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To transform this XML to SRT, use ann2srt (Automatic) – Youtube Video IA Archiver Note: When uploading to the Internet Archive, please avoid exposing the site to legal risk by adhering to their terms of service for blatantly copyrighted content. Aud usd exchange rate Unfortunately, they are subject to similar threats of DMCA takedowns as YouTube, so do use discretion. Dollar exchange rate today Note: Be very careful dumping channels over 100 videos with this script. 1 usd in inr Let an admin know what you’re doing, dump 50 videos, and have a collection created. Dollar vs euro chart Work is being started on adding a flag to specify a collection name instead of “Community Video” which is what it defaults to. Current exchange rate usd to cad Always try to create an item. Usd today For the time being the script will have to be hand edited to specify a different collection. is an automated archival script that uses youtube-dl to download a Youtube video (or any other provider supported by youtube-dl), and then uploads it with all metadata to the Internet Archive.

This way, all metadata from the video, such as title, tags, categories, and description, are preserved in the corresponding Internet Archive item, without having to manually enter it.

It also creates a standardized Internet Archive item name format that makes it easy to find the video using the Youtube ID, and reduces duplication:

youtube-dl –title –continue –retries 4 –write-info-json –write-description –write-thumbnail –write-annotations –all-subs –ignore-errors -f bestvideo+bestaudio URL

You need a recent (2014) ffmpeg or avconv for the bestvideo+bestaudio muxing to work. Ringgit usd exchange rate On Windows, you also need to run youtube-dl with Python 3.3/3.4 instead of Python 2.7, otherwise non-ASCII filenames will fail to mux.

Also, make sure you’re using the most recent version of youtube-dl. Stock market meanings Previous versions didn’t work if the highest quality video+audio was webm+m4a. Kurs usd ke rupiah New versions should automagically merge incompatible formats into a .mkv file. Exchange rate us to canadian dollar [1]

Then, upload it to Make sure to upload not only the video itself (.mp4 and/or .mkv files), but also the metadata files created along with it (.info.json, .jpg, .annotations.xml and .description).

Youtube sucker (look out it leaves some incompletes in the directory afterward. Samsung washing machine codes Can clean up w/ rm -v ./*.mp4 ./*.webm then ls | grep \.part$ and get the video IDs out of that and redownload them and repeat etc etc). Convert indonesian rupiah to usd Can upload the WARCs only e.g. Binary tools using ia (Python Internet Archive client) or warcdealer (automated uploader I hacked together) — or if you want, can upload the other stuff too, but that’s kind of wasteful of storage space. Futures market cnn In my opinion, getting stuff without a WARC is a great crime, given the ready availability of tools to create WARCs. Msn news usa Note that this method also works for other Web sites supported by youtube-dl too, although it maybe would need different cleanup commands afterward. Nzd usd live chart Depends on youtube-dl and warcprox running on localhost:8000.

youtube-dl –title –continue –retries 100 –write-info-json –write-description –write-thumbnail –proxy=”localhost:8000″ –write-annotations –all-subs –no-check-certificate –ignore-errors -k -f bestvideo+bestaudio/best (stick the video/channel/playlist/whatever URL in here)

Little is known about its database, but according to data from 2006, it was 45TB and doubling every 4 months. Dollar exchange rate in india At this rate it would be 660 Petabytes (Oct 2014) by now.

According to Leo Leung’s calculations based on available information, an often updated Google spreadsheet estimates that in early 2015 YouTube’s content reached 500 petabytes in size.

FYI, all of Google Video was about 45TB, and the Archive Team’s biggest project, MobileMe was 200TB. Usatoday com news The Internet Archive’s total capacity is 50PB as of August 2014. Trading places stock market scene So let’s hope YouTube stays healthy, because the Archive Team may have finally met its match.