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Now a day almost everyone is familiar with digital camera. 1 usd to aud And often many of us wonder that how this digital camera replaced our conventional cameras so quickly. Exchange rate usd to myr There were many reasons for that like it was very simple to use, it needed no specialization even a child can use it , and also we could see the photos just after clicking it. 1 usd sgd So in this article we will discuss that how it actually works.

We can call digital camera an alteration of conventional camera.

Bloomberg markets commodities futures But there lies many differences like in conventional analog camera photosensitive film is used and in digital camera we use image sensors. Put and call options examples Getting photos from conventional camera takes longer time as many mechanical as well as chemical processes are involved which is not in case of digital camera.

When E-mail gained popularity people felt a strong need of digital photos and then digital camera became very popular. Nyse stock market futures Suppose if you are using conventional camera you will get a hard copy of photo, if you need to send it by mail you need to get it scanned then only it changes to digital format. Gender differences in leadership But if you are using digital camera you will directly get it in a digital format. Usd to sgd The digital photos are in 0 and 1 format and the string of 0 and 1 are called pixels. Binary domain Components of Digital Camera

As told earlier, image sensors are used (either CCD or CMOS). Funny quotes Image sensor is a small microchip made by array of sensors. Cnn money stock market futures Their job is just to convert light into electrical energy. Euro today exchange rate Here in image important component is marked.

Lens is also a main component and its job is to focus light falling on image sensor to get better quality of image. Exchange rate usd rmb When a photographer presses the shutter button, focused light fall on image sensors and as shutter button is released pixels get illuminated by that light in different intensities.This leads to formation of an electric signal which are then converted in digital form. Us futures markets You will be surprised to know that color blind sensors are used in digital camera. British pound us dollar exchange rate Then you may wonder that how we get colorful photos? For getting a colored photo, filters are used, they obtain three basic color and form a spectrum which is used in getting colored photos. Aud usd bloomberg The filters are responsible for small size of the digital camera. Binary converter Resolution of Image

Whenever we buy a camera or a smartphone, there is a very common question asked that camera is of how many mega pixels. Usd yen exchange rate So what does this question actually mean? Here we are with the answer. Cool pictures of cars The pictures which we take from digital camera, their quality as well as clarity both depends on resolution and we measure resolution by the number of pixels. Us dollar exchange rate in india today We can say that resolution is directly proportional to number of pixels. Binary definition music Some resolutions are listed below:

Aperture in simple words is opening of camera. The binary box This is adjusted automatically as well as mechanically. Exchange rate usd to euro It depends on photographer that whether he is a beginner or a professional. Silver oz price Generally beginner go for automatic and professional for manual.

Shutter speed controls or regulates the light passing through aperture. Dow market futures Normally for beginners automatic selection is good, but when it used in manual mode a dramatic effect can be generate in photos.

Lens are also built in by manufacturer and can’t be changed (except replaceable lens system). Convert to binary number The quality of lens is directly proportional to cost of camera. Social media is the future of marketing Why digital camera is better?

No doubt that picture quality of analog camera is much better than a DSLR camera but digital camera is very easy to use with good results. Binary star system And also a major factor is Social Media and Internet, because here we cant use Analog Camera`s Image.