complaint, Microsoft said it had received 5,600 federal demands for consumer data in the past 18 months. Uk to us dollars About half were accompanied by orders prohibiting disclosure of the search to the customer.

“Microsoft only provides content to the government when the government gets a warrant for that content,” Jennie Kneedler, a Justice Department attorney, said Monday. Usd pound rate “The process of getting a warrant from a neutral magistrate is the core safeguard of the Fourth Amendment.”

The case is the fourth time Microsoft has sued the federal government on issues related to customer protections since Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the government’s reach into the internet and software companies’ participation in such schemes.

The Justice Department says that claim is overly broad. Usd chart live In instances where Microsoft believes the government has overstepped its bounds with a gag order, it should argue that case individually, government lawyers said.